20 Awesome Examples Of Social Media Marketing

20 Awesome Examples Of Social Media Marketing

Technology makes the world seem a lot smaller. Keeping up with friends and family on the other side of the country or across the globe no longer requires an expensive telephone call or slow, one-way snail mail. Instead, thanks to the power of social media, we can bridge distances in the blink of an eye. … Read more

The Best Times To Post On Social Media In 2024

Marketers worldwide know the importance of having a solid social media marketing strategy – and a key part of this is finding the best times to post on social media. The old adage ‘timing is everything’ holds especially true in the world of social media, where the difference between a post that fades into obscurity … Read more

Meta Sets New Transparency Standards For Political Ads

Meta is instituting a groundbreaking policy to promote transparency in political and social issue advertising with regards to AI-altered or digitally manipulated content in ads for political and social causes. Starting in the new year, the tech giant will require advertisers to disclose any digital creation or alteration of images, videos, or audio within such … Read more

Meta Expands Reels Ads To Instagram, Tests AI Features

At an advertising conference this week, Meta unveiled innovative new features for Reels, its short-form video product. Businesses can soon run ads between Reels on Instagram, an option previously exclusive to Facebook. The ads are designed to blend into the Reels experience so they don’t interrupt the user or feel out of place. Additionally, Meta … Read more

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