6 Ways To Supercharge Your Campaign Insights With Multi-Touch Attribution

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Campaign Insights With Multi-Touch Attribution

This post was sponsored by DAC Group. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. In the world of digital marketing, you have to understand the entire customer journey in order to make informed strategic and resourcing decisions. But, as any SEO practitioner will tell you, it can be exceedingly difficult to gauge … Read more

7 Top Tips To Become A GA4 Pro Even If You’re A Beginner (Festive Flashback)

Celebrate the Holidays with some of SEJ’s best articles of 2023. Our Festive Flashback series runs from December 21 – January 5, featuring daily reads on significant events, fundamentals, actionable strategies, and thought leader opinions. 2023 has been quite eventful in the SEO industry and our contributors produced some outstanding articles to keep pace and … Read more

Search Console Insights: What The Report Can Tell You

The Google Search Console Insights email that drops into your inbox each month can be a powerful tool for understanding your website’s performance and informing your SEO strategy.   While some people may just take a quick glance at the numbers and move on, your Search Console Insights reports can provide vital insights into how users … Read more

5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs To Know About

Like it or not, the Google Analytics 4 migration deadline has come and gone. For someone who’s used Google Universal Analytics for the past 10 years, dealing with this change has been tough. The previous platform provided easy-to-use reports at marketers’ fingertips in an instant. It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with Google Analytics … Read more

Pairing Analytics Goal Tracking With Client Expectations

As we have traversed from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4, many of us have been painstakingly transitioning tracking metrics to adhere to our new way of data analysis. On the bright side, this is a great time for you to reassess your client goals and how you track their campaign success. Goal-setting With … Read more

7 Top Tips To Become A GA4 Pro (Even If You’re A Beginner)

The July 1 migration deadline for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has passed, and perhaps you’re still feeling unsteady working in the platform, still have some setup to do, or are in the Jumpstart queue. If you’re a reluctant GA4 user or haven’t had the time to get comfortable with it, stick with me as I … Read more

Success Of Four-Day Workweek: An Interview With SEJ CEO, Jenise Uehara

A new study by 4 Day Week Global explores the feasibility and benefits of a four-day workweek. The research follows 200 companies through year-long pilot programs to evaluate the impact of reduced hours on productivity, employee satisfaction, and business performance. The findings suggest adopting a four-day schedule while maintaining pay can promote work-life balance, improve … Read more

GA4 Migration Made Easy: 20 Resources For Google Analytics 4

Did you forget to complete your properties’ Google Analytics 4 (GA4) setup before the Universal Analytics (UA) deprecation on July 1? Today, we begin shutting down Universal Analytics as we welcome you to Google Analytics 4. This will not happen overnight, so some Universal Analytics properties may continue to process data. However, all properties have … Read more

Try This ChatGPT Plugin To Learn About Your New GA4 Property

As Google continues the countdown to deprecate Universal Analytics properties in less than 24 hours on July 1, Google Analytics users have little hope that there will be a reprieve. For those hoping that Google will perhaps extend the deadline to switch to GA4, (it’s 2 days from now!) they are not. https://t.co/RzBntq1Ea2 — Dr. … Read more

Trust In Online News Shifting From Reporters To Influencers

The 2023 Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute sheds light on the complex relationship between the public, news outlets, and social media platforms. As we navigate one crisis after another, the demand for reliable and independent journalism is higher than ever. However, the news industry grapples with weak audience engagement, low trust, and an … Read more

How To Blend Data In Looker Studio With Practical Examples

Data blending in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a powerful technique that allows you to combine data from multiple sources in a single report or visualization. You can create custom charts and reports that provide a comprehensive view of your data, bringing together insights from multiple data sources. This technique can be particularly … Read more

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