Why Google SGE Is Stuck In Google Labs And What’s Next

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) was set to expire as a Google Labs experiment at the end of 2023 but its time as an experiment was quietly extended, making it clear that SGE is not coming to search in the near future. Surprisingly, letting Microsoft take the lead may have been the best perhaps unintended … Read more

How To Read Google Patents In 5 Easy Steps

Reading and understanding patents filed by Google can be challenging but this guide will help you to understand what the patents are about and to as avoid the many common mistakes that lead to misunderstandings. How To Understand Google Patents Before starting to read a patent it’s important to understand how to read the patents. … Read more

Google SGE & Generative Summaries For Search Results Patent

Google patent US11769017B1, shared by X user @seostratega, focusing on “Generative Summaries for Search Results,” appears to lay the groundwork for Google’s SGE with the integration of generative AI search summaries. 🔴 BREAKING: Here’s Google’s patent behind Google’s SGE, their experimental search engine with AI generated results. This patent was filed on March 20th, a … Read more

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