Why is Engagement Important for Social Media?

Social Media

Social media engagement plays an essential role in measuring the interaction with your account and social media content. Moreover, this overall engagement can easily cover a wide range of actions across every social media platform. Now, why is engagement so important for social media? With proper engagement, you can boost your interaction and communication and … Read more

Bulk Loading Performance Tests With PageSpeed Insights API & Python

Bulk Loading Performance Tests With PageSpeed Insights API & Python

Google offers PageSpeed Insights API to help SEO pros and developers by mixing real-world data with simulation data,  providing load performance timing data related to web pages. The difference between the Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) and Lighthouse is that PSI involves both real-world and lab data, while Lighthouse performs a page loading simulation by modifying … Read more

Daniel Flynn’s Unorthodox Marketing Makes Retailers Nervous — Exclusive

Daniel flynn thankyou cofounder

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s cover feature. We talked with Daniel Flynn, cofounder of Thankyou, about the marketing tactics he’s used to changing the conversation on ending extreme poverty through retail. Read excerpts from that in-depth conversation below. To read more, subscribe … Read more

W3C Announces Major Change

W3C Announces Major Change

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body in charge of web standards such as HTML and browser privacy, announced a significant change in how it will operate. Beginning on January 2023, the W3C will become a new public-interest non-profit organization. Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) While many turn to Google to understand how to use … Read more

The Next Level Of KNX: The Integrated Spacelogic KNX Approach


With KNX, control technology has undergone a complete transformation. The Integrated SpaceLogic is a revolutionary product that will make your home even smarter. Integrated SpaceLogic is an interface that enables both the white and black box world. It will change how you interact with your home’s electronics for years. It will connect in minutes to … Read more

How I Manage Work, Finances, and Travel with 4 Kids and 2 Businesses

4 Kids, 2 Businesses, and 1 Year Abroad: How I Manage Work, Finances, and Travel

Travel has always been a fundamental part of my life. A love for not only destinations, but for the journey to reach them, is what led me to found my company, SteamLine Luggage. So during the pandemic, being stuck at home while still promoting travel inspiration to my customers felt surreal.   In October of … Read more

How These LGBTQ+ owned Businesses Did Pride on Social Media

How 6 LGBTQ+-Owned Businesses Celebrated Pride Month on Social Media

💡 This piece was a collaborative effort between me and Tamilore. The first-ever Pride parade – also known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day March – occurred in New York in June 1970 during the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It was a way for the community to reflect and honor the bravery of … Read more

Personalization in Email Marketing Has to Include Strategy  – Litmus


If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard this message more than once: personalization is a customer expectation. McKinsey reports that 71% of customers now expect companies to deliver a personalized interaction. Its data also shows that companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from those efforts. We’re huge proponents of personalization in email … Read more

Curiosity Marketing Essentials: What It Is And How To Use It For Your Advantage

Curiosity Marketing

We are surrounded by all kinds of marketing these days: various blog posts, banners, product videos, and pictures on Instagram, podcasts, and webinars – you choose. The amount is so huge that companies struggle more and more with standing out of the crowd and being seen. But even so, some good old-fashioned strategies still work … Read more

5 Search Concepts You Need To Know

5 Search Concepts You Need To Know

“Our SEO program would be so much more successful if only our CIO understood…” As the executive responsible for the management, implementation, and oversight of information and technologies in your organization, the Chief Information Officer is an essential ally to SEO. Having the CIO’s support and understanding throughout the decision-making and prioritization processes can be … Read more

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