Hacking on Bug Bounties for Four Years

Intro & Motivations Findings Analysis Collaboration Methodology I value transparency a lot, especially when it comes to the bug bounty space. Bug bounty hunters all around the world are submitting a range of reports where the issues found span across multiple domains, often leveraging numerous techniques and methodologies. However, if you’re not already an active…

13 Expert-Recommended Tricks For Accelerating Your Online Growth

For online businesses, a high-performing website that encourages engagement and conversions is the key to successful growth. It often takes time to build up a steady stream of website visitors and consistent buyers. However, there are some things you can do to help accelerate the process. If you want to scale your site visits and…

The Infosec Apocalypse

The rise of tooling for vulnerability detection combined with pressure driven by Vendor Due Diligence is causing a massive enterprise freezeout for non-mainstream technologies across the board. Of particular concern is the impact this will have on the adoption of functional programming in enterprise and small business B2B development. I see now that the last…

The Case For “Bio Hacking” Your Way To A More Meaningful And Enjoyable Life

getty Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to attend 40 Years of Zen in Seattle, Washington. The five-day Master Program is designed to bring participants the benefits of forty years of advanced Zen meditation to raise intellectual and emotional intelligence, and creativity, increase productivity and decision making, and obtain clarity of mind. The end…

Builders who will thrive in the new world

As the global pandemic leaves us frozen in place, it’s impossible to imagine a future that resembles the past. There will be no return to normalcy. Instead, we’ll need to create a new reality that’s resilient, anti-fragile and grounded in flexible, empathetic values as we re-enter the physical world with a new perspective. COVID-19 has underscored…

The best Dutch growth hacking examples

These Dutch companies have achieved exponential growth by applying one or more of the seven pillars of growth hacking. In this article we for example discuss examples like Booking.com, BALR. and Charlie Temple. Are you interested to learn how these companies achieved their growth? Then there’s no doubt you should check out our article!

3 Growth Hacking Examples You Can Leverage In Your Business

Let’s dive deeper and look at real businesses that have used growth hacking and launched themselves into massively successful companies. Along with these business examples, we’ll look at key strategies to help you come up with your own growth strategy.

These Online Classes Help You Master Essential Digital Marketing Skills

Partner content by StackCommerceAccording to HubSpot, digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. In other words, it’s how companies use digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, and websites, to connect with their current and future customers.Most businesses today use some digital marketing to get the…

Teardown: Orthofix SpinalStim

If you’ve ever had a particularly nasty fracture, your doctor may have prescribed the use of an electronic bone growth stimulator. These wearable devices produce a pulsed electromagnetic field around the bone, which has been shown to speed up the natural healing process in a statistically significant number of patients. That’s not to say there…

Learn how to succeed in digital marketing with these online classes

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. This marketing course bundle will teach you how to increase everything from your business revenue to your follower count. Image: pexels By StackCommerceMashable Shopping2020-08-07 09:00:00 UTC TL;DR: Learn to build your…

US neobank Dave was hit with a data breach earlier this week

This story was delivered to Insider Intelligence Banking Briefing subscribers earlier this morning.Insider Intelligence publishes hundreds of research reports, charts, and forecasts on the Banking industry with the Banking Briefing. You can learn more about subscribing here.US-based neobank Dave was hit with a security breach earlier this week, ZDNet reports. According to the neobank, the breach…

Contact Marketing – Best Practices and Examples

Tired of implementing growth hacking strategies? In this post, I will share a strategy that will help you reach out to important prospects and stakeholders of companies you want to target. Find out What is Contact Marketing and the best Contact Marketing Best Practices and Examples that work for your business

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