Why Google Seems To Favor Big Brands & Low-Quality Content

Why Google Seems To Favor Big Brands & Low-Quality Content

Many people are convinced that Google shows a preference for big brands and ranking low quality content, something that many feel has become progressively worse. This may not be a matter of perception, something is going on, nearly everyone has an anecdote of poor quality search results. The possible reasons for it are actually quite … Read more

Google Analytics Overhauls Ad Reporting In One Central Hub

Google is rolling out an update to simplify reporting in Google Analytics. The changes, which start rolling out today, consolidate all advertising and publisher reporting into one centralized “Advertising” section. For digital marketers, SEOs, and publishers, this update helps you monitor and analyze organic website analytics and paid advertising campaigns within the same property. “The … Read more

Google Ads Performance Max Image Generation Now Available To All

Google is announcing the launch of its AI-powered tools for generating and editing images in Performance Max campaigns. These features, initially previewed in November, are now accessible in English worldwide, with more languages to follow. Additionally, Google is enhancing its Ad Strength indicator to give advertisers more information about their ad assets, including amount and … Read more

Google Announces Gemma: Laptop-Friendly Open Source AI

Google released an open source large language model based on the technology used to create Gemini that is powerful yet lightweight, optimized to be used in environments with limited resources like on a laptop or cloud infrastructure. Gemma can be used to create a chatbot, content generation tool and pretty much anything else that a … Read more

Google Launches Gemini Business & Enterprise For Workspace Users

Google launches AI assistant Gemini for Workspace, available in 2 pricing tiers for business and enterprise. Google rebranded its AI assistant Duet as Gemini and made it more widely available. Gemini allows natural conversations to generate ideas, summaries, and more for Workspace users. Google launched Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise pricing plans for small teams … Read more

Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

Google expands structured data for product variants, enabling online merchants to showcase inventory variations in search results. Google now supports structured data for product variants like size, color, etc. Sites must use new structured data markup to show product variations. Valid implementation can lead to enhanced search listings. Source link

Consent Mode V2: Google Shares Shares Key Details For Advertisers

Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin recently highlighted critical updates regarding Google’s enforcement of its EU User Consent Policy. Google is strengthening enforcement around consent requirements for European Economic Area (EEA) traffic. As part of this, the company has introduced consent mode version two (v2), which includes parameters for ad personalization and remarketing consent signals. Advertisers … Read more

Bricks Builder For WordPress RCE Vulnerability

Bricks Visual Site Builder for WordPress recently patched a critical severity vulnerability rated 9.8/10 which is actively being exploited right now. Bricks Builder Bricks Builder is a popular WordPress development theme that makes it easy to create attractive and fast performing websites in hours that would costs up to $20,000 of development time to do … Read more

Google Updates Guidance On Image Removal From Search Index

Google updated their emergency and non-emergency image removal guidance with added details that give new clarity to the documentation. Removing Images From Search Index Google offers multiple ways to remove images from the search index on both an emergency and non-emergency basis. There are multiple relatively trivial changes but these are the topics that had … Read more

Google Is Rolling Out New Search Features In Europe

Google has unveiled new search experiences that will soon roll out across the European Economic Area (EEA). The changes are part of Google’s preparations to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). One notable change is a carousel-style rich result for queries like “hotels near me.” Google is also adding dedicated ‘aggregator units’ … Read more

Google’s Danny Sullivan Provides 5-Step Plan To Diagnose Ranking Drops

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, recently offered guidance on how to diagnose ranking declines. Sullivan provided the advice on X (formerly Twitter) to Wesley Copeland, owner of a gaming news website, who sought help after seeing a significant drop in traffic from Google searches. Google’s Search Liaison Offers SEO Tips According to Copeland’s post, he’s … Read more

WordPress User Survey Indicates Rising Frustration

WordPress released the results of their annual user and developer survey which showed mixed feelings about the direction the software is going and an increasing sense of not being welcome in the overall WordPress community. The Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg is the modernized version of the the default site editor which brings the paradigm of a … Read more

Google On 404 Errors And Search Console Validation Fix

Google’s John Mueller answered an interesting question about what actually happens after clicking the “validate a fix” link in Search Console if the 404 status still exists. John Mueller explained what’s going on with that “validate a fix” function. What Causes A 404 Status Code And How Should It Be Dealt With? When a browser … Read more

New Google Analytics Feature Detects Subtle Data Trend Changes

Google has announced a new trend change detection feature in Google Analytics. This new capability will allow you to more easily identify subtle but meaningful shifts in data trends over time. We’ve just introduced trend change detection, a new type of insight that surfaces subtle but long-lasting and important changes in your data. It works … Read more

OpenAI ChatGPT Is Testing A Memory Feature

OpenAI announced that it is rolling out a test of ChatGPT memory, a new feature that remembers past conversations to learn a users preferences, remembers styles and tones and format preferences. ChatGPT gradually becomes better with time as it remembers across all chats and doing away with having to repeat instructions. The new feature is … Read more

Why Did Google Gemini “Leak” Chat Data?

It only took twenty four hours after Google’s Gemini was publicly released for someone to notice that chats were being publicly displayed in Google’s search results. Google quickly responded to what appeared to be a leak. The reason how this happened is quite surprising and not as sinister as it first appears. @shemiadhikarath tweeted: “A … Read more

Google Investigating Local Ad Fraud Affecting Business Pages

Google is looking into concerning reports that some businesses are sabotaging competitors’ Google Business Pages (GBPs) by creating fake Local Service Ads (LSAs) linked to their profiles. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin acknowledged the tactic on X (formerly Twitter) after Ben Fisher alerted her to a thread on Google’s support forum detailing the destructive scheme. … Read more

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