LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months

LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months

LinkedIn is readying new features and algorithm changes to help users connect with more targeted audiences months or even years after posting their best content, according to a recent interview with company leaders. This information is revealed in a recent talk published on; LinkedIn executives Tim Jurka and Dan Roth addressed topics relevant to … Read more

Google Testing AI Tool That Finds & Rewrites Quality Content

Google is paying small publishers to use their AI platform to rewrite the content published on news sites that are targeted by Google’s platform for largescale content parasitism. People on Twitter express unfavorable opinions about it. Google is paying small independent publishers to use a generative AI platform that targets the content of other news … Read more

Google Local Guides Program: How To Earn Points & Badges

Google depends on volunteers called Local Guides to keep Search and Maps updated with information about local businesses and attractions. These volunteers contribute reviews, photos, and videos that help you make decisions when visiting a new place. Though they do it to benefit searchers, Local Guides get virtual rewards from Google’s program, which incentivizes people … Read more

Learn How To Recognise And Avoid Phishing Scams In Singapore

However, even the most tech-savvy citizens fall victim to various cybercrimes, with phishing scams being one of the biggest in the nation. With Singapore registering a high internet penetration rate of 99 percent, the city-state’s digital landscape is both teeming with opportunities and fraught with risks, as evidenced by the prevalence of online scams in … Read more

Google Chrome Showing More Relevant Search Suggestions

Google has released three new features for its Chrome web browser to provide more helpful and relevant search suggestions. The features use Chrome’s access to aggregated user data to deliver crowdsourced recommendations. Overview Of New Features 1. Search Suggestions Based On Previous Searches Launching on the desktop version of Chrome, the first feature will provide … Read more

25 Healthcare Email Examples and Templates I Love (For Your Inspiration)

Many brands use email marketing for lead nurturing, relationship building, and customer acquisition. Healthcare brands are not an exception. While recent statistics put email ROI at $36 for every dollar spent, knowing how to craft your healthcare email is key to unlocking this monetary value. I’ll share 15 of my favorite healthcare emails in this … Read more

Websites Created With Google Business Profiles To Shut Down In March

Do you have a website created through Google Business Profiles for your local business? If so, you must find an alternative website solution as Google plans to shut down websites created with Google Business Profiles in March. Websites Created With Google Business Profiles Will Redirect Until June 10, 2024 A redirect will be put in … Read more

Diving Deep Into Technical SEO for Ecommerce (My Takeaways)

As of 2023, there are over 26.5 million ecommerce websites around the world. Talk about a competitive industry. It’s hard not to be intimidated by the sheer number of ecommerce sites shoppers have to choose from, especially since I’m in the process of launching my own ecommerce business — a vintage home goods store. The … Read more

The Impact Of 5G Technology On Mobile SEO Strategies

The ongoing rollout of 5G wireless technology across the world brings mobile users much faster data speeds, highly reliable connectivity, and more widespread cellular coverage. By 2028, the number of 5G subscriptions in North America is expected to reach 406 million. But what does the rapid expansion of 5G mean for mobile SEO? And what … Read more

Microsoft Offers Tips For Better Ad Copy With Prompt Engineering

According to research from Microsoft, inclusive advertising helps brands build connections with Gen Z consumers, leading to more purchasing intent. 76% want to support brands with authentic messaging. 70% will trust a brand that depicts diversity in advertising campaigns more. 47% will trust a brand more if they feel represented in ads. Most importantly, inclusive … Read more

55% of Marketers are Positive About Google SGE

With the rollout of generative AI in search, there were a lot of mixed emotions among digital marketers. From unbothered to nervous to excited, the emotions and attitudes towards Search Generative Experience (SGE) ran the gamut.  Now that digital marketers have had time to settle into the news, how have those attitudes changed? In this … Read more

The Role Of Automation In Financial Service

Artificial intelligence has turned all spheres of activity, the financial sphere was no exception. This field has experienced significant changes and automation. In this article, we will look at various aspects of the technology implementation in financial services. Automation in document processing and operational processes One of the crucial areas where automation is showing its … Read more

8 Key Takeaways From The Digital 2024: Global Overview Report

For 2023, DataReportal worked with We Are Social, Meltwater, and data partners like Semrush and Similarweb to create the Digital 2024: Global Overview Report. The 561-page report analyzes almost everything about how people around the globe use the internet. It contains key statistics that should give marketers insight into effectively using their marketing and advertising … Read more

Premium airline Beond to offer in-flight use of Apple Vision Pro

Luxury airline Beond has announced it will offer Apple Vision Pro headsets to select passengers on flights to the Maldives by mid-2024. Passengers will be able to take advantage of “unrivaled onboard content, coupled with immersive experiences showcasing the best of the Maldives,” according to a press release. The airline plans to provide its customers … Read more

How to Collect Zero-Party Data Through Email – Litmus

The era of third-party cookie tracking is over. In the before times, marketers could access data about their customers’ travels around the Internet, picking up important information about their browsing habits and other purchases. You could easily manage advertising retargeting efforts or trigger the right kind of emails based on the data you’ve collected. Sigh. … Read more

5 Tips For Improving Your Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, mastering your productivity is the difference between the successful and those who fall short of meeting their goals.  Keep reading for five tips that improve productivity and help you make the most of your time. What Are The Top Challenges To Maintaining Productivity Maintaining productivity is indeed a great challenge to … Read more

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