New Open Source LLM With Zero Guardrails Rivals Google’s Palm 2

New Open Source LLM With Zero Guardrails Rivals Google's Palm 2

Hugging Face recently introduced Falcon 180B, the largest open source Large Language Model that is said to perform as well as Google’s state of the art AI, Palm 2. And it also has no guardrails to keep it from creating unsafe of harmful outputs. Falcon 180B Achieves State Of The Art Performance The phrase “state … Read more

Google’s Experimental Feature Makes Webpages Faster

Google announced a new way to run JavaScript that improves webpage responsiveness, helping publishers who use it to beat their competitors performance in a new core web vital metric. The announcement provides a sneak peek at a way to turbocharge webpage performance. If this trial is successful then it may be something that publishers across … Read more

Google’s New Core Web Vitals Metric: How To Improve Interaction To Next Paint (INP)

This post was sponsored by DebugBear. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. What do you need to do to rank high on Google? The straightforward answer: create high-quality content that serves your readers. In This Guide 1. What Core Web Vitals & What’s Changing? 2. What Is Interaction To Next Paint? … Read more

Google’s Responsive Search Ad Guide: Navigating AI In Advertising

Google recently released a comprehensive guide to help marketers better understand and utilize Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). The guide provides an in-depth look at how Google leverages AI technology to optimize RSA performance for each search query. It aims to give marketers the knowledge to take full advantage of this adaptive ad format. This article … Read more

Google’s AI Innovations Drive Search & Ad Performance: Q2 2023 Insights

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had strong financial results in the second quarter of 2023. This was driven by progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and improvements to Google Search. During Alphabet’s earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted the company’s continued dominance in AI and the ongoing enhancements to Search. Pichai emphasized that Alphabet is … Read more

Google’s On Domain Name Selection: Branding Over Keywords

In a recent episode of the ‘Search Off The Record’ Podcast, Google’s Search Relations Team, composed of John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Martin Splitt, weighed in on a topic often discussed among website owners and SEO practitioners: the impact of keywords in domain names on search engine rankings. The Keyword Controversy The discussion was initiated … Read more

Google’s Tips To Enhance Your Business Reputation & Trust

Google recently offered guidance on how businesses can build customer trust through a document published on the Google Merchant Center. The recommendations center on four primary areas: Establishing business legitimacy Being transparent Managing online reputation, Having a professional design aesthetic. This article summarizes Google’s suggestions into an actionable checklist that business owners can use to … Read more

Underneath Google’s Bard AI: A Peek Into The World Of Human Training

In an era where AI is increasingly defining the customer experience, understanding the inner workings of these technologies has never been more crucial, particularly for marketers. A recent Bloomberg report has shed light on the human workforce training Google’s Bard chatbot, highlighting the integral role of thousands of contractors in shaping the responses of this … Read more

Google’s Mueller To Those Who Create Fake Personas: You’re Deluding Yourselves

Google’s John Mueller expressed his thoughts in a series of tweets about SEOs who create fake personas for a review site, including false LinkedIn profiles. He said if they think nobody can tell that “you’re deluding yourselves.” Fake LinkedIn Profiles To Look Legit AI is used to catch millions of fake LinkedIn profiles every year. … Read more

Google’s Search Limitations Amplified By Reddit Blackouts

In the wake of recent Reddit blackouts, top executives at Google have reportedly acknowledged user discontent with the current search experience. In response, Google is taking action to improve its search engine results. Recently, Google rolled out a new “Perspectives” feature to give searchers more comprehensive answers. Perspectives surfaces content from forums and videos on … Read more

Google’s “Site:” Operator Won’t Show You Everything That’s Indexed

Google’s Search Relations team discussed the limited functionality of the “site:” operator on a recent podcast episode. The team engaged in an insightful discussion on the tool commonly employed by website owners and SEO professionals to check a site’s indexing status. However, the team emphasized that Google Search Console offers far more in-depth indexing data … Read more

Google’s John Mueller Warns Against Custom Elements In Head

Recently, there was a discussion on Twitter about the validity of using custom elements in the section of web pages. Custom elements are part of the Web Components specifications, allowing developers to create HTML elements tailored to their needs. Using custom tags, developers can build reusable and self-contained HTML elements that function independently from the … Read more

Google’s Personal Info Removal Process: Insights From John Mueller

In today’s digital world, where personal information is so easily accessible online, protecting your privacy is crucial. Recently a Reddit user wanted to remove personal information from Google Search. Their experience and subsequent discussion with Google’s John Mueller highlight the complex process and policies around Google’s content removal tools. In addition to looking at Mueller’s … Read more

Google’s Latest Easter Egg: A Katamari Minigame

Google’s newly discovered Easter egg, a Katamari minigame, offers a fun distraction and pays tribute to the popular series. Google has introduced a new Katamari minigame as an Easter egg in search results. The minigame is a nod to the popular Bandai Namco series, offering a fun break from work. Katamari joins other video game-themed … Read more

Google Research: Is This Dataset Used For Google’s AI Search?

Google published a research paper on a new kind of dataset for training a language model to retrieve sentences that exactly answer a question within an open-ended dialogue. We don’t know if Google is using this dataset. But researchers claim it outperforms models trained on other datasets. Many research papers, like the one published for … Read more

Google’s New AI-Powered Ad Campaigns: Demand Gen & Video View

Google has announced two new AI-powered advertising solutions: Demand Gen and Video View campaigns. Designed to facilitate seamless connections between businesses and consumers, these campaigns can amplify product demand from mid-funnel to purchase. The new features include tailored creatives paired with lookalike segments based on audience lists, simplified ad construction, and enhanced engagement metrics across … Read more

Google’s Fight Against Ad Policy Violations: An Interview with Alejandro Borgia, Director of Ad Safety

Google, the dominant player in online advertising, is tackling the ads violating its policies more aggressively than ever before. In an exclusive interview with Search Engine Journal, Alejandro Borgia, Google’s Director of Product Management for Ads Safety, provides insights into the company’s evolving strategies. We delve into the following topics throughout the interview: How Google … Read more

After I/O: What To Know Following Google’s Big Month [Podcast]

On this episode of the SEJ Show, we dive headfirst into the aftermath of Google’s momentous May, from I/O to Marketing Live. Join SEJ Editor-in-Chief Amanda Zantal-Wiener in conversation with industry experts Roger Montti and Matt Southern as we dissect the key takeaways and groundbreaking announcements from Google’s annual events. From an abundance of AI … Read more

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