Data storytelling: Adding meaning to metrics

Data storytelling: Adding meaning to metrics

Your comments and likes are up month over month and your new campaign hashtag has been used over 1,000 times, but what do those numbers mean? How do they impact your business? And, once you figure out the impact, how do you convey it to stakeholders? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. Discerning … Read more

How To Develop Great Data Studies – The 5R2 Roadmap To Great Data Story

This edited extract is from Data Storytelling in Marketing by Caroline Florence ©2024 and is reproduced and adapted with permission from Kogan Page Ltd. Part One of this book outlined the need for data storytelling, the benefits of data storytelling for the marketing function, and the prac­tical barriers that can get in the way of … Read more

Google Updates Guidance On EEA Carousels Beta Structured Data

Google updated the structured data guidance on a beta carousels structured data that is intended for users in the European Economic Area, which is related to Google’s preparations for the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The new guidance covers how to use this structured data on summary or category pages and for paginated categories. Carousel (Beta) … Read more

Google Clarifies Organization Merchant Returns Structured Data

Google quietly updated their organization structured data documentation in order to clarify two points about merchant returns in response to feedback about an ambiguity in the previous version. Organization Structured Data and Merchant Returns Google recently expanded their Organization structured data so that it could now accommodate a merchant return policy. The change added support … Read more

Here’s How Google Evaluates Your Content [Data Study]

The most recent Helpful Content Update (HCU) concluded with the Google March core update, which finished rolling out on April 19, 2024. The updates integrated the helpful content system into the core algorithm. To investigate changes in Google’s ranking of webpages, data scientists at WLDM and ClickStream partnered with Surfer SEO, which pulled data based on … Read more

Key Lessons to Enhance Your Email Personalization Using Data – Litmus

How many emails do you receive that start with, “Hi [mergetag]!” Yes, email personalization like this is simple and easy to do if you have the right ESP. It’s become a popular tactic because we know email marketing personalization is good for business. 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized experiences, according to McKinsey. … Read more

The Impact Of AI And Other Innovations On Data Storytelling

This edited extract is from Data Storytelling in Marketing by Caroline Florence ©2024 and is reproduced and adapted with permission from Kogan Page Ltd. Storytelling is an integral part of the human experience. People have been communicating observations and data to each other for millen­nia using the same principles of persuasion that are being used … Read more

Razorfish R-Index Turns Consumer Data Silos Into Strategic Insights

Razorfish launched a new technology called R-Index that measures disparate online and offline customer interactions (including for paid and owned interactions) and generates prescriptive insights on consumer sentiment, brand performance and business impact. R-Index turns otherwise disconnected data into strategic insights on consumer journeys and brand sentiment. R-Index is based on a custom algorithm that … Read more

Mastering Social Media for Nonprofit Promotion: Insights and New Data from Experts

As a digital marketing expert, I’ve tried several strategies over the years. And one thing I’ve learned is that marketing nonprofits requires a specialized approach. Unlike businesses, nonprofits don’t sell products or services. Instead, they want people to support a noble cause. Their marketing budget is also usually limited, but social networks come to the … Read more

Google Launches Custom Event Data Import For GA4

Google announced a new feature for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), rolling out support for custom event data import. This allows you to combine external data sources with existing GA4 data for more comprehensive reporting and analysis. Google’s announcement reads: “With this feature, you can use a combination of standard fields and event-scoped custom dimensions to … Read more

Google’s Structured Data Update May Boost Merchant Sales

Google updated their structured data guidelines to reflect support for a sitewide return policy within the Organization structured data. This eliminates the need to add redundant return policy information for every product listing structured data and can result in more traffic and sales to online merchants. This doesn’t mean that merchants are required to change … Read more

Google Case Study Shows Importance Of Structured Data

Google published a case study that shows how using structured data and following best practices improved discoverability and brought more search traffic. The case study was about the use of Video structured data but the insights shared are applicable across a range of content types. The new case study is about an Indonesian publisher called … Read more

How to Make Money on Social Media [New Data + Case Studies]

Shopping on social media has become increasingly popular over the past few years, as brands explore how to make money on these platforms. In fact, one in three consumers report having discovered new products on social media in the past three months. Consumers also report that some of their preferred methods of discovering products on … Read more

If Everyone is a Content Creator — Is Anyone? [Data + Expert Insights]

Quick riddle for you: What do you have in common with podcast hosts, YouTube sensations, TikTok stars, and Instagram influencers? Stumped? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you the answer. Statistically speaking, you probably also consider yourself a “content creator,” at least on some level. Recently, our State of Consumer Trends Survey revealed that 50% of millennials … Read more

Google Provides Guidance To Advertisers On Upcoming Data Privacy Compliance Laws

Last week, Google Ads emailed advertisers in the United States who use Google Ads or Google Analytics with upcoming compliance changes. Many are asking, “why now”? As user privacy concerns are at an all-time high, many individual states enacted their privacy law provisions, which will be implemented later this year. Read on to learn how … Read more

Return to Office? How Employees Are Feeling in 2024 [Data from 700+ Consumers]

I saw a pretty compelling statistic recently: Before the pandemic, just 8% of companies offered flexible work policies. After the fact, nearly two thirds (62%) have implemented some level of flex work. Fast forward to today, and many companies (like Tesla and Goldman Sachs) have asked workers to return to office full-time. I always assumed … Read more

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