Content Marketing Analytics: 9 Ways to Use Data To Transform Your Strategy

Content marketing isn’t an exact science. After all, the way people interact with content changes constantly. However, a deep understanding of content marketing analytics can help you make more informed, even scientific, decisions about your strategy. If you aren’t already using analytics, you’re behind your peers. Only three percent of bloggers never use analytics. A … Read more

New Google Search Label For Highly Cited Sources

Google is rolling out a new label is search results for pages that are recognized as highly cited sources. The label will appear next to pages in Top Stories and is designed to help people find credible information. Google’s new “highly cited sources” label comes just in time for International Fact-Checking Day on April 2. … Read more

More Search Console Insights Added to Google Data Studio

Additional data from Search Console is now available through the Google Data Studio connector, allowing users to visualize traffic from more Google sources. This update is announced by Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg in his second post of a blog series related to Data Studio & Search Console. In case you missed it, his first … Read more

Everything Your Business Could Know About Managed IT Services

Information technology plays an essential role in many businesses around the world. This particular function has developed rapidly over the last few years. Prior to the technical revolution, most businesses did not have access to any type of technology to assist them in their daily operations, while companies have been gaining access to a variety … Read more

How These 6 Women-Owned Small Businesses Are Doing Good

Contrary to their name, small businesses provide big dividends to the U.S. economy. Not only do they generate 44 percent of economic activity, but they also create over 60 percent of net new jobs and inspire American innovation. And while the industry is mostly dominated by men, women are increasingly making gains as small business … Read more

The Top Two Reasons For Speaking To An IT Consultant

Your business processes need to be running smoothly and efficiently, and for any of these two things to happen, you need to make sure that you have the necessary IT technology in place. There is no doubting the fact that modern businesses have information technology at their core, and it would be impossible to conduct … Read more

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