YouTube Tests Crowdsourced Annotations For Videos

YouTube Tests Crowdsourced Annotations For Videos

YouTube is piloting a new experimental feature allowing users to add contextual notes to videos to provide supplemental information. The “Video Context Notes” feature, currently being tested on mobile in the United States for English language videos, allows invited contributors to write short annotations. Screenshot from:, June 2024. In its announcement, YouTube describes how … Read more

Boost Your Visibility Now: A Local Search Guide For Multi-Location Businesses

If you’re a multi-location brand looking to boost your local visibility and gain a competitive edge in the market, look no further. On June 26, we’re hosting a live webinar with SOCi where we’ll dive into the latest insights and best practices to help you enhance your local SEO strategy.  Consumers increasingly rely on local … Read more

Google Analytics Adds User Conversion Rate Metrics

Google Analytics helps businesses better track and improve conversions by adding user and session conversion rate metrics. Google Analytics added new user conversion rate metrics. Metrics show the percentage of users/sessions with key events. Helps optimize marketing channels and user experiences. Source link

Barriers To Audience Buy-In With Lead Generation

This is an excerpt from the B2B Lead Generation ebook, which draws on SEJ’s internal expertise in delivering leads across multiple media types. People are driven by a mix of desires, wants, needs, experiences, and external pressures. It can take time to get it right and convince a person to become a lead, let alone … Read more

How To Think About SEO, Content & PR Measurement (Indicated In The Google Leak)

Google’s recent leak highlighted engagement as part of the ranking system, alluding to the importance of influencing audience behavior to drive SEO-specific metrics, like ranking or organic visibility. That said, I’ve been using simple variations of these measures for a while to evaluate the impact of integrated PR and SEO campaigns. I don’t think the … Read more

Google’s Unconventional Advice On Fixing Broken Backlinks

Google’s Gary Illyes recently answered the question of whether one should spend time fixing backlinks with wrong URLs that are pointing to a website, known as broken backlinks. The answer is interesting because it suggests a way of considering this issue in a completely unorthodox manner. Google: Should Broken Backlinks Be Fixed? During a recent … Read more

15 Ways To Improve Conversion Rates In Google Ads

Are you tired of pouring money into Google Ads campaigns with poor conversion rates? You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to convert ad clicks into meaningful actions like purchases, sign-ups, or leads. But fear not, because in this article, we’re diving into real-life tips and tactics that can make a tangible difference to your conversion … Read more

How To Build A Diverse & Healthy Link Profile

Search is evolving at an incredible pace and new features, formats, and even new search engines are popping up within the space. Google’s algorithm still prioritizes backlinks when ranking websites. If you want your website to be visible in search results, you must account for backlinks and your backlink profile. A healthy backlink profile requires … Read more

Google Answers Question About Toxic Link Sabotage

Google’s Gary Illyes answered a question about how to notify Google that someone is poisoning their backlink profile with “toxic links” which is a problem that many people have been talking about for at least fifteen years. Question About Alerting Google To Toxic Links Gary narrated the question: “Someone’s asking, how to alert Google of … Read more

Google On Traffic Diversity As A Ranking Factor

Google’s SearchLiaison tweeted encouragement to diversify traffic sources, being clear about the reason he was recommending it. Days later, someone followed up to ask if traffic diversity is a ranking factor, prompting SearchLiaison to reiterate that it is not. What Was Said The question of whether diversity of traffic was a ranking factor was elicited … Read more

What You Need To Generate Leads With Content

This is an excerpt from the B2B Lead Generation ebook, which draws on SEJ’s internal expertise in delivering leads across multiple media types. What, exactly, do you need to create a sustainable and scalable lead generation strategy with content? It starts with an exceptional piece of content that the leads want – your “lead magnet” … Read more

Should H1 & Title Tags Match?

Google’s Office Hours podcast answered the important question of whether it matters if the title element and the H1 element match. It’s a good question because Google handles these elements in a unique way that’s different from how traditional SEO thinks about it. How Important Is It For H1 & Title Tags To Match? The … Read more

What Is Schema Markup & Why Is It Important For SEO? is a collection of vocabulary (or schemas) used to apply structured data markup to web pages and content. Correctly applying schema can improve SEO outcomes through rich snippets. Structured data markup is translated by platforms such as Google and Microsoft to provide enhanced rich results (or rich snippets) in search engine results pages or … Read more

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Newsletter Tools

LinkedIn is launching several new features for people who publish newsletters on its platform. The professional networking site wants to make it easier for creators to grow their newsletter audiences and engage readers. More People Publishing Newsletters On LinkedIn The company says the number of LinkedIn members publishing newsletter articles has increased by 59% over … Read more

When Is Duplicate Content Acceptable For Local SEO? Google Explains

Google’s John Mueller clarified that localized duplicate content across regional websites is acceptable. Unique content is still recommended for specific page types. Google doesn’t penalize duplicate content on localized websites. Translating or customizing core content for local markets is acceptable. However, unique content is still needed for certain pages. Source link

Google’s Response to Affiliate Link Heavy Content

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question about whether affiliate links have a negative impact on rankings, touching on factors that affiliate sites should keep in mind. Hypothesis: Google Targets Affiliate Sites There is a decades-long hypothesis that Google targets affiliate sites. SEOs were talking about it as far back as Pubcon Orlando 2004 and … Read more

Google’s Stance On AI Translations & Content Drafting Tools

In a recording of Google’s June SEO office-hours Q&A session, John Mueller, a Google’s Search Relations team member, discussed the impact of AI-generated content on SEO. The discussion focused on two key areas: the indexing of AI-translated content and using AI tools for initial content drafting. As the use of AI in content creation grows, … Read more

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