21 AI Use Cases For Turning Inbound Calls Into Marketing Data [+Prompts]

21 AI Use Cases For Turning Inbound Calls Into Marketing Data [+Prompts]

This post was sponsored by CallTrackingMetrics. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. If you’ve been enjoying having random conversations with ChatGPT, or trying your hand at tricking a car dealership chatbot into giving you a new car for $1, just wait until you start using safe AI professionally. Marketers are finding … Read more

Google Tag Manager Contains Hidden Data Leaks & Vulnerabilities

Researchers uncover data leaks in Google Tag Manager (GTM) as well as security vulnerabilities, arbitrary script injections and instances of  consent for data collection enabled by default. A legal analysis identifies potential violations of EU data protection law. There are many troubling revelations including that server-side GTM “obstructs compliance auditing endeavors from regulators, data protection … Read more

Google Maps: New Location Data Controls & Ability To Delete Visits

In a move to increase user privacy, Google Maps launched updates to give users more control over location data storage and recent activity. With these updates, users will be able to manage their Location History with greater precision. The changes could, however, affect analytics data marketers utilize for location targeting. Timeline Storage On Local Device … Read more

Google Analytics 4 Features To Prepare For Third-Party Cookie Depreciation

Google will roll out new features and integrations for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for first-party data, enhanced conversions, and durable ad performance metrics. Beginning in Q1 2024, Chrome will gradually phase out third-party cookies for a percentage of users, allowing for testing and transition. Third-party cookies, which have been central to cross-site tracking, are being … Read more

2023 Survey Review: State Of Marketing Data Standards In The AI Era

Claravine and Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 140 marketers and agencies to better understand the impact of data standards on marketing data, and they’re ready to present their findings.Want to learn how you can mitigate privacy risks and boost ROI through data standards? Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how companies are addressing new privacy laws, taking … Read more

100M Phone Call Insights: Your Key To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Looking to create golden sales opportunities efficiently and easily? Do you think you’re attracting good leads, but results aren’t showing it? What could you do with voice-of-customer insights summarized across calls? The key might lie within phone calls. CallRail has analyzed more than 100 million phone calls and consumer communication trends, and they’re ready to … Read more

A Look At Today’s Marketing Data Standards & What They Mean For Your Strategy

The data-driven realm of marketing is dynamic – what worked for you yesterday might not work today.  And with constant search algorithm shifts, privacy regulations, and the unstoppable rise of AI, staying informed is the key to getting results. So if you’re eager to unlock the true potential of your marketing efforts, our upcoming webinar … Read more

How To Perform Website Experiments [+ SEJ Experiment Walk-Through & Results]

How do you know what to change on your website or landing page to make it more effective? Are the tweaks and tests you made to your site really successful? Or do they just look successful? Could the best practices you’ve been following for years actually be what’s holding you back from achieving your goals … Read more

New Features Coming To GA4 For Analytics 360 Properties

Google announced new features to meet large enterprises’ and agencies’ diverse reporting needs for those who switch to GA4 for Analytics 360 properties. Initially rolled out to adapt to a fast-evolving technology and regulatory landscape, GA4’s new features surpass its core functionality of understanding consumer behavior across digital platforms. The updated analytics tool uses Google … Read more

7 Key Metrics In Measuring Content Effectiveness

Measuring content performance is the compass that guides successful digital marketing endeavors. It provides invaluable insights into what resonates with your audience – enabling you to refine strategies, optimize resources, and maximize ROI. To do this successfully, you need to understand the metrics behind evaluating a successful customer journey. If you’re looking to maximize your … Read more

Google Search Console Data & BigQuery For Enhanced Analytics

Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO pros. But as many of us know, using the interface exclusively comes with some limitations. In the past, you often had to have specific knowledge or the help of a developer to overcome some of them by pulling the data from the API directly. Google started … Read more

Google Publishes GA4 Data Redaction Feature Documentation

Google has published new documentation for the GA4 Data Redaction feature that prevents accidentally sending personally identifiable information (PII) to Google. This makes it easier to conform to privacy laws and Google’s own policies. Notable about the feature is that it will be turned on by default for new properties that are added to GA4 … Read more

Integrating ChatGPT With Google Sheets For Enhanced Data Analysis

ChatGPT remains one of the most talked about tools in the world of SEO. Some users are finding ways to leverage the platform for content and SEO; others use it to create ads, optimize meta titles, create structured data, and be more productive overall. And being more productive by integrating ChatGPT and Google Sheets together makes … Read more

AI-Powered Conversations: How To Automatically Boost Your User Experience With Phone Calls

Check out CallRail’s latest ebook to learn more about how analyzing phone calls can help: Tip 2: Use AI Call Data To Inform Your SEO Strategy & Maximize Your Potential You can use AI to pull important data from your clients’ phone conversations more efficiently and apply these insights to your marketing strategies with CallRail’s … Read more

4 Alternatives To Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is one of the most established and popular tag management solutions on the market, but it’s not the only player. New players have entered the market, offering great tag management solutions that are on par or maybe even better than GTM. Before we go into other tag management solutions, let’s go … Read more

GA4 Reports Builder For Google Analytics Extension Available

Google released the GA4 Reports Builder for Google Analytics, an extension designed for Google Sheets. I’m excited to share that we have launched the GA4 Reports Builder for Google Sheets 🥳https://t.co/ROVqk0ywxA — Matt Landers (@matt_landers) August 14, 2023 The new Google Workspace add-on, published on August 10, aims to simplify the reporting process. But does … Read more

7 Top Tips To Become A GA4 Pro (Even If You’re A Beginner)

The July 1 migration deadline for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has passed, and perhaps you’re still feeling unsteady working in the platform, still have some setup to do, or are in the Jumpstart queue. If you’re a reluctant GA4 user or haven’t had the time to get comfortable with it, stick with me as I … Read more

Mastering GA4: How To Use The New Google Analytics Like A Pro

With the official sunset of Universal Analytics (UA), businesses are now expected to have Google Analytics 4 (GA4) up and running smoothly. On July 12, I moderated a webinar with Drew Blumenthal, Founder & CEO at Digital Drew SEM. He walked through all of GA4’s new reports and new metrics so you can understand what … Read more

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