7 Community Management Examples To Learn From

7 Community Management Examples To Learn From

Community management helps you build trust, loyalty, and connection with your audience. It’s also how you make sure your audience gets the most out of what you offer them. Given its importance, I understand why engaging with your own communities can feel daunting—you likely don’t want to mess it up. Not to fear. I did … Read more

11 Powerful Examples of Dynamic Email Content [+ Guide] – Litmus

Not all email personalization is created equal.  There are varying degrees, from the basic “Hello, %%first_name%%” that many email service providers (ESPs) offer using merge tags, to more advanced methods that go beyond these standard methods—like email elements that are dynamically personalized at the time of open (think: live polls, countdown timers, and Interest Signals). … Read more

27 Copywriting Examples From Businesses With Incredible Copywriters

Knowing about copywriting is great, but nothing beats excellent copywriting examples at your fingertips. When I need to get inspired, it helps me to look at examples of great copy. This can help you smash any creative block and write fast – whether you need to crank out website updates, product copy, or blog posts. … Read more

Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound? 10 Examples & Top Differences

In April 2024, HubSpot asked 537 email marketers across industries in the U.S. if email marketing was inbound or outbound — 51% said it was inbound, while 49% believed it to be outbound. It’s fascinating to see how opinions differ on this topic, even among professionals. As an experienced marketing leader, I’ve always approached email … Read more

What is a RACI Chart? Project Uses, Examples & Free Template

Your project’s success hinges on a single crucial factor: clarity. When we say clarity, we’re talking about crystal-clear instructions on who does what. Everyone involved in the project, from employees to stakeholders, should know their roles and responsibilities inside out. Any confusion or oversight can lead to misunderstandings or conflicts, derailing your project faster than … Read more

Getting Your Customers Back: 10 Examples of Effective Re-Engagement Emails

I’ve been breathing life into email campaigns since 2007 when the iPhone was the newest thing on the block. Even though the learning resources for email marketers have evolved since then, I still have countless re-engagement email examples in my inbox which don’t prompt me to, well, re-engage. While getting ignored by your subscribers is … Read more

Interesting Examples of Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas [Marketing Update]

This week on the Marketing Update on HubSpot.tv, Mike and Karen discussed a couple of crazy, out-of-the-box marketing campaigns. Domino’s Goes Real Time The first example came from Domino’s Pizza. Back in April 2009 on the Marketing Update, we talked about how Domino’s was taken by surprise by an unfortunate YouTube video . We’ve also … Read more

How SEO Experts Can Utilize ChatGPT For BigQuery With Examples

AI is shaping every field by making skills (such as coding or data visualization) accessible to everyone, which weren’t available in the past. An AI operator who can run the right prompts can perform low- and medium-level difficulty tasks, allowing more focus on strategic decision-making. In this guide, we will walk you through step by … Read more

Website Homepage Design: My Favorite 32 Examples to Inspire You

Your website homepage is your company’s first impression for most customers, and first impressions are everything. Your landing page needs to make a killer first impression to encourage potential customers to stick around and engage. In this guide, I’ll share some best practices for homepage design along with brilliant homepage design examples that have implemented … Read more

14 Best Corporate Social Responsibility Examples in 2024 [+Trends]

I ran a survey in early May 2024 where I asked consumers if they thought brands should practice social responsibility — 90% said yes. Consumers want brands to make a difference, meaning they care about corporate social responsibility. In this post, I’ll discuss: Types of Corporate Social Responsibility How can brands be socially responsible? Corporate … Read more

Writing the Ultimate One-Pager About Your Business: 8 Examples and How to Make One [+ Free Template]

Whether you’re a business owner or a sales rep, you’re always pitching your services, telling potential clients what you offer as succinctly as possible. Trust me, I’ve been there myself, trying to sum up my copywriting business in as few words as I can. That’s where the business one-pager has come to my rescue. I’ve … Read more

8 Graphic Design Resume Examples to Land Your Next Job

If you’re a graphic designer, I have to give you praise because, without your creativity and your keen eye for design, it would be a struggle for marketing to create campaigns that catch their audience’s attention. And what better way to show my appreciation to graphic designers than to write a post with helpful graphic … Read more

How to Create a Content Style Guide [+Free Guide & Examples]

If you write, edit, or manage content for a brand, you likely run into lengthy content discussions over everything from voice to exclamation marks and em dashes. At least, I’ve done my fair share of debates with colleagues over language preferences. But is it trivial? I don’t think so. After all, there’s a difference between … Read more

15 Best Examples of Professional Goals [+Tips to Achieve Them]

“So, where do you see yourself five years from now?” Oof, that can be a tricky interview question, especially if you’re unsure of your professional goals. When I graduated from college and started interviewing in my chosen field, I felt like I needed to plan my entire professional life, complete with one concrete end goal. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (+ Expert Tips & Examples)

If I were a creator, one of the first channels I’d explore is YouTube affiliate marketing. Think about it: Whether you’re sharing a tutorial or a product review, you can add affiliate links to every YouTube video description you create. Not only that, but you can also stack multiple links to products you recommend without … Read more

12 Social media giveaway ideas and contest examples for 2024

Everybody loves to win prizes—especially from their favorite brands. Create a social media giveaway or contest to feed this desire while improving your social media engagement and supercharging the buzz around your brand. Giveaways and contests boost your follower count, convert leads, amplify brand awareness and increase loyalty. In this article, we take you through … Read more

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