Navigating The SEO Career Landscape: Degrees, Myths, And Realities

In the dynamic realm of search engine optimization (SEO), my career spans nearly two decades, starting in 2004 when I started working for an agency and just two years later moved to in-house SEO for a large company. Since then, I’ve held various in-house SEO roles at esteemed organizations, including, Concur, Smartsheet, ADP (, … Read more

Why Google Seems To Favor Big Brands & Low-Quality Content

Many people are convinced that Google shows a preference for big brands and ranking low quality content, something that many feel has become progressively worse. This may not be a matter of perception, something is going on, nearly everyone has an anecdote of poor quality search results. The possible reasons for it are actually quite … Read more

Google Analytics Overhauls Ad Reporting In One Central Hub

Google is rolling out an update to simplify reporting in Google Analytics. The changes, which start rolling out today, consolidate all advertising and publisher reporting into one centralized “Advertising” section. For digital marketers, SEOs, and publishers, this update helps you monitor and analyze organic website analytics and paid advertising campaigns within the same property. “The … Read more

Google Ads Performance Max Image Generation Now Available To All

Google is announcing the launch of its AI-powered tools for generating and editing images in Performance Max campaigns. These features, initially previewed in November, are now accessible in English worldwide, with more languages to follow. Additionally, Google is enhancing its Ad Strength indicator to give advertisers more information about their ad assets, including amount and … Read more

PPC Experts Weigh In On CPC Inflation

This is an excerpt from SEJ’s PPC Trends 2024 ebook, our annual roundup of expert opinions on what you can expect over the course of the next 12 months.  Inflation is hitting everywhere, even your ad auctions. This year, the contributors offer guidance on navigating these increasing costs. Some note that directly seeking lower cost-per-click … Read more

7 Strategic SEO Insights & Tactical Tips For 2024 And Beyond

I’ve been writing about search engine optimization (SEO) for more than 20 years. Looking back, I realize actionable SEO insights need to be thoroughly updated in this era of constant change. Circumstances have always changed quickly, but the pace of AI development in SEO feels harder to keep up with. There are many uncertainties in … Read more

How And Why To Use Enhanced Conversions

In this installment of Ask a PPC, we’re going to dive into enhanced conversions. As brands get their privacy-first plans in place, it’s critical that you feel comfortable with enhanced conversions. We’ll dive into: What are enhanced conversions? How to set them up. Why they’re important. Note that this post is exclusively focusing on Google’s … Read more

Google Announces Gemma: Laptop-Friendly Open Source AI

Google released an open source large language model based on the technology used to create Gemini that is powerful yet lightweight, optimized to be used in environments with limited resources like on a laptop or cloud infrastructure. Gemma can be used to create a chatbot, content generation tool and pretty much anything else that a … Read more

Google Launches Gemini Business & Enterprise For Workspace Users

Google launches AI assistant Gemini for Workspace, available in 2 pricing tiers for business and enterprise. Google rebranded its AI assistant Duet as Gemini and made it more widely available. Gemini allows natural conversations to generate ideas, summaries, and more for Workspace users. Google launched Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise pricing plans for small teams … Read more

A Complete Guide To App Store Optimization (ASO)

A mobile strategy is critical to your business presence, considering the saturation of mobile devices. This is where app store optimization (ASO) comes into play. In this article, you’ll learn: What is app store optimization? How does app store optimization work? How do you optimize for Google Play & Apple App Store? Whether you are … Read more

Top 3 SEO Checklists For On-Page & Technical SEO In 2024

This post was sponsored by Wix. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. In the last 18 months, conversations about SEO have been dominated by artificial intelligence. New ways of working and new user journeys for search visitors have come to the forefront. In 2024, we can clearly see that there’s a … Read more

Google Responds To Evidence Of Reviews Algorithm Bias

Google responded to a small publisher whose article offered a step by step walkthrough of how big corporate publishers are manipulating the Google Reviews System Algorithm and getting away with it, demonstrating what appears to be a bias towards big brands that negatively impacts small independent publishers. HouseFresh Google Algorithm Exposé The story begins with … Read more

PPC Made Easy: 4 Strategies To Save Time With No-Cost Tools

This post was sponsored by The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Tired of overspending on PPC tools that provide more than you need? It’s time to get back to the basics. In This Guide 1. Become Proficient In Google Ads Offline Editor: Your Secret Weapon For Quick Edits 2. Master … Read more

Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

Google expands structured data for product variants, enabling online merchants to showcase inventory variations in search results. Google now supports structured data for product variants like size, color, etc. Sites must use new structured data markup to show product variations. Valid implementation can lead to enhanced search listings. Source link

5 Questions Answered About The OpenAI Search Engine

It was reported that OpenAI is working on a search engine that would directly challenge Google. But details missing from the report raise questions about whether OpenAI is creating a standalone search engine or if there’s another reason for the announcement. OpenAI Web Search Report The report published on The Information relates that OpenAI is … Read more

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