How And Why To Use Enhanced Conversions

What Is The Best Conversion Tracking Method For PPC Campaigns?

In this installment of Ask a PPC, we’re going to dive into enhanced conversions. As brands get their privacy-first plans in place, it’s critical that you feel comfortable with enhanced conversions. We’ll dive into: What are enhanced conversions? How to set them up. Why they’re important. Note that this post is exclusively focusing on Google’s … Read more

What Is The Best Conversion Tracking Method For PPC Campaigns?

Every successful PPC campaign has one common element: solid conversion tracking. Conversion tracking feeds into reporting, the bidding algorithm, and transparency. No conversion tracking? You’re denying ad platforms critical data, which can lead to overbidding or underbidding on traffic and poor budget allocation. In the privacy-first web, however, conversion tracking might seem a bit daunting … Read more

How Much Should PPC Management Cost?

After a three-month hiatus, we’re back! There were lots of really good questions, but this one from Phil of Trumbull stood out: “What is the average amount companies take for running a PPC campaign?” Account management fees vary greatly; It’s understandable to want a baseline on how much to pay for PPC agencies/consultants. That said, … Read more

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