How to Create Evergreen Content That Generates Traffic to Your Site

Every digital marketer understands that publishing articles or blog posts on your website is an excellent way to create content for your SEO strategy and build awareness. On top of that, you also get to connect to your audience on a deeper level. However, many marketers focus on publishing seasonal content or articles on trending … Read more

Social Proof: The Golden Rules of Personal Branding

We’re super into helping people grow on social media, including individuals who want to boost their online presence. So we’ve created Social Proof, our series on personal branding. The series chronicles how amazing individuals with different goals grew on social media to further their career and business prospects. Each interviewee so far has shared amazing … Read more

Brand Extensions: A Strategic Path to Growth

Arm & Hammer has a rich history dating back to 1846. Originally, the brand sold a baking soda product, but the deodorizing benefit associated with the brand allowed it to extend into a host of products for which deodorizing is essential. Representative Arm & Hammer products now include kitty litter, car air fresheners, changing pads, … Read more

How (and Why) Include Your Whole Company in Digital Marketing

Have you been looking for ways to breathe a new life into your marketing strategy? Have you been desperately trying to get your marketing strategy to deliver better results? Here’s what you need to do: Get help from your whole company. Why involve non-marketing employees into your marketing activities? Depending on how this marketing collaboration … Read more

14 Ways You Can Use Technology to Eliminate Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the leading cause of global warming in the present day. The effects of environmental pollution are being felt worldwide. There have been prolonged extreme temperature levels during summer and winter, wildfires in Europe, Australia, and North America, changing seasons, prolonged drought and famine, and diseases from exposure to industrial waste and smoke. … Read more

How to Use Tumblr

In the wake of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Tumblr is one of the more familiar alternatives people are exploring. Already, public figures are testing the waters — actor Ryan Reynolds made a move – probably for publicity purposes. But as a power user who joined in 2014 and never left, I can see the … Read more

The Black Friday Deal That Helped My Business Grow Sales

From the moment I launched The Flourish Market—a boutique that specializes in selling clothing, accessories, and gifts that have a bigger purpose—I knew that we would need to think about our holiday promotions differently. Given that most of the 200+ brands we partner with are B-corps or fair trade companies, our margins are already tighter … Read more

Art vs Science – Data-Driven Marketing

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! At least once a week, I receive invitations to webinars with clickbait-worthy headlines extolling the demise of data-driven marketing. I can also list a dozen B2B influencers on a crusade to banish complex marketing reports. … Read more

The 5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Try In 2023

More established businesses changed their attention from traditional marketing to digital marketing. And that’s why having a thorough digital marketing strategy is more important than ever. Many businesses have implemented a digital marketing strategy to deal with the complexities and uncertainties of today’s business situation. However, for digital marketing success, It needs a set of … Read more

A Revolutionary New Way to Look at Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has been overly complicated, explained, and misunderstood for TOO LONG. You know your brand needs it, you want to do it, but you’re afraid of wasting time and money on a method you JUST DON’T GET. How does content lead to sales? How much time and money should you spend on it? Does … Read more

Why You Should Outsource Content Creation

Why would you want content contributed by outside experts anyways? Here are just a few benefits you gain from outsourcing content generation: You take some of the workload off of your internal team, allowing them to focus on content optimization versus content creation. You’ll gain ideas and concepts that you wouldn’t come up with on … Read more

Helping Affiliates Create Satisfactory Long-Form Content

Affiliates are important to have, if you own a business (brick-and-mortar or online). Nowadays, in the online realm, you and your business will need all the publicity that you can get. That’s where affiliates come in! With affiliates, you’ll be able to spread the word further about your product or service. One of the best … Read more

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