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Content marketing is a fundamentally sound online marketing strategy that offers many benefits. Not only does using content as a promotional tool increase your exposure and credibility but it also makes people feel good about their buying decisions. In fact consistently using this strategy online helps to increase your chances for business success by minimizing buyers’ resistance. Most online marketers put all the risk on customers by ‘pressuring’ them into a buying decision with the use of outlandish claims. Sales tactics such as ‘for a limited time only’ or the ‘one time offer’ that you will never see again are commonly used to hurry purchasing decisions.Using content to ‘educate’ consumers decreases their ‘perceived’ risk in the way in which this strategy approaches people online.Here are 3 ways how.Free and Useful ContentThe offer of free content is made by merely publishing and distributing it online. It is now out there for all to see. People are able to choose as to whether they want to view the information or not. Their level of acceptance with the content presented to them is based upon the quality of the information contained within.When using content to create awareness or to educate the reader, people deem it to be more an asset to them as oppose to being a pushy sales tactic. With this attitude they are therefore more receptive to viewing the material but the key is that it must be useful.People Can Freely Choose and UsePeople are able to judge and decide on their own whether the information they view is worthwhile and helpful. Once again the information is produced to create a greater awareness or to educate the reader. It is entirely up to the individual reader as to whether they will even view the content or if they find it interesting or helpful.Quality and Consistency Gains TrustThe more useful the information is the more effective it becomes towards helping the creator build an authoritative reputation on the subject matter. When quality information is made available on a frequent basis it tends to further strengthen the trust readers have in the author of the material itself. At this point people have freely made the choice to view published material, judge it to be useful or not and make the decision as to whether they trust the author. These are all ‘voluntary’ acts that help make people feel more in ‘control’ with their choices and decisions. They have gained information, become more educated on certain subject matter and feel better about making any decisions concerning this subject. This is the difference between freely making a well thought out decision without external pressure as opposed to feeling they have been ‘conned’ into making a buying decision. At this point online marketers are in a better position to make an offer since they gained the trust of people by educating them and without applying pressure. This increases the likelihood of a person making a decision to buy. The perceived risk to the customer is now reduced and they can make their decision in a more relaxed fashion as opposed to being hurried by a virtual stranger.Content marketing is one of the best strategies to use online to increase your chances for business success. This particular online marketing strategy not only boosts your exposure but it also help to minimize customer resistance if used correctly as reviewed above. All too often it is the customers who take the risk when making a purchase due to the pushy sales tactics of many online marketers. By allowing would be buyers the chance to further educate themselves with useful content before making a purchase you are building a stronger bond with them. After all it is easier to resell satisfied customers as opposed always depending upon having to find new ones.

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