How To Create A Customer Journey Map

How To Create A Customer Journey Map

It’s important to ensure everyone has a positive experience with your brand across all touchpoints. A great way to make this happen is by creating a customer journey map. This will provide you with information about a typical customer’s pain points and motivations throughout the buying process, allowing you to properly respond and drastically improving … Read more

8 Techniques To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Local Business

In the internet age, few things shape purchasing decisions as much as online reviews. And why not? They provide authentic and honest insight that no marketing campaign could ever replicate. The modern equivalent of the all-important word of mouth, customer reviews can make or break the reputation of a local business – and make a … Read more

Testimonial Advertising: Customer feedback as promotion

Corporate Lifestyle And Communication. Multiracial Coworkers Communicating Standing Near Table During Business Meeting In Modern Office. In this day and age making sales is harder than ever, with a cost of living crisis in the U.K and several places feeling the pinch post-lockdown.  But how do you effectively create a customer relationship without rushing in? … Read more

3 Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results from Customer Surveys

Have you ever run a customer survey only to be disappointed by the results? And it wasn’t because the feedback told you something about your brand you didn’t want to hear… but rather, because it didn’t tell you anything at all? Your hope for the survey was to gain insight on customer behavior. Insight you … Read more

Why Kendra Scott Risked Everything on the Customer Experience — Exclusive

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s cover feature. We talked with Kendra Scott, founder of Kendra Scott Jewelry, about how she overcame failure and built her billion-dollar business centered on the customer experience. To read more, subscribe to the magazine. ————— It was … Read more

How to personalize throughout the email customer journey – Litmus

Personalization at each step of the email customer journey has proven to be an effective way to engage with customers, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. But personalizing for personalization’s sake isn’t enough. You must take the time to understand your unique audience and the journey you want them to take.  We recently hosted a … Read more

5 Actionable Strategies To Improve Local Customer Experience At Scale

This post was sponsored by Rio SEO. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Customer experience (CX) is more than just a buzzword – it’s what shapes a customer’s impression of your brand and how they talk about you with their friends, family, and business partners. But as you think about scaling … Read more

5 Cross-Border Customer Verification Tips To Note 

Money laundering is one of the criminal activities that are on the rise. Due to this, there are many anti-money laundering laws that businesses must adhere to prevent probing and sanctions.  The Australian Government has enforced various anti-money laundering laws to prevent financial criminals from succeeding. But business owners must do their part in this … Read more

Creating Content That Satisfies Search Intent & Meets Customer Needs

When thinking about optimizing content, your top priority should be search intent. Think about how many times you have typed something into Google that was practically gibberish, and Google understood exactly what you meant. This is something we may take for granted, but it’s the exact reason why search intent is so important. Monthly search … Read more

Who is “Lake Dad Daryl?” Customer Avatar Canvas with Scott Cunningham [VIDEO]

Scott Cunningham Scott is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Merchant Mastery, an 8-week intensive training and coaching program dedicated to helping Shopify store owners master advertising, email marketing, and conversions to grow their ecommerce empire. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Social Lite Communications, a full-stack digital marketing and design agency … Read more

Are Customer Loyalty Programmes For Customer Retention Or Acquisition?

In a highly competitive industry, a customer loyalty programme can really help a business stand out. Such programmes have become massively popular in the last few years- in America, more than 80% of adults belong to at least one loyalty programme. Loyalty programmes could be a good idea for your business, but before implementing one … Read more

How to Manage Customer Relationships with Inkbox’s Tyler Handley — Exclusive

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each magazine issue. We talked with Tyler Handley, cofounder of Inkbox, about how to manage customer relationships. Read excerpts from that in-depth conversation below. To read more, subscribe to the magazine. —– Back in 2015, Tyler Handley was thinking … Read more

How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team

Within the Buffer Advocacy team, we’ve experimented with a few different training formats including live training at meet-ups, training over zoom, lightning talks, and recorded trainings. Training together as a team often fosters a sense of community and feels energizing! In contrast, watching a training video alone can feel isolating, and we hadn’t quite cracked … Read more

The Customer Data Conundrum: How CX Leaders Can Optimize Both Privacy and Personalization

After 2+ years of major pivots and accelerated digital transformation, brands are now having to take a close look at how they handle customer data. To make absolutely necessary improvements, organizations must meet three challenges and implement a series of best-practices. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

How to Build Great Customer Experience at Call Center

Today, and even more so, because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, most clients and businesses have moved their business dealings online. Customer service needs to be great. Many major companies have outsourced their customer services to call centers that handle responses of one or many businesses. How a call center agent deals with a customer can … Read more

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