How (and Why) Include Your Whole Company in Digital Marketing

Have you been looking for ways to breathe a new life into your marketing strategy? Have you been desperately trying to get your marketing strategy to deliver better results? Here’s what you need to do: Get help from your whole company. Why involve non-marketing employees into your marketing activities? Depending on how this marketing collaboration … Read more

The 5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Try In 2023

More established businesses changed their attention from traditional marketing to digital marketing. And that’s why having a thorough digital marketing strategy is more important than ever. Many businesses have implemented a digital marketing strategy to deal with the complexities and uncertainties of today’s business situation. However, for digital marketing success, It needs a set of … Read more

2023’s Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

The recent turn of events has digitized business operations throughout the world. Business leaders from various industries are using technology to run their commercial ventures.  Businesses are extensively leveraging digital marketing to up their game. With the increasing advancements in this area, it is evident that this trend will continue to thrive as we move … Read more

The State of Digital Accessibility: Three Key Challenges

Illustration of the web accessibility icon, the outline of a person, in purple on a white circle against a blue background.

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) published its first web accessibility guidance in 10 years. It was meant to remind businesses of all sizes that their websites — just like physical storefronts — need to be accessible to people with disabilities. The DOJ guidance comes at a time when the majority of US … Read more

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has taken over conventional marketing. Therefore, having a skilled digital marketing agency on your side nowadays could virtually make or break your business. A good agency will enable you to shape your brand’s online image and offer resources and expertise to execute promotional strategies successfully. 7 Lucrative Factors To Look For While Choosing Digital … Read more

10 DuckDuckGo Facts For Digital Marketers & SEO Pros

10 DuckDuckGo Facts For Digital Marketers & SEO Pros

How often do you use DuckDuckGo? If you answered “never,” you might want to read this article. Over the years, DuckDuckGo has redesigned itself and evolved to better meet searchers’ needs and protect their privacy. In addition to its excellent search capabilities, DDG (DuckDuckGo) has many helpful features that can help you improve your search … Read more

Certified Partner Interview – Uzair Kharawala of SF Digital Studios [VIDEO]

Uzair Kharawala Uzair Kharawala is one of the few professionals who is both a Google Partner & YouTube Certified. His YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers & 1300+ videos. Uzair has been running SF Digital Studios along with his wife Farzana since 2002. Using the power of video marketing & video ads, Uzair has reached … Read more

Reasons to Choose a Career in Digital Marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves using digital channels, including websites, social media, search engines, and mobile devices, to market products and services to potential customers. You’ll use these channels to create brand awareness and generate leads as a digital marketer. An excellent digital marketer should prioritize digital marketing skills, including brand building, competitive research, social media advertising, … Read more

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers

Machine learning is all the rage but what does it actually look like in practice, as part of a digital marketing strategy? You’ve encountered a machine learning strategy if you’ve used a website that recommends products based on previous purchases. Machine learning is a facet of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to complete specific … Read more

How Data Is Reshaping The SEO & Digital Marketer’s Landscape

How Data Is Reshaping The SEO & Digital Marketer's Landscape

There is a new data revolution happening, and it’s sweeping across the industry so quickly that many SEO and digital marketers are struggling to make sense of the insights and intelligence at their disposal. To utilize this opportunity, marketers need to evolve their mindsets and use technology to analyze multiple data formats and understand the … Read more

Google’s Digital Marketing Certificate Recommends Keyword Density Percentages

Google's Digital Marketing Certificate Recommends Keyword Density Percentages

Someone from the SEO community called attention to a section in Google’s new digital marketing training course that recommends writing at least 300 words of content, advised specific areas of a web page for seeding keywords and recommended a keyword density for target keywords of under 2%. Some in the digital marketing community called Google … Read more

Digital Marketing Data and How to Optimize Like a Champ

There’s so much data, from so many different sources, with so many different reporting tools, that you could just drown in reports, attribution, and meetings. With so much noise out there, it’s important that you look at the data in a certain way. There’s important information hidden in the metrics that will help direct your … Read more

Trending in Marketing: Getting More Comfortable in the Digital World

Instagram is testing out some new ways to move on from vanity metrics. The social media platform is now beta testing Private Story Likes. How the brand Gymshark became an overnight sensation by leveraging Influencer Marketing, and why you should do the same. The future of Affiliate Marketing and how it will change in 2022. … Read more

Businesses Now KNOW They Need Digital Marketing [VIDEO]

“In a “post-digital” world you need to consider e-commerce and here’s why.” WHAT IS DIGITALMARKETER: DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for digital marketing professionals. It’s a place where you can learn how to market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your … Read more