How To Think About SEO, Content & PR Measurement (Indicated In The Google Leak)

How To Think About SEO, Content & PR Measurement (Indicated In The Google Leak)

Google’s recent leak highlighted engagement as part of the ranking system, alluding to the importance of influencing audience behavior to drive SEO-specific metrics, like ranking or organic visibility. That said, I’ve been using simple variations of these measures for a while to evaluate the impact of integrated PR and SEO campaigns. I don’t think the … Read more

What You Need To Generate Leads With Content

This is an excerpt from the B2B Lead Generation ebook, which draws on SEJ’s internal expertise in delivering leads across multiple media types. What, exactly, do you need to create a sustainable and scalable lead generation strategy with content? It starts with an exceptional piece of content that the leads want – your “lead magnet” … Read more

Content Distribution: Your Everything Guide, From Psychology to Strategy

Content distribution is critical in getting your hard work in front of the right people, driving brand awareness and engagement. Why isn’t it just about developing awe-inspiring content anymore? Creators worldwide publish about 500 minutes of video to YouTube, 116 blog posts, 1,099 Instagram posts, and six new websites per second. And don’t even get … Read more

When Is Duplicate Content Acceptable For Local SEO? Google Explains

Google’s John Mueller clarified that localized duplicate content across regional websites is acceptable. Unique content is still recommended for specific page types. Google doesn’t penalize duplicate content on localized websites. Translating or customizing core content for local markets is acceptable. However, unique content is still needed for certain pages. Source link

Post-SEO: Influencer and Content Trends Redefining Marketing in 2024

Are you noticing your traffic from Google starting to go down? Algorithm updates in 2024 have shaken traditional SEO. Recent Google algorithm updates are disrupting search engine optimization (SEO), shifting the focus from traditional tactics and long-tail informational queries. Founders and CMOs are now turning to content and community-driven strategies to boost engagement and visibility. … Read more

Google’s Response to Affiliate Link Heavy Content

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question about whether affiliate links have a negative impact on rankings, touching on factors that affiliate sites should keep in mind. Hypothesis: Google Targets Affiliate Sites There is a decades-long hypothesis that Google targets affiliate sites. SEOs were talking about it as far back as Pubcon Orlando 2004 and … Read more

Google’s Stance On AI Translations & Content Drafting Tools

In a recording of Google’s June SEO office-hours Q&A session, John Mueller, a Google’s Search Relations team member, discussed the impact of AI-generated content on SEO. The discussion focused on two key areas: the indexing of AI-translated content and using AI tools for initial content drafting. As the use of AI in content creation grows, … Read more

Mastering Multi-Touchpoint Content Strategy: Navigate Fragmented User Journeys

Digital platforms are constantly multiplying, and with that, user engagement is becoming more intricate and fragmented. So how do you effectively navigate distributing and tailoring your content across these various touchpoints? Watch this on-demand webinar and see us dive into the evolving landscape of content strategy tailored for today’s fragmented user journeys. Understanding how to … Read more

Mastering Content Mapping: A Strategic Approach To Boost SEO

Successful SEO content should act as a guide – not just around your website, but for users on their specific journey to answers and solutions. Visitors to your website arrive with different intentions and levels of awareness. Some may be casually browsing your site for the first time, others might be actively researching your products … Read more

If Everyone is a Content Creator — Is Anyone? [Data + Expert Insights]

Quick riddle for you: What do you have in common with podcast hosts, YouTube sensations, TikTok stars, and Instagram influencers? Stumped? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you the answer. Statistically speaking, you probably also consider yourself a “content creator,” at least on some level. Recently, our State of Consumer Trends Survey revealed that 50% of millennials … Read more

Top SEO & Content Marketing Trends To Future-Proof Your Strategy

What are the key SEO and content marketing trends you should prioritize in 2024 and beyond? Join us and find out!  With search taking on a more human-first and user-centric approach, powered by AI intelligence and collaboration, now’s the time to adapt your strategy.   That’s why on June 18, we’re hosting a live webinar with … Read more

The Top 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need (Plus Tips On How To Master Them)

Want to reach more of your target audience, connect with them, and have meaningful interactions? Quality content marketing may be the ideal solution for you. But gone are the days of simply writing and releasing content. Effective content marketing requires various skills and strategies if you want to get it right. If you’re looking to … Read more

The 9 Best Content Calendar Templates For 2024

Marketers take note: If you want to execute a strong, seamless content strategy, you need a content calendar. Content calendars aren’t just about organizing your upcoming posts; they also help ensure that your content aligns with your strategic goals and maximizes your resources efficiently. Whether you’re managing multiple social platforms or experimenting with various content types, a content calendar provides you with … Read more

YouTube Unveils New Content And Ad Offerings At Brandcast

YouTube unveiled four new content and ad offerings at its 13th annual Brandcast at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center. Key announcements include: WNBA Friday night games: Google and Scripps Sports announced an agreement for YouTube TV to show the locally televised WNBA Friday night games on ION in both the home and away markets of … Read more

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