Google Completes Switch To Mobile-First Indexing

Google Completes Switch To Mobile-First Indexing

After years in the making, Google has fully transitioned to mobile-first indexing, the search engine giant announced Tuesday. This means Google prioritizes mobile versions when crawling pages and indexing content. The shift reflects Google’s increased focus on mobile devices that began in 2015. At the time, Google updated its search algorithm to favor “mobile-friendly” sites. … Read more

Email Analytics [Research]: 8 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Track

Part of my marketing job is to send emails and track their progress, so I know a lot about the most crucial elements of optimizing an email, common marketing email mistakes, and what inspirational email marketing looks like. But at the end of the day, it doesn‘t matter how optimized my emails are if I … Read more

One-On-One With DuckDuckGo: Inside The Private Search Alternative

As digital advertising grows more invasive, DuckDuckGo offers marketers a privacy-focused alternative through its partnership with Microsoft. In an exclusive interview with Search Engine Journal, DuckDuckGo explains how its contextual advertising model respects user privacy while providing relevant ads and analytics to advertisers. This article provides key insights into DuckDuckGo’s privacy-first approach, contrasting it with … Read more

How To Use SEO To Target Your Audience Throughout The Funnel

The marketing funnel, otherwise known as the sales funnel or customer journey, is a path or way that potential customers take that contains stages from initial awareness of a product or service to making a purchase decision. A lot of SEO tactics, investment, and efforts can be wasted without fully defining and understanding the customer … Read more

5 Tried-and-tested Strategies I’ve Used to Grow to 30K LinkedIn Followers

I may not have Justin Welsh’s celebrity status on LinkedIn with half a million followers, but my journey is worth sharing. With just 30,000 engaged followers on LinkedIn, I managed to take my consulting business from a $0 startup to a thriving $100,000 yearly. I started as a content marketing consultant, leaving behind my nine-to-five … Read more

TikTok AI: I Tried Creating a TikTok Using Only AI & Here's What Happened

As a social media-obsessed content creator, I am familiar with TikTok. I often create TikTok videos to promote my work, express an idea or opinion, or share funny anecdotes. As much as I enjoy TikTok, creating content consistently for the platform can feel overwhelming. TikTok suggests posting content at least 1-4 times per day to … Read more

How Biden’s AI Executive Order Could Impact Marketing Tools

United States President Joe Biden has signed a landmark executive order establishing new standards around artificial intelligence (AI) development and use. While aimed at managing risks across sectors, the order could potentially impact digital marketers’ use of AI tools. The order mandates extensive safety testing and reporting requirements for AI systems. With consumers wary of … Read more

Visa applicants face AI monitoring of social media by U.S. ICE

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been using an AI-powered tool called Giant Oak Search Technology (GOST) to scan visa applicants’ social media posts since 2014, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act action. According to an Oct. 27 TechSpot report, the system gives applicants a “social media score” … Read more

Does Your Language Help or Harm Your Professional Relationships?

Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint — a blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn how they’ve grown or scaled their businesses, explored entrepreneurial ventures within their companies, or created side hustles, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success. A single … Read more

Google Launches New Search Tools To Help With Math & Science

Google is rolling out new capabilities to Search and Lens that will assist in solving complex math and science problems. These new tools provide step-by-step explanations, solutions, and interactive 3D models to aid visual learning for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects. The announcement highlights new AI advancements powering the upgraded math, science, and … Read more

Google Explains How It Ranks Recipe Website Content

Google has provided insight into how its algorithms handle recipe website content, responding to a question on X (formerly Twitter) about whether the company prioritizes simpler, more streamlined recipes over those with additional commentary. The Recipe Debate Recipe formatting has become a contentious topic in recent years, as some sites have been accused of adding … Read more

Crafting Your Content Blueprint for the Rest of 2023 With Creator Modern Millie

If you fell off the bandwagon of sticking to your New Year’s Resolution to become a content creator, you’re not too late. Fall is the best time of year to get started, so I want to walk you through my step-by-step process for planning out the next four months of content. This process is the … Read more

SERP Volatility: What You Need To Know

Search engine results page (SERP) volatility occurs when there are some major fluctuations in the search engine rankings over a period of time. When there is an elevated level of volatility, the search engine rankings are in disarray and constantly changing. A low level of volatility means that the rankings are stable. Think of it … Read more

22 influencer marketing statistics to guide your brand’s strategy in 2023

If you’re considering running an influencer marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the industry, platforms to use, access to influencers and more. To help you get an idea of what to expect from the industry, we’ve put together 22 influencer marketing statistics across six different categories. From influencer marketing … Read more

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