I Used this Product Launch Checklist to Start 5 Ecom Brands

product launch checklist

Launching a product can feel incredibly daunting. There are so many different factors to consider, and trying to get everything in order and your timing on point can feel difficult at the best of times and downright impossible at the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a few product launch mistakes along the way, … Read more

Ad Expert Phoenix Ha on How to Make Creative Ads without Breaking Your Budget

Creative ads

Phoenix Ha made a viral TikTok ad by accident. Actually, it wasn’t supposed to be an ad at all. She jumped out of the pool during an afternoon swim and ran to the fridge to grab a boozy popsicle. Without thinking, she started filming a review of the popsicle, praising the surprisingly pleasant taste, consistency, … Read more

How Do You Launch a Product?

Product launch

So you’ve got a brilliant product idea, maybe even a brilliant product, but how do you turn that into a real-world success? You need to create a product roadmap that strategically outlines how you’ll take your product to market… with as much fanfare as possible. While there’s not a hard and fast product launch formula, … Read more

His Ecommerce Funnel Generated $70M Last Year

Ezra firestone ecommerce funnel

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ezra Firestone, a man who is certainly no stranger to the world of successful ecommerce start-ups. Ezra Firestone’s businesses generated $70M in revenue last year, but he says he’s just “some guy.” I’ve pulled out some of my absolute favorite gems from our conversation and lessons … Read more

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Museums

Museum Marketing 007 700x420.webp - Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Museums

Ever wonder why some museums are magnets for crowds while others barely make a ripple in the public consciousness? The difference often comes down to how they tackle digital marketing. Today’s museums confront a host of unique challenges that can make or break their visitor engagement. These challenges include: Attracting First-Time Visitors: Capturing the interest … Read more

How becx’s Becky Verma Gained the Confidence to Become an Entrepreneur

How becx’s Becky Verma Gained the Confidence to Become an Entrepreneur

Deep down, have you always wanted to go off on your own? Do you want to test yourself? Do you want to own an idea from scratch? Becky Verma felt the same. Her corporate career as a software development manager for a Fortune 500 company was secure but unfulfilling, and she wanted to give entrepreneurship … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide: Content Optimization

Content Optimization Strategy 008 700x420.webp - Step-by-Step Guide: Content Optimization

Is your content not getting the results you want to see? Unfortunately, in today’s ultra-competitive, crowded SERPs, creating great content isn’t enough. You need to optimize it effectively if you want it to rank and sell. That doesn’t just mean optimizing your content for Google. You also need to optimize it for readability and conversions. … Read more

Reels vs TikTok: Which Is the Best Platform for Your Business?

Reels vs tiktok

It’s a social media battle we’ve seen played out again and again. A plucky upstart, in this case, TikTok, introduces a new service to the world. In response, juggernauts like Facebook scramble to either buy the new technology or bury it by rolling out similar capabilities with their legacy products. So as TikTok became a … Read more

Best Content Marketing Companies of 2024

best content marketing brands 001 700x420 - Best Content Marketing Companies of 2024

The content world is changing, but people still know its value. A 2023 survey from the Content Marketing Institute showed that over three-fourths of marketers indicated that content marketing generates demand and leads.  This is no surprise when you realize 70 percent of people would prefer to learn about a company through an article rather … Read more

Self-Made Mogul Emma Grede on Building SKIMS and Good American – Exclusive

Emma Grede

Emma Grede has been on a media blitz. Forbes, Inc., CNBC, Glamour, People, Elle—her face, global success, and business philosophy are everywhere as people rave about her companies: Good American ($155 million revenue in 2021), SKIMS ($154 million valuation), and Safely (launched March 2021). Which is a thrilling fact to report, given she’s a woman … Read more

Cookieless Attribution: Marketing Without Cookies

Cookieless attribution1 700x420 - Cookieless Attribution: Marketing Without Cookies

For several years, many digital marketing teams relied on cookies for marketing.  However, everything is about to change. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari already block third-party cookies, and recently, Google revealed it would no longer support cookies on ad networks and its Chrome browser. Google originally planned a phased approach starting in January 2024, meaning … Read more

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