Google’s John Mueller On How To Verify An SEO Agency’s Work

Google's John Mueller On How To Verify An SEO Agency's Work

In a recent session of Google’s SEO office-hours Q&A, the Search Relations team addressed a common concern among business owners: how to determine if an SEO agency is actively optimizing your website. The Business Owner’s Question The discussion was prompted by a business owner who asked: “If I have an agency that is managing our … Read more

Google’s Web Crawler Fakes Being “Idle” To Render JavaScript

In a recent episode of the Search Off The Record podcast, it was revealed that Google’s rendering system now pretends to be “idle” to trigger certain JavaScript events and improve webpage rendering. The podcast features Zoe Clifford from Google’s rendering team, who discussed how the company’s web crawlers deal with JavaScript-based sites. This revelation is … Read more

Google’s Indifference To Site Publishers Explained

An interview with Google’s SearchLiaison offered hope that quality sites hit by Google’s algorithms may soon see their traffic levels bounce back. But that interview and a recent Google podcast reveal deeper issues that may explain why Google seems indifferent to publishers with every update. The interview by Brandon Saltalamacchia comes against the background of … Read more

Google’s Now Translating SERPs Into More Languages

Google updated their documentation to reflect that it added eight new languages to its translated results feature, broadening the reach of publishers to an increasingly global scale, with automatic  translations to a site visitor’s native language. Google Translated Results Translated Results is a Google Search feature that will automatically translate the title link and meta … Read more

Google’s Response To Experts Outranked By Redditors

An SEO asked on LinkedIn why an anonymous user on Reddit could outrank a credible website with a named author. Google’s answer gives a peek at what’s going on with search rankings and why Reddit can outrank expert articles. Why Do Anonymous Redditors Outrank Experts? The person asking the question wanted to know why an … Read more

Critical SERP Features Of Google’s Shopping Marketplace

Boost your skills with Growth Memo’s weekly expert insights. Subscribe for free! Google’s launch and pullback of AI Overviews (AIOs) caught the most attention in the SEO scene over the last two months. However, a change with at least the same significance flew under the radar: Google’s transformation from search engine to marketplace for shopping queries. … Read more

Google’s AI Overviews Coincide With Drop In Mobile Searches

A new study by search industry expert Rand Fishkin has revealed that Google’s rollout of AI overviews in May led to a noticeable decrease in search volume, particularly on mobile devices. The study, which analyzed millions of Google searches in the United States and European Union, sheds light on the unexpected consequences of AI integration. … Read more

Google’s E-E-A-T & The Myth Of The Perfect Ranking Signal

Few concepts have generated as much buzz and speculation in SEO as E-E-A-T. Short for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, this framework has been a cornerstone of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines for years. But despite its prominence, more clarity about how E-E-A-T relates to Google‘s ranking algorithms is still needed. In a recent episode … Read more

Google’s Search Dilemma: The Battle With ‘Not’ & Prepositions

While Google has made strides in understanding user intent, Director & Product Manager Elizabeth Tucker says specific queries remain challenging. In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record podcast, Tucker discussed some lingering pain points in the company’s efforts to match users with the information they seek. Among the top offenders were searches … Read more

Google’s Unconventional Advice On Fixing Broken Backlinks

Google’s Gary Illyes recently answered the question of whether one should spend time fixing backlinks with wrong URLs that are pointing to a website, known as broken backlinks. The answer is interesting because it suggests a way of considering this issue in a completely unorthodox manner. Google: Should Broken Backlinks Be Fixed? During a recent … Read more

Google’s Response to Affiliate Link Heavy Content

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question about whether affiliate links have a negative impact on rankings, touching on factors that affiliate sites should keep in mind. Hypothesis: Google Targets Affiliate Sites There is a decades-long hypothesis that Google targets affiliate sites. SEOs were talking about it as far back as Pubcon Orlando 2004 and … Read more

Google’s Stance On AI Translations & Content Drafting Tools

In a recording of Google’s June SEO office-hours Q&A session, John Mueller, a Google’s Search Relations team member, discussed the impact of AI-generated content on SEO. The discussion focused on two key areas: the indexing of AI-translated content and using AI tools for initial content drafting. As the use of AI in content creation grows, … Read more

Google’s Structured Data Update May Boost Merchant Sales

Google updated their structured data guidelines to reflect support for a sitewide return policy within the Organization structured data. This eliminates the need to add redundant return policy information for every product listing structured data and can result in more traffic and sales to online merchants. This doesn’t mean that merchants are required to change … Read more

Google’s Gary Illyes: Lastmod Signal Is Binary

In a recent LinkedIn discussion, Gary Illyes, Analyst at Google, revealed that the search engine takes a binary approach when assessing a website’s lastmod signal from sitemaps. The revelation came as Illyes encouraged website owners to upgrade to WordPress 6.5, which now natively supports the lastmod element in sitemaps. When Mark Williams-Cook asked if Google … Read more

How To Make Sure Google’s Automation Settings Aren’t Working Against You

Automation can be powerful, but it can cause performance and output issues without human supervision. Google Ads is no exception. Despite the truly compelling advances Google has made in machine learning and automation over the past five years, it’s important not to lose sight of the reality behind that technology. In this article, I’ll walk you … Read more

Google’s Statement About CTR And HCU

In a series of tweets, Google’s SearchLiaison responded to a question that connected click-through rates (CTR) and HCU (Helpful Content Update) with how Google ranks websites, remarking that if the associated ideas were true it would be impossible for any new website to rank. Users Are Voting With Their Feet? Search Liaison’s answer was to … Read more

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