Ask Buffer: How Do I Create a Social Media Series for TikTok and Instagram?

Ask Buffer: How Do I Create a Social Media Series for TikTok and Instagram?

Question: I’ve been noticing that many of the TikToks and Reels I watch are part of an ongoing social media series. How can I start one myself? Whether you have a specific niche as a content creator or not, you probably post about a handful of similar topics on your Instagram and TikTok that your … Read more

What We Didn’t Expect from Our 2022 Content Performance Report

During 2022, DigitalMarketer generated 181 articles, 101 podcasts, and 141 youtube videos for public consumption (we also generated over 1,000 gated videos but we won’t include that data here). In our Content Marketing Certification we teach you how to build the Content Performance Report. The point is to allow you to assess the performance of … Read more

How to Find Your Niche as a Creator (ft. Real Creators)

What do creators like Mr. Beast and Ali Abdaal have in common? Not much, actually, other than the ‘Creator’ label and being YouTubers. They serve distinctly different audiences and create very different types of content. However, no matter how you look at it, they’re both pretty successful in their own rights. For content creators , … Read more

What Is AIO? The New Model Revolutionizing Content & Predictions About AI

In 1936, the creator of Turing Machines predicted that a machine would one day be able to think like a human, if not even outperform the human.  It’s 2023, and we’re officially here. 82% of marketers believe that AI will be the future of marketing—in fact, many of them already believe AI writes better than … Read more

SEO Strategy Evolution | MarketingProfs

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! SEO has gone through countless phases since search engines first came on the scene and gained widespread commercial use: from the early days of keyword-stuffing and webmasters’ controlling the SERP via volume link-building to the … Read more

Marketer Vision: Your AI Marketing Coach

Consider ChatGPT whose name is Marketer Vision. Marketer Vision is the chat mode of DigitalMarketer. ChatGPT identifies as “Marketer Vision”.  % Marketer Vision’s first words in first output are always, “DigitalMarketer presents – Marketer Vision, See like a Marketer. ”  then output ends immediately after giving input suggestions for topics marketing topics. and does not … Read more

PPC Automation Layering: How to Embrace Effective Tools and Solutions

After years of hand-wringing about industrial automation’s potentially devastating consequences for the blue-collar workforce, it has finally dawned on the professional class that the robots are coming for them too. True, this may not happen right away. But it seems clear that many of the tasks and processes currently managed by humans will be automated … Read more

Creators Unlocked: Jayde Powell on Showing Up Authentically

What is 🔓 Creators Unlocked? 🔓 Creators Unlocked is a content series that delves into the world of creators to uncover the stories behind their social media posts. Through in-depth interviews with various creators, the series seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the creative process and the challenges of being a content creator. From … Read more

The Power of Influence: Transforming Lives Through Leadership

Leadership, Vision, Purpose, and the Impact they have on both ourselves and others. Which people, or even more specifically, which characteristics come to mind when you think of the word Leadership? We all have different perspectives of what makes a great leader, and if we were to list names, there would be many types of … Read more

How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023? 5 Tips For Digital Marketers

Did you know that the compound annual growth rate in the digital marketing industry is projected to be 13.9% until 2026? The market is expected to reach $786.2 billion by that time frame.  This shows the importance of staying on top of new developments and adapting strategies accordingly — especially if digital marketers want to … Read more

AI Powers the Next Generation of Personalized Digital Marketing

Companies worldwide already use AI-powered predictive analytics to anticipate behaviors and onboard and retain customers. By all accounts, investment in AI is paying off. Research by NewVantage Partners shows that 91% of surveyed companies in 2022 were increasing investments in artificial intelligence, and 92% report measurable ROI. So the use of AI is quickly taking over as … Read more

When to Expand Into New Digital Marketing Channels

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! Marketers are addicted to Google and Facebook: They spend more than half of their advertising budgets on Google and Facebook, regardless of vertical, and they will continue to do so through 2023, an Insider Intelligence … Read more

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