Shelfies: Why and Where Local Businesses Should Publish Them

If you own or market a local brand, your camera has never been a greater business asset. Early smartphones may have inspired the selfie, and it’s a fantastic idea to photograph the owner and staff of a local business to prove both its authenticity and approachability, but in a commercial context, it’s the “shelfie” that’s … Read more

8 Techniques To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Local Business

In the internet age, few things shape purchasing decisions as much as online reviews. And why not? They provide authentic and honest insight that no marketing campaign could ever replicate. The modern equivalent of the all-important word of mouth, customer reviews can make or break the reputation of a local business – and make a … Read more

How to Repair and Improve Local Business Reputation via Google Star Ratings and Reviews

Six in ten consumers require a minimum 4+ star rating in order to consider patronizing a local business and over ⅓ say it’s the star rating that is the key differentiator between local brands. If you’re marketing a company that is just starting out or an established business that has hit a reputational rough patch … Read more

13 Age-based Local Business Review Preferences You Can Serve

Image credit: Mitchell Joyce Today, we’ll be learning more about customer preferences by age group surrounding local business reviews, taking a deeper dive into some of the data from The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior | SEO Industry Report. In our initial report, we covered the leading characteristics of customers as a … Read more

12 Proven Local SEO Tips To Dominate The SERPs And Map Pack

To attract new customers, you need to ensure you’re in front of local searchers looking for your products or services. If you’re not optimized for local search, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach potential customers in your area and drive incremental revenue, traffic, and sales. In this article, we’ll explain why local … Read more

Announcing: The Impact of Local Business Reviews on Consumer Behavior | SEO Industry Report

A warm welcome to Moz’s first large-scale survey on the habits of local business review readers, review writers and successful owner responses. Our survey uncovered interesting insights and actions local businesses can take to better serve their customers, earn more reviews, and build relationships. Read our free report today to peruse the findings, our thoughtful … Read more

Google’s New Local Search Features Are Finally Here

Google is finally rolling out the local search features previewed earlier this year, including the ability to search your surroundings with your phone’s camera. At Google’s Search On virtual conference in September, the company had people buzzing over its innovative updates to local search. Google previewed an option to search for restaurants by dish and … Read more

5 Top Enterprise Local SEO Challenges & How To Solve Them

Local SEO can be challenging for enterprise brands because it means knowing how to do “national” SEO, Google Business Profile, and then learning how Google handles your priority search queries in various markets. That means there are an infinite number of challenges in local SEO for enterprise search marketers. So what are the most common … Read more

2022 Local SEO Holiday Success: Essential Comforts in Leaner Times

Image credit: Stanley Zimny I like nothing better than using this annual local SEO holiday column as a greeting card with messages of good cheer, great strategy, and healthy profit penned inside. With economists caroling “austere” and “scary” in their predictions for 2022’s 4th quarter shopping season, however, it’s not easy to be jolly. Doomsayers’ … Read more

What I’m Learning About Local Sustainability from Renowned Marketing Experts

Heart-on-my-sleeve: I’m stricken over climate change and wondering how I can help. What have I been doing about it lately? Listening to two remarkable women interview some outstanding experts on marketing and business sustainability. Co-authors of the celebrated book Sustainable Marketing – How To Drive Profits with Purpose, Gemma Butler and Michelle Carvill have got … Read more

5 Actionable Strategies To Improve Local Customer Experience At Scale

This post was sponsored by Rio SEO. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Customer experience (CX) is more than just a buzzword – it’s what shapes a customer’s impression of your brand and how they talk about you with their friends, family, and business partners. But as you think about scaling … Read more

Local SEO Strategies For Plumbers And Other Trades

Plumbers and other tradespeople are essential in modern society, yet they face one huge barrier to entering new markets: Peeling away customers from the competition. Many homeowners have established relationships with plumbers and contractors, making breaking into certain markets difficult. Thankfully, plumbers have ways to excel in a new market, particularly when capturing new homeowners … Read more

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