Research Confirms Google AIO Keyword Trends

Google AI Overviews

New research by enterprise search marketing company BrightEdge reveals dramatic changes to sites surfaced through Google’s AI Overviews search feature and though it maintains search market share, the data shows that AI search engine Perplexity is gaining ground at a remarkable pace. Rapid & Dramatic Changes In AIO Triggers The words that trigger AI Overviews … Read more

CWV & Google Page Experience Ranking Factor Updated

The June 2024 Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) is out and it shows that websites in the real-world experienced an averaged across the board improvement in all Core Web Vitals (CWV) website performance scores. Some of the improvements are attributable to a change in how Interaction To Next Paint is measured, which will be good … Read more

The Reason Why Google Uses The Word “Creators”

Google’s SearchLiaison responded to criticism over how they refer to website publishers with an answer that reflects not just changing times but also the practical reasons for doing so. The answer reflects how important it is for digital marketing to maintain the flexibility to bend with change. Change: There Isn’t Always A Motivation The discussion … Read more

Google Says There’s No Way To Block Content From Discover Feed

Google officials confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) that there’s no way to block content from appearing in Google Discover, despite the ability to do so for Google News. The conversation was initiated by Lily Ray, who raised concerns about a common challenge where certain content may not be suitable for Google News or Discover but … Read more

Google Renders All Pages For Search, Including JavaScript-Heavy Sites

In a recent episode of Google’s “Search Off The Record” podcast, Zoe Clifford from the rendering team joined Martin Splitt and John Mueller from Search Relations to discuss how Google handles JavaScript-heavy websites. Google affirms that it renders all websites in its search results, even if those sites rely on JavaScript. Rendering Process Explained In … Read more

Google Simplifies Adding Shipping & Return Policies For Online Stores

Google introduces Search Console feature for online stores to easily manage shipping and return policies. Google now allows online stores to manage shipping and return policies via Search Console. This simplifies providing vital information to customers. The feature can potentially boost sales for retailers. Source link

Reddit Subreddits To Google Search: Maximizing Your Brand’s Impact [Webinar Recap]

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar discussing Reddit, its growth, and how it impacts search results. It’s been quite a while since I covered Reddit as a topic, but I could talk about it all day, and I think it has and is one of the most influential communities around today. If … Read more

Google Search Now Supports Labeling AI Generated Or Manipulated Images

Google Search Central updated their documentation to reflect support for labeling images that were extended or manipulated with AI. Google also quietly removed the “AI generated” metadata from Beta status, indicating that the “AI Generated” label is now fully supported in search. IPTC Photo Metadata The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) is a standards making … Read more

Google Struggles To Boost Search Traffic On Its iPhone Apps

According to a report by The Information, Google is working to reduce its reliance on Apple’s Safari browser, but progress has been slower than anticipated. As Google awaits a ruling on the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit, its arrangement with Apple is threatened. The current agreement, which makes Google the default search engine on … Read more

Google Gives Exact Reason Why Negative SEO Doesn’t Work

Google’s Gary Illyes answered a question about negative SEO provides useful insights into the technical details of how Google prevents low quality spam links from affecting normal websites. The answer about negative SEO was given in an interview in May and has gone unnoticed until now. Negative SEO Negative SEO is the practice of sabotaging … Read more

Google Shows How To Beat Reddit & Big Brands

In an interview published on YouTube, Google’s Gary Illyes offered advice on what small sites should consider doing if they want to compete against Reddit, Amazon and other big brand websites. About Big Brand Dominance Google’s Gary Illyes answered questions about SEO back in May that went underreported so I’m correcting that oversight this month. … Read more

Google Explains Reasons For Crawled Not Indexed

Back in May Google’s Gary Illyes sat for an interview at the SERP Conf 2024 conference in Bulgaria and answered a question about the causes of crawled but not indexed, offering multiple reasons that are helpful for debugging and fixing this error. Although the interview happened in May, the video of the interview went underreported … Read more

Robots.txt Turns 30: Google Highlights Hidden Strengths

In a recent LinkedIn post, Gary Illyes, Analyst at Google, highlights lesser-known aspects of the robots.txt file as it marks its 30th year. The robots.txt file, a web crawling and indexing component, has been a mainstay of SEO practices since its inception. Here’s one of the reasons why it remains useful. Robust Error Handling Illyes … Read more

AIO Pullback: Google Shows 2/3 Fewer AIOs And More Citations

It has become quiet around AI Overviews. One month after my initial traffic impact analysis, I updated my data for AIOs. The results are important for anyone who aims for organic traffic from Google as we’re seeing a shift in AIO structures. Shortly after Google just launched AI Overviews on May 14, I looked at 1,675 … Read more

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