Google Debunks The “Index Bloat” Theory

Google Debunks The "Index Bloat" Theory

Google’s John Mueller debunks the “Index Bloat” theory, stating there’s no limit on the number of pages indexed per site. In a recent episode of the ‘Search Off The Record’ podcast, Google’s Search Relations team addresses questions about webpage indexing. A key point of discussion was the concept of “Index Bloat,”—a theory that has garnered … Read more

Google Answers If Security Headers Offer Ranking Influence

A recent Google SEO Office Hours featured a question about whether a security header conferred a ranking influence. It’s not as far out a question as it first appears because a security header like the HSTS header plays an important role in assuring a secure  HTTPS connection and HTTPS is a light-weight Google ranking signal. … Read more

How To Start Optimizing Your Offline Conversions With Google Ads [Webinar]

Ready to explore how you can improve your existing revenue streams? Hoping to improve your offline conversion strategy but not sure where to start? Your first step to boost your revenue potential is to begin scaling your Google Ads account by: Changing your campaigns to optimize offline actions rather than focusing on “online” activity. Tracking … Read more

Google Cloud Introduces Generative AI Support In Vertex AI

Google is rolling out an update to its cloud-based machine learning platform, Vertex AI, which brings support for generative capabilities. This addition makes making advanced generative AI models accessible to individuals and businesses beyond the realm of data science and engineering. Enabling Access To Advanced Generative AI Models Generative AI support on Vertex AI provides … Read more

Google Enhances Bard’s Reasoning Skills

Google’s language model, Bard, is receiving a significant update today that aims to improve its logic and reasoning capabilities. Jack Krawczyk, the Product Lead for Bard, and Amarnag Subramanya, the Vice President of Engineering for Bard, announced in a blog post. A Leap Forward In Reasoning & Math These updates aim to improve Bard’s ability … Read more

Google Ads Tutorial: Using Automatically Created Assets For Ad Creation

Many marketers find the task of creating relevant and engaging ad assets to be daunting. Especially with the move to Responsive Search Ads, it’s easy for headlines to become redundant – running the risk of poor performance.  Google recently introduced a beta feature called “automatically created assets for responsive search ads” to combat creative fatigue. … Read more

Google Search Console: New Report Details Content Growth

Google has rolled out an upgrade to Search Console, offering enhanced content performance insights for properties not linked to a Google Analytics account. This new feature includes a “growing content” report, which displays impression and clicks growth changes for top-performing content over a specific date range. This report showcases the ‘growth’ of content, as determined … Read more

7 Common Google Analytics 4 Configuration Mistakes To Avoid

If you had a chance to read previous guides we’ve published on Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you probably know that it is not a plug-and-play analytics tool like Universal Analytics was. There is a lot of information one needs to absorb in order to be able to set up GA4 properly, and time is ticking. … Read more

Google Search Generative Experience: A Look At SGE With 12 AI Overviews

Google began rolling out the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) to people on the Search Labs waitlist. SGE adds generative AI capabilities to Google Search results. Here’s a look inside the SGE on desktop and mobile and how SGE results compare to typical Google SERP features. How To Get Access To Google SGE Via … Read more

8 Strategies for Google Shopping Ads That’ll Boost Your Conversion Rates

Did you know there were over 214.7 million digital buyers in the US in 2022? Online shopping has become a mainstream revenue source for businesses. So, with the right Google Shopping campaign structure, your business can soar. Google Shopping ads are an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. They are a great way … Read more

Optimizing News Sites Using Google Search Console Reports

In a new video tutorial, Google Search Advocates Daniel Waisberg and Cherry Prommawin explain how to leverage Google Search Console’s reports for managing and optimizing news websites. The video provides comprehensive information about using Search Console data to achieve greater success on Google’s platforms. Performance Report: The Key To Analyzing Search Presence Waisberg begins by … Read more

Google Explains: How To Use Search Console Bulk Data Export

Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg recently presented an in-depth video on bulk data exports, a feature that allows you to export, store, and analyze Search Console data. This novel solution surpasses capabilities and makes managing enormous data volumes a breeze. Here’s how. An Overview of Current Data-Exporting Solutions Before introducing the bulk data export feature, … Read more

When To Use ChatGPT And When To Use Google

As digital marketers and SEO professionals, we always seek new and innovative tools to help us achieve better client results. With the rise of AI technology, we now have access to a vast array of tools that can assist us in providing more efficient and effective services. One such tool is ChatGPT, an advanced language … Read more

Google Topic Authority: An SEO Ranking System For News Sites

Google has revealed new information about a ranking system called ‘Topic Authority.’ This system aims to deliver more relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and News for queries on specialized topics. Why Topic Authority? The inception of Topic Authority is an attempt to address a common challenge Google users face when seeking authoritative … Read more

Google Marketing Live 2023: What To Expect In AI Advancements

At today’s Google Marketing Live, Google is expected to announce several new generative AI advancements for Google Ads, Performance Max, Product Studio, and Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Search Labs. Google hopes to make it easier for advertisers and merchants to create customized product imagery, manage creative assets, improve ad relevancy, and scale campaigns. We … Read more

Vulnerability in WordPress Google Analytics Plugin Hits +3 Million Websites

The National Vulnerability Database announced that a popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin installed in over 3 million was discovered to contain a Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Stored XSS A Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack generally occurs when a part of the website that accepts user input is insecure and allows unanticipated input, like scripts or … Read more

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