Why Is Brand Awareness Important? 7 Ways It Impacts A Company

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to some points and knowing how familiar the communication tricks by which they can communicate with the targeted audience are with your brand and how well they can recall and recognize your business. Building brand awareness is crucial when it comes to promoting or marketing your company and products, particularly in the … Read more

How This Entrepreneur is Growing Her Brand Organically on Instagram

How This Entrepreneur is Growing Her Baby Brand Organically on Instagram

For entrepreneur Assie Khoussa, the boundaries between work and personal life are almost nonexistent. Some of this industriousness comes from necessity – running a baby brand as a single mother is no easy feat, requiring Assie to be in work mode 24/7. But, the success of her small business also stems from Assie’s ability to … Read more

How To Find Brand Ambassador Jobs

Brand Ambassador Jobs

As the digital age changed how we market things, so did some of the positions change as well. For example, brand ambassadorship used to be tied directly to high-profile celebrities with substantial global followings. In the traditional ways for brand ambassador jobs, celebrities are only eligible. But the time has changed now. Along with celebrities, … Read more

Social Proof: Steph Smith on Personal Brand Building

Social Proof: Steph Smith on Intentionally Building a Personal Brand

What is Social Proof? Social Proof is a series chronicling how ambitious individuals intentionally craft and grow their personal brands to inspire anyone hoping to do the same. Social Proof has a double meaning — ‘to replicate the actions of others to get similar results’ and ‘to showcase the power of social media in growing … Read more

How A Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer Can Help You Launch Your Brand 

Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer

In today’s wellness culture, customers are just starting to learn about the benefits of supplements that help treat conditions and improve wellness. Many people are looking for specific blends of quality ingredients for their particular needs. How is a private label vitamin manufacturer performing? If you are a private label vitamin manufacturer, then these are … Read more

How Brad Charron “Refounded” Plant-Based Protein Brand ALOHA – Q&A

Brad charron ALOHA

Is your business on the brink of collapse? Are you entering a new quarter, staring down a slew of red numbers? As an entrepreneur, there’s always hope if you’re willing to put in the work and make the tough decisions. Brad Charron is a living example. Charron is the CEO “re-founder” of ALOHA, an employee-owned … Read more

Improving Brand Awareness & CTR With On-SERP SEO

Improving Brand Awareness & CTR With On-SERP SEO

As search marketers, we all want to own as much SERP real estate as possible, because it means more visibility and more traffic. Trouble is, page one is steadily changing. Organic search results are now competing for the user’s attention with paid ads, knowledge panels, maps, videos, featured snippets, and the like. In this article, … Read more

How Samantha Brett Built Naked Sundays into Australia’s #1 SPF Skincare Brand

How Samantha Brett Built Naked Sundays into Australia’s #1 SPF Skincare Brand

Samantha Brett may seem like an overnight success. Her business, Naked Sundays, launched in January 2022 and reached six figures in sales in a mere four weeks. But in reality, Brett’s success came from years of preparation. “This isn’t a quick fix,” Brett says. “I honestly spent a year and a half listening and learning.” … Read more

How Jessica Sepel Built JSHealth’s Women-Run Brand — Exclusive

Jessica sepel

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s cover feature. We talked with Jessica Sepel, cofounder of JSHealth, one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. JSHealth sells a bottle of vitamins every 20 seconds. Read excerpts from that in-depth conversation below. To read more, subscribe … Read more

Choosing Music for your Brand

Soundscapes and music can trigger an emotional response, so a well thought out music plan to support your brand identity can help create stronger emotional connections to your brand. Stronger emotional connections stay top of mind and you want your customers and community to keep you top of mind! When that happens, the value you … Read more

How to Monetize a Personal Brand with Brand Builders Group’s Rory Vaden — Exclusive

Rory vaden

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each magazine issue. We talked with NY Times best-selling author Rory Vaden about how to monetize a personal brand. Read excerpts from that in-depth conversation below. To read more, subscribe to the magazine. —– If you’re familiar with Lewis … Read more

A Checklist to Help You Establish Your Brand Identity

Creating a memorable brand takes a lot of time and effort. What do you need to start seeing results from your brand-building efforts? Well, there’s plenty of work to be done to set up the foundation. Here’s your checklist for establishing a memorable brand identity: 1. Find a Catchy Name This is the first – … Read more

Why Is Personal Brand Online Essential for Entrepreneurs?

Personal brand online graphic

Everyone has a personal brand, by design or by default. In this day and age, building a personal brand online is at the heart of personal growth. Not just that, as an entrepreneur, your personal brand is essential to start a business and scale it. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a consultant, … Read more

Role Of TikTok In Brand Marketing 2022


Nowadays, TikTok is the most influential tool for businesses to target their potential customers. Since its launch, it has been buzzing the world with its entertainment and creative nature of the content. As a result, more brands are leveraging TikTok to create unique and authentic content. With an ever-growing audience, it offers a brand new … Read more