Navigating Publisher Policies: Insights From Google’s Trust & Safety Expert With John Brown

Navigating Publisher Policies: Insights From Google's Trust & Safety Expert With John Brown

In this must-listen episode, join us for a sit-down with John Brown from Google’s Trust & Safety team. With his rich background in building ad networks and more, John offers exclusive insights into Google’s efforts to educate publishers globally. Discover critical differences between publisher policies and demand restrictions, explore the evolving role of UGC, and … Read more

Year In Search 2023: Google’s Top Trends & 25-Year Time Capsule

Google commemorates its 25th anniversary by reflecting on the most searched topics globally, showcasing the power of human curiosity and the universal nature of certain interests. Here’s to the toy that inspired millions to dream big. This year, we’re celebrating the most searched icons of all time. #YearInSearch — Google (@Google) December 12, … Read more

20+ Experts Share Insights: 2024 Strategies For Social Media – AI, User-Generated Content & More [Guide]

These developments will roll out faster with the help of generative AI. Simply put: Your competitors will gain an advantage if your marketing doesn’t embrace a winning social media formula. How To Transform Your Social Media Strategy With This Winning Formula For Success In order to elevate your social media strategy with the perfect mix … Read more

Google Workspace Announces AI-Powered Security

Google announced an expansion of Google AI into their Workspace product, promoting zero trust and digital sovereignty controls. The announcement details steps they are taking to ensure customer data in Google Workspace. What’s novel about their system is that it incorporates AI-powered defenses. According to Google: “The sheer scale of modern attacks and the sophistication … Read more

YouTube Strategic Direction Revealed Over Three Key Events in 2023

I attended the annual YouTube NewFront event at Google’s Pier 57 in New York City this year. At the time, back in May, I’d come to the event hoping to learn about YouTube’s strategic direction. But most of what I heard – with a couple of notable exceptions – was a tactical discussion that left … Read more

The Metaverse: What Is It?

When you think of the metaverse, you may picture a person playing a video game while wearing a bulky headset that covers most of their face. It’s not surprising that digital gaming is one of the early adopters of the metaverse. But, if the metaverse is all about gaming, Mr. Zuckerburg would not have bet … Read more

WWDC 2023: How Apple Could Revolutionize The Way We Work

During the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple revealed its latest hardware and software advances for professionals using popular devices like Mac desktops, laptops, iPad, and iPhone. Here’s a look at the WWDC 2023 announcements that could change how we work with machine learning (ML) models, spatial computing, augmented reality, and more. How Apple Could Succeed Where … Read more

How To Focus On What Matters In SEO As AI Accelerates Rapid Change

SEO is, by default, a longer-term digital marketing channel, and this can challenge the patience of SEO professionals – and that of important stakeholders. Discipline and a high level of knowledge are often needed to see it through to success for companies and their clients. I can’t understate the importance of being patient, disciplined, and … Read more

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