The Complete Guide to Managing Remote Teams in 2022

Manage remote teams globally graphic

Remote work is the future. Yes, employees will eventually return to offices, but the workforce will never be the same. You can applaud (or blame) the pandemic to some extent for this movement, but the remote trend was already on the up and up before COVID-19. However, managing remote teams isn’t something they teach you … Read more

Differences Between R And Python : All You Should Know

Are you here to know the differences between the two demanding programming languages ” R and Python”? Well, read the article till the end to get all the answers. Data science is a promising career field today. Many professionals are now seeking online certificate programs in this domain to gain job-ready skills. When diving into … Read more

Local SEO Guide For Ecommerce & Online Ordering

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to order online has become an essential feature for every webpage and business listing. Pre-pandemic, the primary goal of local search engine optimization (SEO) was to drive visibility and foot traffic to a location. Now businesses are focused on providing a seamless omnichannel experience to allow … Read more

How Google Search Ranking Works – Darwinism in Search

The secrets behind the Google algorithm and its ranking factors have been the subject of heated debate for almost a quarter of a century. For most of that time, the results were just 10 blue links, and the debate focused on inbound links and keyword density. From the vantage point of 2022, and with hindsight … Read more

What Large Ecommerce Sites Do Differently [Webinar]

Are you finding it more challenging to attract new customers lately? There are so many opportunities in ecommerce, but so much new competition. Large ecommerce sites, however, continue to thrive – you’ve seen it. Successful ecommerce companies work on SEO in a way that allows them to grow, even with the rising costs of acquiring … Read more

Are Brand Mentions Important to Google’s Algorithm?

Google’s John Mueller was asked if “unlinked brand mentions” were important in Google’s algorithm. It was apparent from John’s response that “brand mentions” is probably not a real thing in Google’s algorithm, but he also said that there may be value to site visitors who encounter them. Brand Mentions There is a longstanding idea in … Read more

It’s Time to Find and Follow Your Passion

You’re sitting on another weekly conference call. A manager starts speaking about the company’s goals and expectations. Your team member chimes in with a corporate platitude like “ballpark,” “synergy,” or “moves the needle.” You stare out the window, not at anything in particular, and face your career reality—a job that doesn’t matter in a building … Read more

How to Fire Someone the Right Way

As humans, we often falter when approaching things that are awkward and difficult to handle. In these moments, our thought process goes from strategic to survival mode. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean there’s not a proper way to do it. For example, it would be difficult for many of us to talk … Read more

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Adds IndexNow

Microsoft Bing announced that the popular WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math is integrating the IndexNow instant indexing protocol. A publisher doesn’t even need to have an API key or a Bing Webmaster Tools account. Rank Math automatically takes care of the IndexNow API all on its own. Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Rank Math is … Read more

Four Surefire Tips for Contractors Looking to Brand Successfully

Being a contractor can be difficult if you do not immediately make yourself stand out from the local competition. Thankfully, there are many cost-effective, surefire ways to do just that, and you can start on them today. From branding to content, having a strong idea of what you want to accomplish as you set your … Read more

The 14 Best Interview Questions for Employers

We all have job interview horror stories. These experiences occur on both sides of the equation. Sometimes we’re in the hot seat, fielding absurd questions from an overzealous interviewer. Other times, we’re the ones asking the questions and end up making cringe-inducing mistakes. Many of these problems stem from the historical structure of job interviews. … Read more

Is Author Expertise Important To Google’s Algorithm?

Google’s John Mueller answered whether a content author’s expertise was important to Google’s algorithm because this plays such an important role in the Quality Raters Guidelines. John answered that he assumed there was some indirect work done on author expertise but noted that it was a “fuzzy area.” E-A-T and Google’s Algorithm It’s established already … Read more

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