Is Email Marketing Dead? – DigitalMarketer

“Email marketing is DEAD!”“AI is taking over the inbox!”“Why hire a copywriter when I can just use email templates?!”“Who needs an email list when I have a large social following?” Um….. stop right there and listen up, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret… THREE little secrets to be exact.  Lately, … Read more

Understanding Hashtags on TikTok – DigitalMarketer

TikTok hashtags work differently when compared to  Instagram and Facebook. On TikTok, hashtags help get you discovered by your ideal audience, help you find your community and can increase your reach.  Since the workings of hashtags on TikTok are unique, you need to understand how the algorithm deals with hashtags and how you can use … Read more

2-Hour-Per-Month Content Marketing Framework – DigitalMarketer

A simple, 2-hour-per-month content marketing framework for the content beginner.  Content marketing is vital in developing your audience’s “know, like and trust” factor. It can overcome objections before they happen, increase the perceived value of your offers, and increase customer lifetime. This simple framework will teach you how to create compelling content and repurpose it … Read more

Joining the DigitalMarketer Community with Garrett D’entremont [VIDEO]

Garrett D’entremont, DigitalMarketer Director of Services, explains the incredible benefits of the Certified Partner Community. If you’re looking for a turnkey way to generate additional revenue from your existing clients, this program will provide you with the up-to-date skills and tools you need to systemize and grow your practice. If you want to add … Read more

DigitalMarketer Launches Academy: Leading Marketing eLearning Company Creates Learning Paths

DigitalMarketer The lovely content team here at DigitalMarketer works hard to make sure you have the best blog posts to read. But some posts require a group effort, and we decided to stop the rock-paper-scissors tournaments that decided the byline so that we had more time to write. Besides, we all graduated from kindergarten: we … Read more