Improve Rankings With This Off-Page SEO Checklist For Restaurants

Improve Rankings With This Off-Page SEO Checklist For Restaurants

In 2022, having an online presence for your restaurant business is essential. When looking for new places to eat, people turn to search for thousands of results at their fingertips – and the competition is fierce. If you want locals to find your restaurant while searching for places to eat in the area, you need … Read more

Meta Research Reveals Conversion Optimization Best Practices

Meta published a whitepaper containing the results of a study of 500 landing page experiences. The research provides insights that can help design better landing pages that convert at a higher rate and provide better user experiences that translates into repeat customers and referrals. A yoga company reported a 13% increase in sales by following … Read more

Bingbot User Agent is Changing

Bing announced that it is changing the user agent string that identifies itself as Bingbot. Now there will be two user agents, one for desktop and another for the mobile crawler. The new user agent provides more information, including the latest version of Edge. User Agents A user agent is a message from a software … Read more

Building a Successful Business: 5 Foundational Metrics [VIDEO]

Our very own Cydney D’Costa shares knowledge we’ve gathered from years of experience and countless hours serving clients. Prove to your clients their money and business are in good hands and that you’re invested in their success by sharing these foundational metrics with them: Traffic Engagement Subscribers Customers Customer Lifetime Value Learn the right data … Read more

Visualizing Hot Topics Using Python To Analyze News Sitemaps

News sitemaps use different and unique sitemap protocols to provide more information for the news search engines. A news sitemap contains the news published in the last 48 hours. News sitemap tags include the news publication’s title, language, name, genre, publication date, keywords, and even stock tickers. How can you use these sitemaps to your … Read more

Small Business Marketing Guide: From Scratch to Success

Know what every business has in common? They all have to do marketing to find customers and make money. Whether you own a brand-new startup or a decade-old enterprise, you can’t exist and grow without marketing. Yes, even you, Tesla. Small business marketing doesn’t look the same as medium-sized or enterprise marketing. You don’t have … Read more

New Study: TikTok Industry Engagement Benchmarks for 2022

With its new, game-changer vision of a video-exclusive social media platform and features like live sessions, Duets or Stitches, and many others, while also being the fastest growing network, TikTok has rapidly become the number one platform that has stolen people’s hearts. Thanks to its tremendous marketing potential, having more and more businesses taking up … Read more

Is Getting Your Google Business Profile “Google Guaranteed” Worth It?

When customers are searching locally for products and services like yours, they often seek validation to ensure they’re making the right choice. This includes reading online reviews, asking for personal recommendations, or looking for more information about your business on your Google Business Profile. Google offers a way for businesses in some industries to earn … Read more

The Customer Data Conundrum: How CX Leaders Can Optimize Both Privacy and Personalization

After 2+ years of major pivots and accelerated digital transformation, brands are now having to take a close look at how they handle customer data. To make absolutely necessary improvements, organizations must meet three challenges and implement a series of best-practices. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Tips For Creating A Successful SEO Mentorship

It’s no secret that most SEO professionals learn their craft through hands-on experience rather than any formal training program. While working with your own clients or taking a quick online crash course can help you understand the basics, there’s nothing like having one-on-one support from someone who’s been there before you to show you the … Read more

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