Wix Partners Can Now Sell Templates in Wix Marketplace

The Ultimate Multichannel Ecommerce Marketing Guide: How To Drive Discoverability, Performance & Sales

Wix announced that Wix Studio agency and enterprise partners can now sell templates in the Wix Marketplace, opening up a new way for partners to earn more through Wix and for Wix publishers to gain access to professionally designed templates. Wix Studio Partners Wix Studio is a platform for agencies and enterprise users who manage … Read more

Google Case Study Reveals Search Console Evolution Via APIs

New Google case study shows how Search Console APIs allows data to be reviewed and manipulated within a CMS or a proprietary SEO dashboard. While the article is a case study, a call to action at the end of the article reveals how Google is using APIs to transform search console from a SaaS to … Read more

SEO Professionals Should Delegate Website Management

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals have long expressed dissatisfaction with platforms other than WordPress, mainly because they prefer WordPress’s comprehensive SEO capabilities and customizability. However, this perception may be outdated as Wix develops more robust SEO functionality. The debate was sparked recently by an insightful Reddit thread on why SEO professionals remain wary of Wix, … Read more

Wix Studio Offers Freelancers & Agencies Way To Scale Business

Wix announced a significant evolution of the platform with a new offering called Wix Studio that enables agencies to quickly scale the process of creating business websites for clients. Wix Platform Wix is known as a platform that allows individual businesses to create and maintain their own high performance websites without having to deal with … Read more

Wix AI Site Generator Creates Entire Website: Images, Text – Everything

Wix releases details of their AI Site Generator which can generate a complete website, including text, images and unique site design. Subsequent editing and customization is handled with more AI-based tools. Wix Website Builder Wix made its name as a platform that allows anyone to get online fast with an attractive website. Their value proposition … Read more

Wix Changed How Websites Are Built And Why You Should Pay Attention

Wix is a popular website builder that helps businesses easily create high performance websites that are up to the minute with the latest technical requirements. All the technical factors are handled by Wix, enabling businesses to focus on what they do best. In addition to helping businesses create websites without dealing with the technical part … Read more

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