5 Types of Data Insights

5 Types of Data Insights

Content marketers are increasingly tasked with making sense of large and unwieldy data sets. However, they often lack the skills to process this data, creating a paradoxical relationship between executive decision-making and on-the-ground implementation. On the one hand, 94% of businesses feel that data is essential to their growth. Yet, at the same time, 63% … Read more

Solving Complex Business Problems with AI Big Data Analytics

Even though every business is unique, even companies in completely unrelated businesses encounter some of the same persistent issues. In recent years, artificial intelligence has emerged as the technology best suited to address many of these corporate problems. AI and big data work together effectively. AI is used by big data analytics to improve data … Read more

Google Clarifies Course Structured Data Requirements

Google updated the Course structured data requirements for appearing in the Course rich results. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in not qualifying for the rich result. While the added requirement is not new, it was previously missing from the Course structured data requirements page. Course Structured Data The Schema structured data for courses … Read more

Google Updates Product Structured Data Guidance

Google Search Central updated its Products Structured Data documentation to clarify the product-related pages that qualify for structured data. Product Structured Data Structured data is a way to communicate information about a web page to search engines. It is not meant to be seen by users visiting a web page. Search engines use structured data … Read more

How Public Web Data Helps Small Business SEO Strategies

This post was sponsored by Bright Data. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. SEO is a never-ending battle that has everyone vying for the top spot, both literally and figuratively. The competition between marketing teams across the world has changed the way consumers seek out and buy products and services. SEO … Read more

Google Analytics & Search Console Data Never Match – And Here’s Why

Google Analytics and Search Console data do not match. The discrepancy creates the impression that the data is inaccurate in some way. The reality is that the data is in fact accurate. The discrepancy exists in what is being tracked and how Google chooses to present it. Google Analytics Versus Search Console Reconciling Google Analytics … Read more

How Data Is Reshaping The SEO & Digital Marketer’s Landscape

There is a new data revolution happening, and it’s sweeping across the industry so quickly that many SEO and digital marketers are struggling to make sense of the insights and intelligence at their disposal. To utilize this opportunity, marketers need to evolve their mindsets and use technology to analyze multiple data formats and understand the … Read more

What Structured Data to Use and Where to Use it?

Google’s John Mueller answered two questions about structured data. While the first question was specifically about the medical niche, his answer is useful and applicable to websites in any niche. Mueller also explained how to use the Google Developer Help Pages to figure out which structured data is best to use. How to Choose Structured … Read more

How To Harness First-Party Data & Win In A Cookieless Future

How prepared is your organization for the imminent loss of third-party data? Are you ready for first-party data to take center stage in your marketing strategy? Maybe you’re feeling unsure of how to use first-party data? While cookies going away will reduce your access to third-party data, you can still strike the right balance with … Read more

Digital Marketing Data and How to Optimize Like a Champ

There’s so much data, from so many different sources, with so many different reporting tools, that you could just drown in reports, attribution, and meetings. With so much noise out there, it’s important that you look at the data in a certain way. There’s important information hidden in the metrics that will help direct your … Read more

The Customer Data Conundrum: How CX Leaders Can Optimize Both Privacy and Personalization

After 2+ years of major pivots and accelerated digital transformation, brands are now having to take a close look at how they handle customer data. To make absolutely necessary improvements, organizations must meet three challenges and implement a series of best-practices. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

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