Top Behavioral Targeting Tools Marketers Should Know About

Top Behavioral Targeting Tools Marketers Should Know About

Like many others, I get dozens of emails a day.  If the subject line’s irrelevant to my interests, I’m scrolling by and ignoring it. Or, worse, I might click on an email and hit the unsubscribe button after deciding it wasn’t worth my time. If you’re a marketer, you want to avoid scrolling and unsubscribes … Read more

8 social media tips from experienced marketers

Social media is a constantly shifting sea of change. And at the helm of the ship navigating these tides are agile social teams. From changing best practices to new content formats, every new year (or sometimes new week) holds learnings, opportunities and experiments for social teams. To prepare for 2024, we gathered key social media … Read more

39 Emotions Digital Marketers Can Use In Advertising

In a previous article, How To Make A Video Go Viral, I mentioned research that shows videos that evoked the emotion of hilarity, inspiration, astonishment, and exhilaration tended to be shared the most. People shared videos that elicited “high-arousal” or intense emotions twice as much as ones that elicited “low-arousal” or moderate emotions.” For the … Read more

The 8 Types of Emails That Get the Most (And Least) Engagement, According to Marketers

I send the HubSpot Marketing Emails every day, so I’m pretty familiar with the types of marketing emails marketers can leverage. However, which ones gain the most engagement and which do not? To answer that question, and to pass that knowledge on to you, we ran a survey with Glimpse, asking marketers which types of … Read more

8 Brainstorming Tools Marketers Need to Try in 2023

We’ve all been there: staring intensely at the screen, willing ideas to come to our minds.When words or ideas aren’t shooting out of our minds or fingertips, we know we’ve entered a writers’ block rut. This is where brainstorming tools come in. By helping us generate and organize ideas, they can help both individual marketers, … Read more

12 Email Marketing Trends Marketers Should Know [According to My Inbox]

I send HubSpot’s Marketing Blog email newsletter daily (a not-so-subtle reminder to subscribe). So, it’s my job to keep a pulse on the latest email marketing trends. As a marketer, I often stay on top of trends by reading up on marketing news, but when it comes to email, there’s a much simpler method — … Read more

81 Social Commerce Stats Marketers Should Know in 2023

Everyone wants a personalized and custom experience online, so it’s no wonder that social commerce has taken over the online shopping world. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and WhatsApp already have thousands of businesses marketing on their platforms, and many have adopted shopping and payment functions that allow people to buy a product or … Read more

Key Updates From Alphabet’s Q3 Earnings Call For Marketers

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., held its third quarter 2023 earnings call, offering insights into how its major products and services are performing. Specifically, the earnings call transcript reveals how Alphabet’s investments in AI and new generative search capabilities positively impact its business, with implications for marketers and advertisers. Search Ads Google Search ads remain … Read more

Everything Marketers Need to Know About the New Apple iOS 17 – Litmus

On September 18, 2023, Apple launched its seventeenth release of Apple’s iOS operating system for the iPhone—iOS 17. And with it, one feature that had marketers scrambling: Apple’s Link Tracking Protection (LTP), which sounded like another version of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, but this time impacting click tracking. The horror!  In this blog post, we’ll … Read more

Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram: A guide for marketers

Is managing multiple social media accounts becoming too tedious? Is the pressure of crafting the perfect creator profile stressing you out? Think about it: From personal brands run by individual creators to large-scale corporate marketing efforts, the competition is heating up. Without the right tools, you’re essentially navigating a stormy sea in a leaky boat. … Read more

Social Media Platforms Marketers Should Watch in 2023

When you visit the App Store or Google Play and search “social media,” there are hundreds of apps to choose from. But, as the pool of social platforms grows, will any of them really change the game for marketers this year? In our Social Media Trends Survey, we asked 1,000+ social media marketers about the … Read more

19 Best AI Platforms for Marketers and Marketing Analysts in 2023

If you’ve used newly accessible generative AI tools, you’ve likely realized how many tasks you can streamline in just seconds. The right AI  platforms can help you or your business bridge the gap between cutting-edge algorithms and real-world applications, enabling AI systems to mimic human processes like reasoning, learning, and even social intelligence. But, with … Read more

A marketer’s guide to natural language processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that helps a computer understand and interpret naturally evolved languages (no, Klingon doesn’t count) as opposed to artificial computer languages like Java or Python. Its ability to understand the intricacies of human language, including context and cultural nuances, makes it an integral part of AI … Read more

What does the future of decentralized social media mean for marketers?

When Meta announced the launch of Threads in early July, the tech company unveiled its plans for the fediverse, sparking conversations about the future of decentralized social media. The innovation is already gaining traction, but decentralized social media could change Web3 as we know it. But first, let’s define the concept of decentralized social media … Read more

7 enterprise reporting tips for social media marketers

The stakes are high when it comes to enterprise reporting. Because as your company scales, so does the scope of metrics your business monitors. Wrangling reporting at the enterprise level isn’t just about how much data you’re dealing with. In fact, there’s a much bigger challenge in how you communicate that data across departments. And … Read more

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