43 Best Subreddits For Marketing Professionals

43 Best Subreddits For Marketing Professionals

Reddit is a social network comprised of smaller communities, also known as subreddits. Subreddits are created and moderated by Reddit users to focus on specific areas of interest. Reddit has 57 million daily active users participating in over 100k subreddits containing 13 billion posts and comments, according to Reddit, Inc. If you are searching for … Read more

Popular Reddit Communities Support These App Developers In Prolonged Protest

What began as a planned two-day event for popular Reddit communities to protest planned changes that will put an end to popular Reddit apps has turned into an indefinite standoff between Reddit moderators and executives. Hundreds of subreddits maintained private status beyond the end of the Reddit boycott and planned to do so indefinitely. A … Read more

Is Reddit Down? Why Your Favorite Subreddits Went Private

Thousands of popular subreddits joined the Reddit boycott from June 12 – 14 in response to planned changes to the Reddit API. Reddit laid out its vision for the future of the Reddit API in April, which included implementing a premium pricing structure to access it. These changes could ruin third-party apps users rely on … Read more

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