5 Ways to Charge Premium Prices — Even During a Recession

Charge premium prices tag graphic

In a recessionary environment, discerning consumers tighten their belts and reduce costs. This can lead to slower sales for business owners, who often react by reducing prices in hopes of stimulating revenue. Yet price reduction can be a shortsighted strategy, as is explained in this HBR article. “Across-the-board price cuts can permanently erode a company’s … Read more

Why Kendra Scott Risked Everything on the Customer Experience — Exclusive

Kendra scott jewelry

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s cover feature. We talked with Kendra Scott, founder of Kendra Scott Jewelry, about how she overcame failure and built her billion-dollar business centered on the customer experience. To read more, subscribe to the magazine. ————— It was … Read more

Simplifying AI Can Optimize Your Entire Business

Simplifying AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming less of a futuristic technology and a more integral aspect of today’s business landscape. The usage of AI across the business universe is revolutionizing every industry, and Gartner reports that at least 75% of organizations use deep neural networks today. In financial departments, AI is automating menial tasks and reducing errors in traditional manual … Read more

Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search

Google Announces 5 Changes Coming To Mobile Search

At today’s Google’s Search On conference, the company announced it’s rolling out five significant changes to how people search on mobile. Starting today on the Google app for iOS, you’ll see shortcuts to various actions you can perform other than typing in a traditional search query. In the coming months, Google is upgrading the mobile … Read more

Programmatic Advertising for Beginners

AAA programmatic advertising - Programmatic Advertising for Beginners

I’m going to go ahead and say it: programmatic advertising is the future. Although it’s a relatively new concept compared with other forms of marketing, spending on programmatic advertising is growing yearly. Omnichannel marketing, audio and in-game advertising, voice-activated advertising, and 5G are just some of the factors fueling its growth, and they’re going to … Read more

How We Increased a Client’s Leads by 384% in Six Months by Focusing on One Topic Cluster [Case Study]

Screenshot showing ‘how’ queries in Google Search Console, such as ‘how to liquidate a business’ and ‘how do liquidation companies work’

Content marketing is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Without it, how are you going to attract customers looking for answers to their questions, and who are potentially in the market for your products or services? At Tao Digital Marketing, we’ve recently generated some great results for one of our clients operating in the … Read more

How to Create an Interactive Email: 7 Elements to Add – Litmus


To create a truly memorable subscriber experience, you have to make your email stand out in the inbox. One way to do that is by adding interactivity to your email campaigns. But as desirable as interactivity in email may be, building it can seem intimidating (or frivolous). However, interactive emails don’t have to be scary. … Read more

What Are Twitter Carousel Ads?

What Are Twitter Carousel Ads - What Are Twitter Carousel Ads?

There’s no doubt that PPC ads work, but what if you want to take your advertising to the next level? Well, you can with Twitter carousel ads. In 2020, Twitter Carousel Ads made their debut. More recently, Twitter announced multi-destination functionality for advertisers that want added flexibility and the capability to target different groups with … Read more

The Simplicity of a Press Badge with Jeff J Hunter [VIDEO]

Jeff Hunter Jeff is the Chief Growth Officer of Branded Media where he creates solid, recognizable, legacy driven personal brands for legitimate companies and influencers. Over the last half decade, and 1000+ paying clients later, Jeff has tested and perfected proven branding strategies, processes, and systems. Jeff is also the Founder and “King of Outsourcing” … Read more

Hawke AI: A Digital Marketing Tool That Optimizes Performance-Driven Metrics

digital marketing tool metrics

Marketing isn’t an easy activity. From strategizing to putting campaigns in motion to conducting follow-ups and making adjustments, there are a lot of areas to consider. Consequently, along with a competent marketing team, most businesses need a CMO (chief marketing officer) to oversee everything. Whichever direction they decide to go, having some sort of digital … Read more

Seamlessly Integrating SEO For Product Launches [Podcast]

Seamlessly Integrating SEO For Product Launches [Podcast]

There are many things to consider when launching a new product. But there are ways of getting everything ready and popping the cork in Google once you go live. HubSpot’s Aja Frost & Justin Champion joined me on the SEJShow to discuss the role of SEO in product launches, how its seamless integration helped HubSpot’s … Read more

Offering Accessible Education is the First Step in Workforce Diversity

Offering Accessible Education is the First Step in Workforce Diversity

The social justice demonstrations of summer 2020 awakened something in everyday Americans. Many people and companies vowed to do better — but if creating more diverse and equitable workplaces were as easy as making a lofty public pledge, the demographics of our workforce would already reflect those of the world around us. Instead, Black employees comprise less than … Read more

How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Small Business

How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Fulfilling Small Business

For sisters Anna and Kelly, life was anything but ordinary growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska. On chilly school mornings, as they’d make their way towards the bus stop, it wasn’t uncommon for moose to be idling nearby. Careful not to alert the striking creatures, the girls would nimbly make their way around the animals while … Read more

How to personalize throughout the email customer journey – Litmus


Personalization at each step of the email customer journey has proven to be an effective way to engage with customers, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. But personalizing for personalization’s sake isn’t enough. You must take the time to understand your unique audience and the journey you want them to take.  We recently hosted a … Read more

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