Google Announces New GA4 Features As Universal Analytics Sunset Nears

In this photo illustration,the logo of Google Analytics 4,is displayed on a smartphone

As the July 1, 2024 shutdown date for Universal Analytics (UA) draws near, Google has announced new features and improvements for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). These enhancements give marketers deeper insights and tools for cross-channel measurement and budget optimization. Expanded Cross-Channel Reporting GA4 is getting improved cross-channel reporting capabilities. You will soon be able to … Read more

Google Analytics Adds User Conversion Rate Metrics

Google Analytics helps businesses better track and improve conversions by adding user and session conversion rate metrics. Google Analytics added new user conversion rate metrics. Metrics show the percentage of users/sessions with key events. Helps optimize marketing channels and user experiences. Source link

Google Analytics Update To Improve Paid Search Attribution

Google has announced an update to the attribution models in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to improve the accuracy of paid search campaigns. Google plans to roll out adjustments over the next two weeks to address a longstanding issue where conversions originating from paid search were mistakenly attributed to organic search traffic. According to the company’s … Read more

Email Analytics: How to Measure Email Marketing Success Beyond Open Rate – Litmus

Email analytics used to focus on open rate as the gateway to email marketing success. After all, you can’t get a conversion without someone first opening your email. If we’re being honest, though, email open rates have always been a bit of a vanity metric. (Yup, we said the quiet part out loud.) What makes … Read more

Google Analytics Adds Direct Export To Google Sheets

Google Analytics introduces direct export to Google Sheets, streamlining data analysis and collaboration. Google Analytics now lets you export reports directly to Google Sheets. Exporting to Sheets enables deeper analysis and easier team collaboration. Additional export options like PDF, CSV, and APIs are also available. Source link

Google Launches New ‘Saved Comparisons’ Feature For Analytics

Google announced a new tool for Analytics to streamline data comparisons. The ‘saved comparisons’ feature allows you to save filtered user data segments for rapid side-by-side analysis. Google states in an announcement: “We’re launching saved comparisons to help you save time when comparing the user bases you care about. Learn how you can do that … Read more

Google Universal Analytics 360 Sunsetting: Migration Tips Inside

This post was sponsored by Piwik PRO. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. This year, Google will finally phase out Universal Analytics 360, requiring paid users to switch to Google Analytics 360. This is not something you can skip or postpone, and the clock is ticking. The new analytics differ significantly … Read more

11 YouTube analytics tools to improve your marketing in 2024

Great videos don’t happen by accident. Maybe they did once upon a time when candid shots turned into viral sensations in the earlier days of YouTube and Vine. Things have changed since, and you need to be more strategic with your YouTube content. That’s where YouTube analytics comes in. It pinpoints exactly what’s working and … Read more

The Impact Of Big Data Analytics Software On Industry Efficiency

Big data analytics software has become one of the cornerstones of success for many big industries. The manufacturing industry is especially affected by it quite significantly. You should be well aware of the scenarios while reaching your business goals with ease. Proper data analytics software can help your business to grow at a faster pace. … Read more

26 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More in 2024

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step in sustaining your business. You must reliably convert those visitors into customers, and that’s where conversion rate optimization tools come in. The list below outlines many helpful conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools to help you gain new customers and improve your bottom line. From high-level … Read more

How to use LinkedIn hashtag analytics to boost content reach

With over a billion members in 200+ countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks for brands looking to reach a professional audience. But with millions of posts flooding users’ feeds daily, how do you make sure your content gets noticed? Hashtags may be the answer. LinkedIn hashtags are searchable, … Read more

Google Unifies Conversion Reporting Across Ads & Analytics

Google has announced an update to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to provide marketers with more insightful measurement tools and a consistent view of conversions across Google Ads and Analytics. The update, which is being rolled out today, includes the following changes: Introduces ‘key events’ to replace conversions in behavioral analytics. Aligns the definition of conversions … Read more

YouTube analytics: How to analyze your YouTube data

Building a strong YouTube channel starts with understanding your audience. Do viewers love your videos? Is your channel growing? Where do your views come from? These are all questions that directly impact your content and approach to YouTube marketing. And one of the best places to get answers to these questions is through social media … Read more

13 TikTok analytics tools to boost your strategy in 2024

When marketing your brand on TikTok, you want to maximize your potential reach and overall performance. The best way to do this is through keeping a close eye on your TikTok analytics—monitoring your most popular videos, analyzing your audience demographics and using your findings to adapt your strategy. TikTok analytics tools give you more complete … Read more

Google Analytics Overhauls Ad Reporting In One Central Hub

Google is rolling out an update to simplify reporting in Google Analytics. The changes, which start rolling out today, consolidate all advertising and publisher reporting into one centralized “Advertising” section. For digital marketers, SEOs, and publishers, this update helps you monitor and analyze organic website analytics and paid advertising campaigns within the same property. “The … Read more

New Google Analytics Feature Detects Subtle Data Trend Changes

Google has announced a new trend change detection feature in Google Analytics. This new capability will allow you to more easily identify subtle but meaningful shifts in data trends over time. We’ve just introduced trend change detection, a new type of insight that surfaces subtle but long-lasting and important changes in your data. It works … Read more

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