How To Write Great SEO Titles

How To Write Great SEO Titles

A title is a reader’s first point of contact on a search engine result page (SERP) to a brand or site. But how important is it for SEO? I’ve always known that optimizing your titles is essential, but there’s more to it. For example, an SEO title can be the gateway to potentially higher click-through … Read more

The Leading Characteristics of Review Writers, Review Readers, and Successful Owner Responses

Common sense is a useful asset, and as it turns out, it’s a fairly reliable guide when it comes to navigating the big world of online local business reputation. However, for the very first time, thanks to the recent report, The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior, I was able to test my … Read more

Announcing: The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior | SEO Industry Report

A warm welcome to Moz’s first large-scale survey on the habits of local business review readers, review writers and successful owner responses. Our survey uncovered interesting insights and actions local businesses can take to better serve their customers, earn more reviews, and build relationships. Read our free report today to peruse the findings, our thoughtful … Read more

Google’s New Local Search Features Are Finally Here

Google is finally rolling out the local search features previewed earlier this year, including the ability to search your surroundings with your phone’s camera. At Google’s Search On virtual conference in September, the company had people buzzing over its innovative updates to local search. Google previewed an option to search for restaurants by dish and … Read more

10 Steps To Boost Your Site’s Crawlability And Indexability

Keywords and content may be the twin pillars upon which most search engine optimization strategies are built, but they’re far from the only ones that matter. Less commonly discussed but equally important – not just to users but to search bots – is your website’s discoverability. There are roughly 50 billion webpages on 1.93 billion … Read more

Study: Which Link Metric Correlates Closest to Organic Visibility?

Throughout my career, most of my teams’ digital PR strategies for clients have consisted of closing link gaps, creating new ones, and earning as many high-tier links as possible. The goal was always the same: get our clients’ websites to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) and outranking their competitors. To that … Read more

Announcing the Keyword Research Certification: Create a Personalized Keyword Strategy

The heart of your SEO. The foundation for building ideas and thoughts in your industry. The vital link between you and your audience. What are we talking about? Keywords, of course! Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy, so it’s important to know why you should do it, and how you should … Read more

5 Top Enterprise Local SEO Challenges & How To Solve Them

Local SEO can be challenging for enterprise brands because it means knowing how to do “national” SEO, Google Business Profile, and then learning how Google handles your priority search queries in various markets. That means there are an infinite number of challenges in local SEO for enterprise search marketers. So what are the most common … Read more

2022 Local SEO Holiday Success: Essential Comforts in Leaner Times

Image credit: Stanley Zimny I like nothing better than using this annual local SEO holiday column as a greeting card with messages of good cheer, great strategy, and healthy profit penned inside. With economists caroling “austere” and “scary” in their predictions for 2022’s 4th quarter shopping season, however, it’s not easy to be jolly. Doomsayers’ … Read more

Beyond Title Tags: 5 Worthwhile SEO Tests that Seem “Untestworthy”

Is it testworthy, or is it untestworthy? There’s a fine line between optimizations and experiments. Testing something is an exercise in curiosity, whereas optimizing a thing is an act of certainty. If we know the outcome of a given activity before we perform that activity, we’re in optimization territory. For example, if you’ve discovered a … Read more

Is Google Okay With Minor Tweaks To Machine Translations?

Google’s October SEO office-hours answered whether it was okay to use automatically translated content that has been reviewed by a human and subjected to only minor editing changes. Google SEO-Office Hours Episode This episode of the office-hours hangout follows a new format where questions are submitted, and answers are given. The Googlers answering the questions … Read more

Google Launching Passkey Support for Android, Chrome

As early adopters, Google Play Services Beta and Chrome Canary members now have access to passkey functionality, according to a post on the Android Developers Blog. The feature, which will roll out to all users “later this year,” will automatically enter saved passwords when a user’s credentials are verified. This beta launch enables two features, … Read more

How to Apply Semantic SEO to Different Niches

Search engine optimization is ever-changing as search engines are continuously evolving. A semantic SEO strategy can help you to carve out a competitive advantage. As search engines adapt to provide the best results to conversation queries, your web content should adapt too. Once you understand the principles, you can apply semantic SEO writing to any … Read more

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