6 B2B Marketing Trends To Expect In 2022 And Beyond

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is not what it used to be nowadays. The significant shifts in the market have influenced how B2-B businesses handle marketing.

You’ll need to re-evaluate your strategies, processes, and tactics to maintain your relevance and compete steadily in a tight industry.

Therefore, as innovation moves more rapidly than ever, B2B marketers must keep up with the latest developments to grow their business and stay relevant. As the B2B marketing landscape advances, we expect the introduction of new trends while old ones also evolve.

This article will enumerate the top six B2B marketing trends to watch out for in 2022.

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1. Revenue Marketing

Revenue marketing is one of the hottest trends produced by the B2B industry in the past few years. Those who may have only heard about this recently can be confused and think it’s just another marketing buzzword.

However, revenue marketing is real. Some businesses have even created a new marketing department from it, consisting of a chief revenue officer with a revenue marketing team. It only shows that it’s here to stay, with its benefits continuing to gain traction through the years.

So, what exactly is revenue marketing?

It refers to the comprehensive process of determining specific channels in marketing that provide revenue growth. It aligns sales and marketing efforts with revenue. This form of marketing follows a more holistic approach where both sales and marketing teams work together to increase return on investment.

Strengthening the relationship between marketing and sales can help drive marketing’s impact on your revenue, hit better key performance indicators, and increase productivity. In addition, we’re also seeing software platforms incorporating such changes in their digital tools.

Thus, in 2022, we expect to see more of these two silos communicate collaboratively and productively toward revenue marketing.

2. Leveraging Social Media For Establishing Trust And Transparency

Trust and transparency are two main elements of any good B2B relationship. Truthfully, 94% of clients would stay loyal to businesses that offer complete transparency. Transparency equates to trust and can make or break your B2B company. After all, trust is one of the reasons why buyers choose one business over another.

We’re also seeing more and more B2B companies leveraging social media to build trust and become transparent about who they are, what they do, and how they do it. B2B marketers prioritize trust and transparency when creating and sharing content on social accounts.

In addition, we’ll also see an increased focus on sharing client testimonials, stories, and case studies, and integrating real-time customer feedback. B2B marketers will also become more transparent about products, services, and pricing while making it easier for customers to find the necessary contact information.

Additionally, B2B brands are now working on providing regular updates on company performance and allowing clients to see your company culture and values.

3. More Focus On Brand Personalization

Compared to traditional B2C marketing, B2B marketing is more challenging because decision-makers are involved.

This means there’s a certain level of professionalism to maintain in how you market your brand. Thus, your marketing efforts should still attract attention with personalization.

With the continued evolution of B2B businesses, having a personalized brand voice is crucial to making it a major trend for 2022. Brand personalization allows you to create a distinctive brand voice to stand out among competitors and gain a unique brand positioning.

Always remember your target audience when customizing your B2B brand. You’ll have a better chance of attracting their attention and connecting with them if you mirror their figure of speech and style. Besides, consistency across all marketing channels is essential to earn and keep the confidence of both existing and new customers.

4. Implementing Sustainable Marketing

As more people become more conscious about their impact on the environment, we expect more companies to follow sustainable marketing strategies.

When businesses initiate sustainable initiatives, they help encourage their audience to do the same. In return, businesses also get better brand visibility and gain more clients who stand by the movement.

Thus, in 2022, more B2B companies are expected to make the environmental impact of their marketing strategies and investments a more understood and measured priority. You can use sustainable marketing for specific green products, time-sensitive causes, or for the businesses’ unique selling proposition.

5. Taking Advantage Of Intent Data

The expansion of eCommerce and the digital revolution has made marketers focus more on intent data. Today’s B2B marketing campaigns no longer mind general preferences and demographics. Instead, it now uses hyper-personalized and predictive B2B data.

B2B buyers now prefer doing business online via sales staff. This means that they’re leaving a vast digital footprint. Activities such as looking for particular keywords or what content clients are consuming or spying on your competitor’s website have helped marketers discover people online who are actively searching the internet for solutions like yours.

Understanding buyer intent allows you to analyze the triggers and gain valuable insights into their behaviors. This way, you can tailor your marketing efforts to their buying interests.

6. Strong Video Marketing

As users’ attention span decreases because of the amount of content they see every minute, B2B marketers can take advantage of video marketing to capture their attention.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the case with video engagement. Adding videos can help you gain more exposure and visibility. It is also a powerful marketing tool that’s growing in popularity across all digital marketing channels.

Videos account for most online traffic these days. Most users also invest in a service or product after watching a video.

As video marketing trends advance, your B2B company should stay updated with its best practices to drive more sales. The types of videos you can create to connect with your clients include:

  • Corporate videos
  • Commercials
  • Animated videos
  • Sales video


Marketing as a profession is continuously changing. What has worked in the past may not be effective today or evolve tomorrow. Thus, you must prepare yourself to adapt to the shifting environment of the B2B marketing industry. Hopefully, the trends discussed in this article have helped you get started.


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