New In Litmus: Enhance Your Email Protection Strategy with the New Email Guardian Dashboard – Litmus

Kimberly Huang

Email marketers are no strangers to the exhilarating ride of their craft. One day, your campaigns are flawless masterpieces; the next, an important image doesn’t render or a crucial link stops working. The most frustrating part? Often, these hiccups are beyond your control. On average, email clients make updates every 1.2 days. Combine this with … Read more

10 Myths About Email Personalization BUSTED! How to Win with Personalized Emails – Litmus

Email is personal. Unlike most marketing channels, email really is communication at a 1:1 level. It’s your opportunity to reach people with messages just for them. Email personalization has revolutionized the way we engage with audiences, turning generic promotional and transactional email programs into tailored conversations that resonate with each recipient. However, despite its proven … Read more

11 Powerful Examples of Dynamic Email Content [+ Guide] – Litmus

Not all email personalization is created equal.  There are varying degrees, from the basic “Hello, %%first_name%%” that many email service providers (ESPs) offer using merge tags, to more advanced methods that go beyond these standard methods—like email elements that are dynamically personalized at the time of open (think: live polls, countdown timers, and Interest Signals). … Read more

AI-Generated Email Summaries: What Marketers Need To Know – Litmus

Marketing has transformed more in the past three years than in the previous 50, and one of the driving forces behind these seismic shifts is artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, 45% of marketing teams now leverage AI in their email campaigns—and 31% plan to invest more in AI and machine learning this year. Recent headlines … Read more

Key Lessons to Enhance Your Email Personalization Using Data – Litmus

How many emails do you receive that start with, “Hi [mergetag]!” Yes, email personalization like this is simple and easy to do if you have the right ESP. It’s become a popular tactic because we know email marketing personalization is good for business. 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized experiences, according to McKinsey. … Read more

New in Litmus: Rule-based personalization, Add-to-Calendar, and More – Litmus

Your brand is unique, and to build a successful email marketing program, your emails must reflect all of the elements that make you one of a kind. But building a great email program that not only represents your brand but garners engagement and business growth can often feel like building a car as you drive … Read more

The Most Popular Email Design Tools: Figma, Adobe, and More – Litmus

It takes an email marketing team an average of 2 weeks to produce a single email. That’s two weeks of tinkering with email copy, email design, and email coding before it’s ready for approvals, testing, and finally, sending it out to the world. And at any given time, 46% of email marketers have up to … Read more

Litmus Receives Independent SOC 2 Type 2 Report with Zero Findings for Fourth Consecutive Year – Litmus

Trust, privacy, and security are core tenets at Litmus. Every solution we offer is designed with the security and privacy of our customers in mind. In turn, email marketing teams like yours trust Litmus to help them gain the trust of their audience by ensuring every email is personalized effectively and optimized for every subscriber. … Read more

How to Navigate New Sender Requirements from Gmail and Yahoo – Litmus

Every email marketer wants their messages to arrive in the inbox and not the spam folder. So when Gmail and Yahoo announced they’d be enforcing new sender guidelines that deeply affect deliverability for anyone sending to their addresses, every email marketer’s ears perked up. Hence why we hosted a virtual Litmus Talks with experts from … Read more

Email Analytics: How to Measure Email Marketing Success Beyond Open Rate – Litmus

Email analytics used to focus on open rate as the gateway to email marketing success. After all, you can’t get a conversion without someone first opening your email. If we’re being honest, though, email open rates have always been a bit of a vanity metric. (Yup, we said the quiet part out loud.) What makes … Read more

Make Every Subscriber a Winner: How to Use Email Scratch-Offs – Litmus

On average, subscribers only spend 8.97 seconds with an email. In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, standing out amidst the clutter of promotional emails is no small feat.  That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome the newest quick-start template on the Litmus Personalize block: Scratch-Offs! With just a few clicks, you can bring a sense … Read more

16 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Email in Marketing – Litmus

Social media and email marketing are two of the most powerful channels at a marketer’s disposal. According to The State of Email Report, both email marketing and social media were ranked among the top three most effective channels for marketers. Source: The State of Email Report While email and social media are fundamentally different channels, … Read more

15 Litmus Power-User Tips to Make You a Better Email Marketer – Litmus

If you’re using Litmus to create, optimize, personalize, and analyze your campaigns, you know that your account is full of features that let you speed up your email workflow. But do you know all the helpful Litmus tricks that can help you save time and improve your campaigns? Here are 15 Litmus power-user tips that … Read more

What We’re Most Looking Forward to at Salesforce Connections – Litmus

Salesforce Connections is almost here! This month, from May 22-23, 2024, innovators in marketing, commerce, and customer engagement will gather in Chicago for this year’s event. And guess what: we’ll be there too! As we gear up for this year’s Connections, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the key events and sessions … Read more

How to Use ChatGPT to Create an Email Sequence  – Litmus

Remember in 2022 when ChatGPT had just launched and everyone was trying to figure out how best to use it? ChatGPT—and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for that matter—took the world by storm, affecting our personal and professional lives. Once I got past the “playing around” phase (I might’ve asked ChatGPT to write me an email marketing … Read more

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