How Public Web Data Helps Small Business SEO Strategies

How Public Web Data Helps Small Business SEO Strategies

This post was sponsored by Bright Data. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. SEO is a never-ending battle that has everyone vying for the top spot, both literally and figuratively. The competition between marketing teams across the world has changed the way consumers seek out and buy products and services. SEO … Read more

6 Ways to Evaluate Online Business Courses Before You Buy

Online business courses can teach you practically anything you need to know. Finance, accounting, management, content marketing, copywriting—you name it, and you can find an online course for it. The recent exponential growth in online learning has led to a massive amount of new business courses, but that’s a double-edged sword. While it’s great to … Read more

What Do You Learn in Business School? (Behind the Scenes Look)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been the most popular graduate degree in the United States over the last decade. Over 250,000 students around the world are currently enrolled in MBA programs. This trend (or a strong case of FOMO) probably has you wondering if you should go to business school. Once you’re down … Read more

5 Best Business Process Automation Tools For 2022 And Beyond

Running a business is an involving exercise that requires a great deal of planning, strategy, and innovation. It also comes with plenty of responsibilities and duties: staffing, great customer service, management and supervision, sales and marketing, logistics, and so on. When running a new business, undertaking these tasks is labor and capital-intensive. It also takes … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Zero Trust Security

The development of cloud software infrastructures has simplified things, but it has also rendered hosted apps and data accessible to prospective hackers to the same level. Because they do not keep up with the ever-changing technology, traditional encryption mechanisms are no longer enough for protecting such cloud computing resources. It increases the likelihood of potential … Read more

The Different Types of Business Analytics

Business analytics is essential for making informed decisions in today’s business world. Businesses can improve their operations, make better strategic decisions, and understand their customers better by analyzing data. Data analytics can also help companies identify trends and patterns, which can be used to improve products and business operations. Keep reading to learn about the … Read more

Creative Side Projects Helped Me Grow and Evolve My Business

Like many business owners, for the first five years of getting my company off ground, “founder” was my entire identity. My video creator platform, Sightworthy, took up all of my energy as we went through an accelerator, considered fundraising and ultimately decided to bootstrap, and grew to a profitable company working on marketing projects with … Read more

What Is Ikigai? The Japanese Methodology That Will Change Your Business

Japan is globally known for not only its masterful cuisine but also its business methodologies. From Toyota to Nintendo, 21st-century corporate leadership methods have been adopted and adapted by businesses from the proven strategies in Japan. Even older than “The Toyota Way” is a Japanese methodology called ikigai. Implementing ikigai into your business (or future … Read more

Online Business Owners:  How To Start an eCommerce Business Plan

Do you need a business plan for your eCommerce business? If you’re like most small business owners, you are probably looking for ways to sell online but don’t know how to get started with it. An eCommerce store is an essential tool for growing your business. It gives you a competitive edge over your competitors … Read more

Growing My Business Too Fast Caused Me to Redefine Growth

When I first started my leadership communications company Pencil or Ink, I knew growth was key. Revenue growth to support myself, client-list growth to gain more credibility, and headcount growth—because I assumed a small business grew by becoming a large one. Fast forward three years. I had a long client list, healthy revenue, and a … Read more

How to Find Your Niche, According to an Expert Business Designer

It’s no surprise that ambitious founders seek exclusive opportunities for growth because of the immense value of being a first-mover. Business is trending toward wanting to have it all – create what you want, when you want, with the lifestyle you want, making the money you want. This trend has been accelerated by corporate and … Read more

5 Top Google Business Profile FAQs From The Official Help Forum

Google Business Profile has gone through quite a few changes over the past several months. A name change, new features, the push to manage business profiles in different ways, and more. Business owners and marketing agencies try to keep up with all the changes – but it can be challenging. Plus, because of its nature, … Read more

How I’ve Built a Business That Prioritizes Profit and Purpose

There’s a common misconception that it’s impossible to make money as a business while also supporting a larger mission. Either you’re having a real impact on a cause you care about but never turning a profit, or you’re bringing in the cash but your activism is performative at best. As the co-founder of advocacy restaurant … Read more

How to Scale a Business: 7 Steps to 7 Figures

In today’s business world, it’s possible that grit and determination can help you achieve the coveted 7-figure mark in revenue. But how to scale a business beyond this level becomes increasingly difficult without strategies and processes. So the question then becomes, where must you make changes to create increasing and predictable profits within your business? … Read more

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