Shopify vs. Etsy: Pick an Online Store That Gives You More


On the one hand, you want a platform that holds your hand throughout the setup process, making things as quick as possible with a professionally completed online storefront. On the other hand, you also want a platform that has plenty of opportunities for personalization, allowing you to fully embed your branding and tone of voice … Read more

Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which Is Better for Building Your Online Store?

WooCommerce or Shopify: which platform is better for building your ecommerce store? When it comes to launching your online store, one of the most overwhelming moments can be choosing the right platform. All the forums and community discussions have different advice, you then have one friend who tells you that Shopify is the way to … Read more

11 Proven Strategies to Increase Shopify Sales

You’ve created your dream Shopify store. You’ve poured your heart and soul into product testing, and your products are on your website, accompanied by stunning imagery, well-crafted copy, and the ideal template for your brand. You sit back, proud of your achievements, excited to see what site visitors think. Only one small issue–there aren’t any. … Read more

BigCommerce vs Shopify: Which Platform Is Better for Ecommerce Beginners?

Visionary leaders are a special breed. You have undoubtedly faced untold challenges in your career, yet you continue to excel. Why? Because that’s what visionaries do. Given this “pressure leads to elevation” principle, it stands to reason that the same can happen if we pit 2 ecommerce platforms against each other. In this case, we’ll … Read more

The Definitive Breakdown of Mangools vs. Ahrefs

Having the right SEO tools in your arsenal can set you on track for online success. However, with so many tools on the market, knowing which one (or ones) to choose can be overwhelming. Enter Mangools and Ahrefs.  Mangools is scrappy, lean, and long-tail keyword-focused.  Ahrefs is a backlink analysis powerhouse that also packs a … Read more

The Absolute Best Premium and Free Shopify Templates

Imagine that you were opening a restaurant in your mid-size city. You gather dozens of beloved family recipes, purchase a great location near downtown, and even negotiate a deal on the required equipment like ovens and refrigerators. On opening day, you wait by the door with anticipation. But the crowds never arrive. Instead, you watch … Read more

How to Use Ubersuggest’s AI Writer for Quality SEO-Optimized Content

Do you use artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the digital marketing process? More and more marketers are turning to AI to generate content faster and more efficiently. In fact, 28 percent of marketers use AI to write copy for them!  When creating AI-generated content, quality is critical. You don’t just want content optimized for the right … Read more

Scale Your Business without Fundraising

So you’re making some sales and the days of bootstrapping from your walk-in closet are over. You’ve got a nice little team humming along, and maybe even a brick-and-mortar space. Perhaps you’re even further along the entrepreneurial journey. But something’s not right. When you look away from a project, it stalls or collapses. As you’re … Read more

NitroPack Page Speed Wins

The average page load time is 2.5 seconds on desktop and a whopping 8.6 seconds on mobile. With the optimal load time being 0 to 4 seconds to capture user conversions, there is certainly some work to be done by many (if not most) e-commerce sites. You can take the piecemeal approach to website speed … Read more

Crafting the Perfect Product Prototype Might Be Easier Than You Think

So, you’ve got the perfect product idea in your head. You’re confident that it will solve all of your target audience’s problems, and the profit margins are more than viable. You need investment to get your idea off the ground, but you are finding it difficult to articulate the function of your product and failing … Read more

This Founder Believes Entrepreneurship is a Spiritual Practice

The first time we spoke to Mona Fang in 2021, she was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois studying aerospace engineering. She was also building her first business, Karma Trade. Within 24 months, Fang dropped out of school, moved twice across the country, traveled worldwide, and started a new business called Omniio. So what … Read more

Recession-Proof Businesses: Become downturn-immune with these ideas

The world feels like it’s getting crazier every day. With new layoff announcements seemingly popping up every week and AI continuing to develop at an alarmingly impressive rate, it is unsurprising that many people are predicting that a recession is just around the corner (or already here). And in times of recession and economic instability, … Read more

These Founders Bought Back Their Business: Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz of Wistia

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s issue. We talked with Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz about buying back their business, Wistia, from investors. To read more, download this issue of the magazine for free. ————— “You shouldn’t be profitable.” That was the feedback … Read more

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