LinkedIn Shares 7 Insights For Powerful Online Engagement

Interview with head of engineering for LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn shared insights with Search Engine Journal about how to effectively plan and roll out new features based on their experience planning and rolling out new AI features. The insights are useful whether you’re planning a content strategy or adding new features to your business. I spoke with Prashanthi Padmanabhan, Head of Engineering for LinkedIn … Read more

How LinkedIn Unlocked A Genius SEO Strategy With AI

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles features reached the milestone of 10 million pages of expert content in one year. The Collaborative Articles project has experienced a significant rise in weekly readership, rising by over 270% since September 2023.  How they reached these milestones and are planning to achieve even more results offer valuable lessons for creating an … Read more

LinkedIn Reports Most In-Demand Jobs Across All Industries

LinkedIn’s analysis of global talent trends shows healthcare roles dominating the list of fastest-growing jobs while customer-facing and in-person positions remain highly in demand. According to LinkedIn’s data, healthcare jobs represent 6 out of the top 10 roles, with the most significant increase in paid job posts on the platform. Outside of healthcare, customer-facing and … Read more

LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months

LinkedIn is readying new features and algorithm changes to help users connect with more targeted audiences months or even years after posting their best content, according to a recent interview with company leaders. This information is revealed in a recent talk published on; LinkedIn executives Tim Jurka and Dan Roth addressed topics relevant to … Read more

LinkedIn Rolls Out New AI Features To Make Networking Easier

LinkedIn has introduced new AI-powered features to improve the networking experience on its platform. These updates come at a time when many professionals are re-evaluating their careers and looking to expand their networks. The new features use AI to streamline processes like making connections, searching for jobs, and sharing content. A Competitive Edge in the … Read more

LinkedIn Retires Lookalike Audiences, Urges Shift To New Targeting

LinkedIn has announced it will discontinue its lookalike audiences feature starting February 29, 2024. According to a statement from LinkedIn, after February 2024, advertisers will no longer be able to create new lookalike audiences or edit existing ones. Any current lookalike audiences will become “static” and stop refreshing with new data. LinkedIn stated that active … Read more

Is AI Going To E-E-A-T Your Experience For Breakfast? The LinkedIn Example

Are LinkedIn’s collaborative articles part of SEO strategies nowadays? More to the point, should they be? The search landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, blurring the lines between search engines and where searches occur. Following the explosive adoption of AI in content marketing and the most recent Google HCU, core, and spam updates, we’re … Read more

New AI Framework Powers LinkedIn’s Content Moderation

LinkedIn rolled out a new content moderation framework that’s a breakthrough in optimizing moderation queues, reducing the time to catch policy violations by 60%. This technology may be the future of content moderation once the technology becomes more available. How LinkedIn Moderates Content Violations LinkedIn has content moderation teams that work on manually reviewing possible … Read more

LinkedIn Reaches 1 Billion Members, Unveils AI Job Search Tools

LinkedIn unveils AI-powered Premium update to provide personalized career guidance for professionals navigating evolving work landscape. LinkedIn celebrated reaching 1 billion members this week by announcing an update to its Premium offering. The revamped Premium service will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to offer tailored career advice, uncover hidden opportunities, and streamline the job search process. … Read more

LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning

LinkedIn recently announced new AI-powered products aimed at transforming recruitment and employee training. The professional networking platform is responding to the evolving skill requirements in the workforce and the role HR departments play in managing this change. LinkedIn cited a survey showing that 90% of HR professionals believe their role has become more strategic in … Read more

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features To Enhance Newsletters

LinkedIn has announced several new features to improve the newsletter experience for creators and readers. These updates come as LinkedIn has seen newsletters grow exponentially in popularity over the past year. LinkedIn states in its announcement: “Newsletter readership has tripled over the past year, now with more than 1.3 million daily readers.” LinkedIn is rolling … Read more

LinkedIn’s Feed Is Getting Smarter Thanks To AI

LinkedIn announced it has enhanced its recommendation algorithm with AI to deliver more personalized experiences across the platform. In a blog post, LinkedIn reveals the technical details and engineering work behind its AI upgrades. This article, on the other hand, covers the most pertinent details for marketers and businesses. While the underlying technology is complex, … Read more

LinkedIn Reveals AI Image Hunter That Catches Fake Profiles

LinkedIn has developed a new AI image detector that is claimed to be able to catch 99.6% of fake profile images, with a 1% false positive rate. According to anecdotal evidence, their new detector actually works. Fake LinkedIn Profiles There are many reasons why people create fake LinkedIn profiles. For some members of the affiliate … Read more

LinkedIn Unveils Messaging Inbox For Company Pages

In a significant step towards reinforcing direct corporate-client interaction, LinkedIn is launching a messaging inbox for company pages. This will allow businesses to send and receive direct messages (DMs), fostering an immediate line of communication. The rollout coincides with a global shift in business priorities, with a heightened focus on brand building and attracting new … Read more

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