How To Leverage Expertise And Authority To Boost Your International Expansion

How To Leverage Expertise And Authority To Boost Your International Expansion

Included as a part of Google’s search quality rater guidelines is “E-E-A-T,” which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are evaluated using a mix of signals – not a specific ranking factor – and help Google determine if the content is relevant and helpful enough for users that it should be prioritized in … Read more

Effective SEO Management Structures For Multilingual And Multinational Websites

In my last article, I went into detail about the many challenges encountered by search teams working on multilingual websites. Now, I will offer suggestions for management structures between multilingual teams. These practices can help achieve greater collaboration and success. Fostering Collaboration If there is no or little collaboration today, an easy first step is … Read more

Add Me To Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

In today’s digital-centric world, establishing a notable online presence for your personal branding has become more crucial than ever. The fastest and easiest way to gain a presence on Google is by typing the query: Add Me to Search. All you need is a mobile device with internet access, a personal Google account, and Web … Read more

How To Increase Localized Traffic To EU Domain Hosted In US

In a post on the r/TechSEO subreddit, Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, responded to a Reddit user asking how to increase localized traffic to a European Union (EU) domain hosted in the United States (US). The user’s client, who owns a .com and a .eu subdomain, hopes to increase targeted traffic to the latter. However, … Read more

Baidu Ranking Factors for 2024: A Comprehensive Data Study

As China’s largest search engine and a global AI and Internet technology leader, Baidu is a powerhouse of innovation. The ERNIE language model, surpassing Google’s BERT in Chinese language processing, positions Baidu at the cutting edge of technological advancement. In our comprehensive Baidu SEO Ranking Factors Correlation Study*, we analyzed the SERPs for 10,000 Chinese … Read more

How To Use Market-Specific Conversion Tracking To Drive International SEO Success

When it comes to SEO, many people perceive keyword rankings and organic traffic as “vanity metrics.” While they could be if they were the only part of SEO being tracked, you do actually need them to help you connect SEO to business growth. The data allows you to build the whole journey from keyword rankings … Read more

Non-Search Engine Online Ad Options To Target Asia

The Asian market is growing. Aside from the usual suspects, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, other Asian countries have grown their online presence in recent years. Many other countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, have over 90% online user penetration rates. Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan have over 100 million Internet users. … Read more

GA4 Legal In Europe Following New Data Privacy Framework

In a significant development, Google Analytics 4 is deemed legal in Europe following the recent adoption of the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework by the European Commission. The news comes amid warnings from the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) concerning potential surveillance risks associated with GA4. The legal status of GA4 in Europe and the … Read more

Google Removes Canada News Links In Response To Online News Act, Bill C-18

Google announced its decision to remove links to Canadian news from its Search, News, and Discover products in response to Canada’s recently enacted Bill C-18. Unfortunately, we’ve made the difficult decision that when Bill C-18 takes effect, we will remove Canadian news links from our Search, News and Discover products. — Google Canada … Read more

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