How To Create A Responsive Design For Your Website?

How To Create A Responsive Design For Your Website?

Business cards, brochures, and in-person presentations are no longer as important as they used to be. Today, your website design is often the first impression a customer will have of your business, and it would be prudent to ensure it is good. 75% of users, according to HubSpot, evaluate a company’s credibility depending on the … Read more

How to Create a Killer 5-Minute Presentation

Developing and delivering a five-minute presentation seems an easy enough task at first — until you realize the condensed format actually requires significantly more efficiency, focus, and attention to detail than longer presentation types. When there’s less time to get your point across, every second counts more, and there’s no time for improvisation. While short … Read more

What Is Upselling, Should You Create A Funnel For It & How To Do It

Regardless of the type of company you’re running and the types of products and services you’re selling, there’s one goal that you most definitely have. Increasing sales. Boosting sales is a sure path toward becoming more successful, but it isn’t always clear what to do so as to maximize those and ensure you’re getting the … Read more

How to Create a Social Media Calendar to Plan Your Content

What do cross-country road trips, wedding speeches, and social media marketing have in common? Planning. I can’t help you with your road trip or wedding speech, but I have a solution for planning your next social media marketing campaign — using a social media calendar! Most marketers now recognize that social media is integral to … Read more

6 Tips To Create Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

In the current era of digital advancements, where virtual advertisements dominate the marketing world, the significance of direct mail initiatives is often overlooked. A great direct mail endeavor possesses the ability to transcend the clutter and leave a lasting impression on your intended recipients. Whether you are a small business owner or an experienced marketing … Read more

How To Create Your Brand On Social Networks?

Building a brand on social media has become indispensable for modern businesses. Social media can help businesses engage their target audiences and build relationships. It’s also a fantastic platform for sharing content, measuring and tracking interactions, and promoting special offers. Good online branding on social media can help you reach more potential customers and give … Read more

UTM Codes: How to Create UTM Tracking URLs on Google Analytics

How do you know if Facebook is a worthy investment, or if you’re getting enough traffic from your recent promotional campaign? The answer: UTM tracking links. UTM codes help you track where traffic is coming from, allowing you to properly measure each campaign’s, platform’s, or medium’s ROI. In this blog post, you’ll learn what UTM … Read more

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy? 5 Steps To Create One

Part of any successful business is a successful digital marketing strategy. Creating a strategy is one thing, but the execution is just as important, if not more. But with the digital landscape changing every day, where’s the best place to start creating and optimizing your strategy? Read on to learn how to create a successful … Read more

From Clicks to Conversions: Create Content that Boosts Engagement

Looking to create awesome social media content to boost engagement? It’s a given that creating engaging social media content is crucial for building a strong online presence, engaging your audience, and growing leads and sales.  But how do you get it right? Here are some tips and examples. 9 Tips To Create Social Media Content … Read more

Using Human-Centered Design to Create Better Products (with Examples)

To understand human-centered design, let’s start with what it isn’t. Imagine you work at a gaming design company, and one day your boss comes to you and says, “Teenagers these days — they need to get off their phones. Let’s design a crossword-puzzle board game for teenagers — they’d welcome the opportunity to get offline.” … Read more

Professional Email Address: How to Create One [+ Examples]

News flash — your email address from high school won’t cut it in the real world. Even if “” is a reminder for your athletic years, it’s not a professional email address and can result in your email being ignored. That said, there’s probably at least one person who has the same name as you, … Read more

Sitemaps: What They Are, How to Create One & Submit it to Google

Sitemaps are one of SEO’s oldies but goodies. In fact, they’re one of the most important elements of SEO, because they help Google and other search engines find the pages on your website. Not to mention they also help you rank better, because Google is able to locate new pages and identify updates to old … Read more

How to Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations [Examples & Templates]

Some presentations are better than others. They may have gorgeous designs. Others have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best presentations represent all three. And if you’re looking to get started making your own presentation, why not learn from the best of the best? To help you kick your own presentations … Read more

Ask Buffer: How Do I Create a Social Media Series for TikTok and Instagram?

Question: I’ve been noticing that many of the TikToks and Reels I watch are part of an ongoing social media series. How can I start one myself? Whether you have a specific niche as a content creator or not, you probably post about a handful of similar topics on your Instagram and TikTok that your … Read more

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