10 Best SMS Marketing Software Platforms in 2022

Let’s admit it: we live in the age of social media, and we need to deal with it. Old-school marketing methods might be working but we have to look for new solutions.

And when we hear that modern people spend a lot of time on their smartphones, we see a challenge here: text marketing is an efficient strategy to attract new customers and stay in touch with loyal ones.

The point is that a creative idea and A-level https://jatapp.com/services/mobile-app-development/ are not enough to achieve your goals.

A lot depends on the implementation, which means that you need to find some helpful tools that will increase your revenue and take customer engagement to the next level. We are going to provide you with the best SMS marketing platforms as well as lit tips so that you can analyze them in order to build your personal winning plan!

Must-have Features That a Good SMS Marketing Tool Should Have

If you’re a business-driving person, you definitely understand that bulk messaging, when you just send messages to thousands of people, is not enough.

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There are some specific tools that will make your marketing campaigns more effective, and we’re ready to share them with you. So, what top-notch SMS marketing software should come with?

  • Mass texting;
  • List building;
  • Two-way chat;
  • API;
  • Keywords;
  • Integration options;
  • Multimedia messaging service;
  • Segmentation;
  • Shortcodes;
  • Automation;
  • Link tracking;
  • Analytics.

The good news is that modern app developers are well-aware of marketing trends. They come up with new ones to create the most useful product that will make you and other marketers fall in love with it. There are 10 amazing marketing platforms that you should know about!

Outstanding SMS Marketing Tools That You Should Try

Each of these tools has its features, advantages, and weak places. The point is that each business is unique, and your marketing strategy is determined by lots of different factors.

So, you just need to find an ​​SMS marketing tool that suits your needs and keep in mind other solutions that might help you with your next campaign.

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1. SimpleTexting:

SimpleTexting is one of the best platforms with standard SMS marketing features, unlimited keywords, great integrations, and advanced automation. With this tool, you’ll receive all the necessary analytics on your followers, SMS sent per list, link clicks, etc. Their prices are affordable and you can also take advantage of a 2-week trial with SMS marketing free.

2. EZ Texting:

What we really love about this platform is its bunch of interesting features including premium Shutterstock images absolutely for free! You can also use 5-6 digit numbers, an opt-out feature, segmentation options, and so on. EZ Texting tool also comes with a Team management feature that will help you to streamline communications.

3. Texted

If you’re looking for a solution for long text messages (longer than 160 characters), you should definitely try this tool. It provides you with built-in link sharing, voice services, personalization, scheduling text, and other features that will come in handy. It is also able to secure your data. The pricing policy is super friendly.

4. Salesmgs:

Salesmgs comes with amazing call management features (you can use outbound calls, receive inbound calls, record calls, mute calls, keep their history, track the analytics, etc.) Two-way texting is also provided along with other options intended to make your life easier.

5. ClickSend:

It is a cloud-based bulk SMS marketing tool that you can use from your phone or computer. Apart from SMS service to reach out to your customers, it comes with video messaging, voice messaging and broadcasting, email marketing, and fax. At the moment, this solution is a global leader, helping thousands of businesses maintain relationships with their target audiences.

6. Twilio

Need a tool with simple pricing plans? Try Twilio! You’ll appreciate the opportunity to pay for the features only that you really use. For example, you can choose a plan of programmable voice, programmable messaging, WhatsApp business API, super SIM, etc.

7. Podium:

Podium is a great platform for small businesses that comes with various solutions, and SMS marketing is one of them. With this tool, your marketers will be able to collect customers’ reviews through messages, send and receive MMS, create webchats, and even collect payments. Podium’s contact list-building tools will help you to grow your list.

8. Tatango:

Tatango is a robust but friendly-to-use cloud-based platform. With this software for SMS marketing, you can seamlessly segment your customers and create dynamic groups of audiences according to your criteria.

This tool provides you with detailed analytics on opens, clicks, opt-outs, and other features in order to understand the effect of your campaigns.

9. Slick Text:

This is an all-in-one SMS tool with all the necessary standard features along with text surveys, double opt-in, drip campaigns, self-cleaning followers list, automated workflows, etc. You receive a guarantee of the delivery of SMS and can use helpful tutorials that will take your marketing ideas to the next level.

10. Postscript

If you run a Shopify store, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this tool as it is deeply integrated with this platform. First of all, it provides you with an opportunity to segment your customers and target them according to their purchases, expenses, locations, and other valuable data.

You’ll grow your list with QR-codes, checkout collections, keywords, pop-ups, etc., view analytics, generate custom coupons, and so on.

Wrapping Things Up

There are many options to elevate your business but it goes without a saying that all entrepreneurs and marketers are looking for proven solutions carrying no risk.

Integrating reliable SMS tools into your strategy solves a paramount task: it helps you to build meaningful and close interactions with your target audience.

However, you should remember that software itself is only a tool, and you still need to educate yourself using such resources as ConvinceAndConvert, Plerdy, eSputnik, Sendinblue, and others. Generate innovative ideas and enlist the support of proven SMS marketing platforms to make your dreams come true!


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