W3C Announces Major Change

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body in charge of web standards such as HTML and browser privacy, announced a significant change in how it will operate. Beginning on January 2023, the W3C will become a new public-interest non-profit organization. Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) While many turn to Google to understand how to use … Read more

5 Search Concepts You Need To Know

“Our SEO program would be so much more successful if only our CIO understood…” As the executive responsible for the management, implementation, and oversight of information and technologies in your organization, the Chief Information Officer is an essential ally to SEO. Having the CIO’s support and understanding throughout the decision-making and prioritization processes can be … Read more

6 Common Hreflang Tag Mistakes Sabotaging Your International SEO

Correct hreflang tags are critical to international SEO success if you run your business across multiple domains targeting different languages or regions. When hreflang tags are missing, or incorrectly used, you hurt your SEO. I first experienced this frustration many years ago when managing the SEO of a client’s eight Shopify stores. Without the correct … Read more

Google Updates Product Structured Data Guidance

Google Search Central updated its Products Structured Data documentation to clarify the product-related pages that qualify for structured data. Product Structured Data Structured data is a way to communicate information about a web page to search engines. It is not meant to be seen by users visiting a web page. Search engines use structured data … Read more

Making Python Scripts Work In Browser For Web App Creation

Making Python Scripts work in a web browser involves handling web app functions inside a web page via Python Programming Language. Since JavaScript is the main programming language for making a web browser work, and a web page interactive, Python is usually used for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Even if we have … Read more

Keywords Hidden For 46% Of Google Search Console Clicks: Ahrefs Study

A new study by Patrick Stox, Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs, finds that, on average, Google Search Console hides the keyword term for 46.08% of clicks. The study examined one month of data across 146,741 websites, involved close to 9 billion total clicks, and reveals that Google likely leaves many longtail keyword data hidden from GSC … Read more

Googlebot Crawls & Indexes First 15 MB HTML Content

An update to Googlebot’s help document contains confirmation that it will crawl the first 15 MB of a webpage and anything after this cutoff will not be included in rankings calculations. Google specifies in the help document: “Any resources referenced in the HTML such as images, videos, CSS and JavaScript are fetched separately. After the … Read more

New Updates To Google Page Experience Scoring Revealed At SEODay

In an online session at SEODay 2022, Google Search Advocate John Mueller spoke about the impact of page experience on search engine rankings and changes to how the search engine scores sites. One of the changes revealed was that Google now bases desktop search results on a site’s desktop experience – and mobile search results … Read more

How Public Web Data Helps Small Business SEO Strategies

This post was sponsored by Bright Data. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. SEO is a never-ending battle that has everyone vying for the top spot, both literally and figuratively. The competition between marketing teams across the world has changed the way consumers seek out and buy products and services. SEO … Read more

SEO & Local Market Orientation For International Expansions

In my last column, I addressed the business benefits of an International SEO Strategy, and the first benefit was to complement your broader global strategic plan. This is a critical alignment especially when it comes to how you plan to deploy websites to target these markets. Managing multiple global websites not only requires resources to … Read more

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