MozCon 2024: Britney Muller On How To Use Gen AI In Marketing

technology's relation with human beings

At the 20th annual MozCon, Britney Muller, Founder of Data Sci 101, delivered an eye-opening presentation on AI and its impact on digital marketing. Her session, “The Hidden Side of AI: What Marketers Need to Know,” provided a comprehensive overview of AI’s current and future potential. Muller discussed the ethical considerations, practical applications, and limitations … Read more

How SEO Experts Can Utilize ChatGPT For BigQuery With Examples

AI is shaping every field by making skills (such as coding or data visualization) accessible to everyone, which weren’t available in the past. An AI operator who can run the right prompts can perform low- and medium-level difficulty tasks, allowing more focus on strategic decision-making. In this guide, we will walk you through step by … Read more

Google’s AI Overviews Go Viral, Draw Mainstream Media Scrutiny

Google’s rollout of AI-generated overviews in US search results is taking a disastrous turn, with mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, BBC, and CNBC reporting on numerous inaccuracies and bizarre responses. On social media, users are sharing endless examples of the feature’s nonsensical and sometimes dangerous output. From recommending non-toxic glue on pizza … Read more

New Google Lens Ads Mimic AI Search Results

A keynote at Google’s Marketing Live event showed a new AI-powered visual search results that feature advertisements that engage users within the context of an AI-Assisted search, blurring the line between AI-generated search results and advertisements. Google Lens is a truly helpful app but it becomes unconventional where it blurs the line between an assistant … Read more

Google To Prioritize AI Overviews Ads Over Organic Search

Speakers at Google’s Marketing Live event demonstrated how they will utilize user search queries and AI Overviews content to show interactive shopping ads that will push organic search results even lower, stating that Google is “focused on opening up new opportunities for your business.” Google: We’re Not Building A Better Search Engine The first speaker, … Read more

Google’s AI Vision Driven By Panic, Not User Needs: Former Product Manager

A 16-year Google veteran is raising concerns about the company’s current focus on AI, labeling it a “panic reaction” driven by fear of falling behind competitors. Scott Jenson, who left Google last month, took to LinkedIn to critique the tech giant’s AI projects as “poorly motivated and driven by this mindless panic that as long … Read more

Using AI Ethically In SEO

AI can help brands and marketers be more efficient and productive and do things quicker, but it is not perfect and does have some drawbacks. With the rise and adoption of AI into SEO workflows, processes, and tools, SEO pros must take an ethical approach to artificial intelligence. What exactly does an ethical approach to … Read more

As Chatbots And AI Search Engines Converge: Key Strategies For SEO

A lot is happening in the world of search right now, and for many, keeping pace with these changes can be overwhelming. The rise of chatbots and AI assistants – like ChatGPT and its new model GPT-4o, along with Google’s rollout of AI Overviews and Search Generative Experience (SGE) – is blurring the lines between … Read more

New Google AI Overviews Documentation & SEO

Google published new documentation about their new AI Overviews search feature which summarizes an answer to a search query and links to webpages where more information can be found. The new documentation offers important information about how the new feature works and what publishers and SEOs should consider. What Triggers AI Overviews AI Overviews shows … Read more

OpenAI Expected to Integrate Real-Time Data In ChatGPT

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, dispelled rumors that a new search engine would be announced on Monday, May 13. Recent deals have raised the expectation that OpenAI will announce the integration of real-time content from English, Spanish, and French publications into ChatGPT, complete with links to the original sources. OpenAI Search Is Not Happening Many … Read more

Ex-Google CEO Implies AI Search Will Have No Links

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said in an interview that Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, not to provide blue links. Schmidt’s pragmatic statements seem to describe a future where websites are unnecessary and advertising is increasingly effective. Answers Without Links Is A Good User Experience? The ex-CEO’s prediction of the future … Read more

LinkedIn Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have For Marketers

A new report by Microsoft and LinkedIn reveals the rapid adoption of AI tools and skills in the marketing industry. According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, which surveyed over 31,000 people across 31 countries, marketing professionals who leverage AI enjoy a competitive advantage. Employers recognize the efficiency gains AI capabilities provide in … Read more

Apple’s “Intelligent Search” Will Summarize Webpages

A report based on independently verified accounts notes that Apple’s Safari 18 will come with an Intelligent Search feature that summarize webpages in response to search queries and there may be a new feature called Web Eraser that allows users to permanently remove text, images, advertisements from webpages. The Potential For Disruption By Apple AI … Read more

OpenAI To Show Content & Links In Response To Queries

OpenAI content deal will enhance ChatGPT with the ability to show real-time content with links in response to queries. OpenAI quietly took steps to gaining more search engine type functionality as part of a content licensing deal that may have positive implications for publishers and SEO. Content Licensing Deal OpenAI agreed to content licensing with … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Use AI To Create And Measure Ads [Interview With Ex-Googler Logan Welbaum]

Appeasing the advertising algorithms on social media and Google has always been a mix of art and science – but there are plenty of rewards, not only in terms of active engagement but also in terms of lowered ad costs. So far, AI tools have proved useful as an algorithm-cracker for the biggest digital marketing … Read more

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