A Quick Guide For 2024

scalable AI tools for SEO

2023 was a breakout year for artificial intelligence (AI), and 2024 does not show any sign of slowing down. Screenshot from Google Trends, December 2023 Generative AI features became a part of the user interfaces of top search engines, social media networks, advertising platforms, productivity software, and SEO tools. While AI has been a part … Read more

The Strategic Role Of Human Resources In Corporate Growth

  Human resources have moved from administrative to strategic roles, aligning closely with corporate objectives. Effective human capital management and adept HR analytics underpin resilient and adaptive business strategies. HR’s role in nurturing corporate culture and workforce development is crucial for sustainable growth. When we hear of the term “Human Resources,” we immediately go to … Read more

How To Use Google Sheets For Web Scraping With AI

Scraping data from webpages is a relatively advanced task that, until recently, required a degree of technical skill. The idea of diving into code or scripts for data extraction seemed overwhelming for many, myself included. Data scraping can power many SEO tasks, such as auditing, competitor analysis, and examining website and data structure. Google sheets … Read more

27-Year Search Expert Shares 5 Steps To Boost Your SEO

In a recent Yext Summit, 27-year search marketing expert Duane Forrester shared advice on how to become a better SEO and develop the skills to better anticipate where search marketing is headed. Who Is Duane Forrester And Why His Advice Matters Duane Forrester is one of the rare search marketers who has experience on both … Read more

Ads Not A Hindrance To Search Rankings

As Google’s March core update continues, there’s uncertainty surrounding the impact of advertisements on search rankings. Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, took to Twitter to address these concerns, stating that sites with ads can still rank well in Google search results. Google Clarifies The Impact Of Ads On Search Rankings Website owner Tony Hill brought … Read more

Mastering Brand Promotion: Strategies, Innovations, and Legal Considerations for Branded Merchandise

Advancing a brand is essential to extend its permeability, acknowledgement, and devotion among shoppers. It makes a difference in recognizing a company from competitors and driving client engagement, which eventually leads to an increment in deals. Without successful brand advancement, businesses may battle to flourish. Branded stock alludes to items unequivocally planned with a company’s … Read more

Top Marketing Certifications That Are Worth the Money

When it comes to digital marketing, knowledge is power, which is why there are so many marketing certifications out there. Digital marketing is also one of the fastest-growing in-demand skills, according to Coursera’s Job Skills of 2024 report.  Perhaps you remember years ago when I said certifications didn’t matter. Back then, it was true. But … Read more

About Us & Contact Pages Not Important?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about whether it’s true that adding a “contact page” and/or and “about page” was a good idea because it’s important to Google. Mueller checked around and said why the contact and about us pages were useful. Needs To Convince Company To Add Contact & About Us Pages @jaclynbrandt tweeted … Read more

Google Adds A New Product Structured Data Type

Google updated it’s documentation to add a new 3DModel markup Type to the Product structured data type, connecting the two by the use of the subjectOf property. Understanding The New Structured Data Property A structured data Type is an entity or a concept (like EatAction or DrugCost). Some common structured data Types most people are … Read more

Elevate Your Furniture eCommerce Game: A Visual Merchandising Checklist

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, where the virtual shelves are stocked high with furniture In the dynamic world of eCommerce, where the virtual shelves are stocked high with furniture options galore, visual merchandising serves as your digital storefront—a gateway to enticing customers, sealing the deal, and leaving a lasting impression. As passionate furniture entrepreneurs, … Read more

How to Find Chinese Manufacturers to Bring Your Product to Life

You’ve thought of the perfect product idea. You’ve spent countless hours working on it, drawing feverishly at your desk, and working with designers to bring your vision to life. Now it’s time to find someone who is going to be able to make it for you. But you’ve got a problem. You’ve never tried to … Read more

The ‘March Madness' Effect on Company Culture — Win or Bust?

Welcome to HubSpot Perspectives, a series where HubSpotters weigh in on the latest conversations in business and marketing. OK, admit it. Have you watched a March Madness game during work hours? I may or may not have had a game on in the background working from home. And I’m not alone. According to a recent … Read more

Data Confirms A Surge In WordPress Vulnerabilities

WordPress security researchers at Patchstack published their annual State of WordPress Security whitepaper that showed an increase of high and critical severity vulnerabilities, highlighting the importance of security for all websites on the WordPress platform. XSS Is Top WordPress Vulnerability Of 2023 There are many kinds of vulnerabilities but the most common by far was … Read more

40 Rebranding Announcement Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration in 2024)

Ever think you’d click on a HubSpot article about rebranding announcement email examples, only to be met by a pro-wrestling anecdote? Well, batten down the hatches, reader, because we’re heading back to pre-World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in three, two, one. Sparked by a long-running legal dispute with another famous WWF (the World Wildlife Fund), the … Read more

Reddit In Google Search Lacks Credibility

Google dramatically increased the amount of Reddit answers in the search results in order to surface actual user opinions but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s having a negative effect on the quality of search results. Everyone seems to know it but Google. Lack of Expertise But Makes Sense User generated content that is typically … Read more

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