How to Make a TikTok Video for Your Brand in 8 Steps

Interested in gaining traction on TikTok? With a billion users on the platform, it’s no surprise you’re trying to find potential customers there. However, I’ve worked with many founders who don’t know how to make a TikTok video for their brand. They assume that only dance videos or weird challenges get viewed on the platform. … Read more

What Is UGC and Why It’s a Must-Have for Your Brand

Trying to create brand awareness and authenticity in an ever-crowded digital marketplace is certainly not easy. But by leveraging user-generated content (UGC), you can achieve all of this and more while spending a fraction of the cost of a paid marketing strategy. My agencies, The Social CliQ and The Content CliQ, help founders find, plan, … Read more

Google Ads Restricts Brand Names & Logos From AI Image Generation

Google has provided details about the capabilities and limitations of its AI image generation tools for Google Ads. The clarification came after search marketer Darcy Burk expressed excitement about the potential for AI to create product images. You know what, I don’t care what people say. I think Google is really nailing this AI integration … Read more

Boosting Your Brand: How Social Media Marketing and IT Recruitment Services Can Elevate Your Business

The latest and future workforce, Millennials and Gen Z spend a significant amount of their time on social networks. Concerning this worldwide phenomenon, headhunters and recruiters are concentrating more on social media recruiting and approaching global, high-quality talents. Social media networks are a gateway to effective recruiting and branding. Are you not already in the … Read more

Building Brand Authenticity Through Community

One of a brand’s greatest gifts is its ability to communicate with its prospects and customers through social communities. These goldmines of customer sentiment and potential product or service positioning can provide every brand with a wealth of information. However, cultivating those communities and building the authenticity to engage with your customers takes time and … Read more

TikTok monitoring tools to protect your brand and scale your social strategy

Harnessing the power of TikTok is crucial for staying relevant and engaging with many audiences. The TikTok comments section alone is ripe with information brands can use to form stronger connections and improve their product or services. But navigating the dynamic landscape of TikTok can be challenging. That’s where TikTok monitoring comes into play. By … Read more

How These 6 Social Media Marketers & Creators Built Loyal Brand Communities

Over the past year, we’ve seen a major shift when it comes to the importance of building social communities. And, as of 2024, 86% of social media marketers say building an active online community is crucial to a successful social strategy. Active social communities can establish your brand as an industry expert and provide additional value … Read more

Find UK Instagram influencers to grow your brand

Need to increase your share of voice in the UK market? You need UK Instagram influencers. Homegrown content creators engage their communities more deeply and get more impactful brand endorsements because of their strong, authentic relationships. And so, partnering with local influencers for influencer marketing enables you to tap into their deep understanding of local … Read more

How to Develop Brand Architecture

Just like every building needs a foundation, every business needs brand architecture. It’s the structure that allows you to organize your offerings, develop a brand identity, and gain brand equity. The right brand architecture provides clarity around your products or services and influences how your brands and sub-brands relate to one another. Without this framework, … Read more

21 Brand Style Guide Examples for Visual Inspiration

Developing a consistent brand starts with creating a brand style guide. These branding rule books help graphic designers, marketers, web developers, community managers, and even product packaging departments all stay on the same page, and present a unified vision of the brand to the public. The best brands stick in our brains because their presence … Read more

Mastering Brand Promotion: Strategies, Innovations, and Legal Considerations for Branded Merchandise

Advancing a brand is essential to extend its permeability, acknowledgement, and devotion among shoppers. It makes a difference in recognizing a company from competitors and driving client engagement, which eventually leads to an increment in deals. Without successful brand advancement, businesses may battle to flourish. Branded stock alludes to items unequivocally planned with a company’s … Read more

3 Brilliant Tips To Increase Brand Recognition Through The Use Of An Online Advertising Strategy

In the increasingly competitive and innovative world of the global digital economy, establishing a robust and comprehensive online advertising strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes across Australia that are looking to thrive in the competitive marketplace.  As a business owner in Australia, you will undoubtedly encounter numerous brands that are all vying for … Read more

Seo-Driven Branding: How To Use Search Insights To Craft Your Brand Story

In the digital marketing realm, grasping your audience’s preferences and behaviors demands a deep dive into search insights – it’s about decoding their likes and habits from the intel you’ve gathered. By tapping into these insights for your branding, you’re gonna make sure that not only does your brand story hit home with the people … Read more

Values-Based Content to Build Brand Trust

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! Consistently creating engaging and educational content is not just valuable for a brand but almost obligatory in today’s competitive landscape. However, many marketers struggle to understand how to elevate their content and harness it to … Read more

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