Content & Brand Storytelling: Be A Better Brand Storyteller [Podcast]

Content & Brand Storytelling: Be A Better Brand Storyteller [Podcast]

Learn To Communicate Your Brand Effectively In the world of SEO, search marketing, and content marketing, it’s becoming clear that getting a solid grip on the customer’s needs, desires, and lifestyle is equally essential to building your brand’s unique persona and story. Ryan Kutscher, the creative force and founder behind CIRCUS MAXIMUS, joined me on … Read more

How To Create Your Brand On Social Networks?

Building a brand on social media has become indispensable for modern businesses. Social media can help businesses engage their target audiences and build relationships. It’s also a fantastic platform for sharing content, measuring and tracking interactions, and promoting special offers. Good online branding on social media can help you reach more potential customers and give … Read more

How to use voice of customer data to grow your brand

Voice of customer (VoC) data is a collection of your customers’ feedback based on their experience with your brand during the customer journey. Digital and social media have changed the way consumers interact with a brand. This has resulted in tons of feedback in the form of social media comments, reviews, posts and videos. Analyzing … Read more

How to use brand safety tools to protect your brand’s reputation

Operating on social media without brand safety tools is like browsing the internet without malware protection. Technically, you can do it—but it opens you up to unnecessary risks and incidents that can cause financial loss and permanent reputational damage. Brand safety has traditionally been relegated to just protecting brands from advertising on or near inappropriate … Read more

What is a Brand Champion? How to Leverage Them for Your Business

There’s nothing better than having people cheering for you on the sidelines and advocating for you in the rooms you’re not in, especially as a business owner. That’s where a brand champion comes in as someone who promotes your business to others and helps organically grow your loyalty base. Let’s dive into why you need … Read more

6 Ways to Earn Trust From Consumers Who Share Data With Your Brand [Data]

In 2023, having the right data can make or break your brand. But, for good reason, consumer data is harder than ever to get. As data privacy regulations continue to tighten and third-party data channels are phased out, just 29% of consumers say they trust brands with their data. While businesses should want the data of … Read more

14 of the Most (& Least) Successful Brand Extensions to Inspire Your Own

Hailee Steinfeld is mainly known for her acting chops, but her singing abilities bolster her esteem as a performer and stretch her brand to more audiences and fans. And just like her venture into music, companies often extend their brand to develop new products in industries where they don’t have any market share. These initiatives … Read more

On trend and on brand: Why harnessing trends is the future of marketing

Social media fundamentally changed how we market. We’re more targeted yet we have a broader reach, we move faster and we send out a lot more messages. It’s easy to focus on how the techniques we’ve used have changed but there’s a much larger shift that deserves our attention: Social media democratized the power of … Read more

How to do market research: The complete guide for your brand

Blindly putting out content or products and hoping for the best is a thing of the past. Not only is it a waste of time and energy, but you’re wasting valuable marketing dollars in the process. Now you have a wealth of tools and data at your disposal, allowing you to develop data-driven marketing strategies. … Read more

Brand identity: the ultimate guide to building a successful brand

The sooner you cement your brand identity, the better. There’s a reason why brand awareness is still the top goal for many marketers. Because social media is only getting more competitive and crowded. Attention is invaluable as your audience gets pulled in a million directions and getting more eyes on your company means being memorable. … Read more

AI Content Moderation: How AI Can Moderate Content + Protect Your Brand

Every minute, 240,000 images are shared on Facebook, 65,000 images are uploaded on Instagram, and 575,000 tweets are posted on Twitter. Simply put, tons of user-generated content are posted in various forms daily, and moderating what finds its way to your brand’s online platform can be overwhelming and tedious — unless you leverage AI content … Read more

Does Demand-Driven Pricing Work? Fashion Brand Telfar Is Giving It A Try

Welcome to HubSpot Marketing News! Tap in for campaign deep dives, the latest marketing industry news, and tried-and-true insights from HubSpot’s media team. This week, fashion brand Telfar took its reputation for price accessibility to the next level. During its latest clothing drop on March 27, the brand began testing a dynamic pricing model, letting … Read more

What is Brand Salience? [+How Do You Measure It?]

While branding can feel like a vague concept, it’s one of the most important elements of a marketing strategy. Why? Consistent branding leads to increased brand awareness which can then help build brand salience, gain investors, and drive revenue to your business. Consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to have excellent brand visibility … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Brand Promise [+ Examples]

A brand promise is more than a tagline. It’s a way to show customers what your brand can offer that no one else can. Like other kinds of promises, brand promises can get complicated. They set high expectations, offer ambitious commitments, and impact relationships. Let’s talk about what a brand promise is, how to create … Read more

How to Craft a Brand Manifesto [Guide + 10 Examples]

To inspire your audience to be loyal to your brand, you need to have a core message that focuses on your brand’s purpose and shows why your brand is worth following. To do this, you’ll need to craft a brand manifesto that expresses your brand’s values. A compelling brand manifesto will appeal to your audience’s … Read more

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