The 12 Best Business Startup Books Every Entrepreneur Needs

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Want to become a world-class rock climber? Watch Alex Honnold. Looking to become the next President of the United States? Study about Barack Obama. Want to become a successful entrepreneur? Learn from Arianna Huffington and Gary Vaynerchuk. While you can kick back, relax, and watch YouTube videos and Netflix documentaries about these masters of their … Read more

Find a Business Partner Who’ll Help (Not Hurt) Your Business

Starting, operating, and scaling a business can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. A partner can help share responsibilities, provide invaluable insights, and help you along your startup’s journey. However, finding the right partner is easier said than done. It’s a big world out there, and it’s difficult to hunt … Read more

Announcing: The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior | SEO Industry Report

A warm welcome to Moz’s first large-scale survey on the habits of local business review readers, review writers and successful owner responses. Our survey uncovered interesting insights and actions local businesses can take to better serve their customers, earn more reviews, and build relationships. Read our free report today to peruse the findings, our thoughtful … Read more

The Black Friday Deal That Helped My Business Grow Sales

From the moment I launched The Flourish Market—a boutique that specializes in selling clothing, accessories, and gifts that have a bigger purpose—I knew that we would need to think about our holiday promotions differently. Given that most of the 200+ brands we partner with are B-corps or fair trade companies, our margins are already tighter … Read more

How to Develop Powerful Business Core Values and Mission Statements

What is your company’s reason for being? Is it simply to get people to buy products, or for people to hire you? Or is there something else you long to accomplish, and your business is merely the path toward this accomplishment? Why do you want to accomplish this purpose with your company? What is it about … Read more

How Leah Toth Built a Business from a Love of Journaling

“Spiritual stationery. I think that kind of sums it up nicely.” That’s how Leah Toth describes her fledgling company, Destiny Drive, which was born from her love of journaling. Toth started Destiny Drive in 2020 during Australia’s lockdowns. “There was something about that first lockdown,” she says. “I gained weight eating poorly, drinking too much, … Read more

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

In a world where almost every business needs to have its own website and presence on social media, it can be challenging to think of new ways to stand out. However, with the rapid rise in the popularity of smartphones, apps provide businesses with an opportunity to reach their target audience directly. Increasingly, consumers are … Read more

Small Business Saturday 2022: Ideas for Your Social Media

For small businesses, a little visibility can go a long way. And there’s no better time to show off your small business or the ones in your community than Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an annual event that takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It was pioneered by … Read more

3 Reasons So Many Business Strategies Fail (And How To Succeed), According to the Strategy Hacker

Do you remember when you were introduced to long-division in grade school? You found yourself needing multiple steps to solve a single problem. It probably seemed like a very daunting and impossible task before your math teacher showed you a hack that broke down your seemingly endless series of steps into only a few. The … Read more

How to Get B2B Leads for Your Online Business

Gone are the days of backroom deals and white tablecloth dinners for generating business-to-business sales leads. Although the human connection is still the foundation of B2B sales, it looks different than previous generations. But that’s why you’re here. If you run an agency or are a B2B sales leader looking to change how you generate … Read more

What Is Consumer Behavior Research And How It Can Give Your Business A Competitive Edge?

Let’s face it – you probably don’t have the resources to run a proper marketing campaign. You are running your business and trying to earn money while keeping those pesky customers satisfied… or at least keep them coming back for more (shhh). The idea of keeping up with what consumers want is not an easy … Read more

How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Small Business

For sisters Anna and Kelly, life was anything but ordinary growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska. On chilly school mornings, as they’d make their way towards the bus stop, it wasn’t uncommon for moose to be idling nearby. Careful not to alert the striking creatures, the girls would nimbly make their way around the animals while … Read more

2023’s Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

The recent turn of events has digitized business operations throughout the world. Business leaders from various industries are using technology to run their commercial ventures.  Businesses are extensively leveraging digital marketing to up their game. With the increasing advancements in this area, it is evident that this trend will continue to thrive as we move … Read more

Why Email Content Automation is Good for Business

This piece originally appeared in Customer Think The email marketing tide has turned. B2B and B2C customers don’t just think personalized content would be nice — they expect it. Key takeaways from McKinsey & Company’s Next in Personalization 2021 Report show that personalization remains a critical ingredient in brand marketing. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalized … Read more

What’s the Most Profitable Business to Start in 2022?

While profit may not be the only impetus for starting a business, it’s certainly among the deciding factors. Whether or not a new business succeeds or fails depends on its ability to generate a profit. Building an audience/customer base, marketing, developing a solid business plan are all important elements of the most successful business, and … Read more

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

Digital marketing has taken over conventional marketing. Therefore, having a skilled digital marketing agency on your side nowadays could virtually make or break your business. A good agency will enable you to shape your brand’s online image and offer resources and expertise to execute promotional strategies successfully. 7 Lucrative Factors To Look For While Choosing Digital … Read more

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