What SEO Should Know About Brand Marketing With Mordy Oberstein

What SEO Should Know About Brand Marketing With Mordy Oberstein

For the SEO industry, the Google documents leak offered an important view behind the scenes. Although the leak was not a blueprint of how the algorithm worked, there was considerable confirmation that SEO professionals were right about many elements of the algorithm. From all the analysis and discussion following the leak, the one insight that … Read more

CMOs Under Pressure: The Unseen Challenges In B2B Marketing

A recent study of 121 B2B CMOs and marketing leaders has uncovered current marketing industry challenges. The study by Bospar, CMO Huddles, and Redpoint examines the concept of an “underground recession” in marketing departments and its implications for professionals in the field. Key findings include: Budget constraints and their impact on marketing strategies Changing deal … Read more

Ethical AI in Marketing: Legal Compliance Tips

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! What do you get when you mix AI, marketing, and ethics? Confusion. Frustration. Potentially questionable decisions. And a whole lot of hands in the air (and not because we “just don’t care”). We asked Arizona … Read more

The 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses Free & Paid (2024)

A digital marketing course is a good entry point for anyone wanting a career in SEO or online marketing. It can help to provide a basic knowledge base as a starting point. You can build many different specialized career paths, and if you’re just starting your career or seeking to understand digital marketing as a … Read more

Four Differentiated Marketing Tactics Using Community and Audience

Kieran and I conducted an experiment with ChatGPT to brainstorm an unconventional marketing plan. Here are four intriguing approaches it suggested using community and audience — and why we think they’re valuable for marketers. In the latest episode of Marketing Against the Grain, we experimented with ChatGPT to develop a differentiated marketing strategy for acquiring … Read more

START Planning Steps To Develop Your Digital Marketing Success Plan – S For Strategy

This excerpt is from The Digital Marketing Success Plan, the new book from SEJ VIP Contributor Corey Morris. In what is the most distracted and disrupted era in digital marketing–especially SEO–history, we’re testing and trying things out faster than ever. While change is coming at us fast, it is critically important to still have a … Read more

Leading LinkedIn influencers for your marketing strategy

When you hear about influencer marketing, you might envision people posting idyllic pictures on Instagram or TikTok Stories highlighting promoted products. But today, influencer marketing has evolved, and so have influencer platforms. LinkedIn now represents a significant opportunity for influencer marketing, particularly if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company. With almost a billion members across 200 … Read more

10 Creative Ways To Motivate Your Marketing Team

Everyone loves a good pizza party, but there are many more fun and creative ways to motivate your marketing team! Motivation is about creating an environment where people can do their best work, offering incentives that meet real needs, and building a healthy team culture. Giving incentives for hard work can significantly increase company loyalty, … Read more

Account-Based Marketing – Successful ABM: What B2B Marketers and Salespeople Need From Each Other

What do B2B marketers and salespeople need from each other to execute successful account-based marketing ( ABM) strategies? To find out, Iron Horse surveyed 400 B2B marketing and sales decision-makers. Some 55% of marketers say salespeople should be involved in the content creation process in order to execute ABM successfully, and 50% of salespeople say … Read more

The Top 3 Challenges Regional Marketing Models Create for Global Businesses

Starbucks recently shifted from a global to a regional marketing structure. Kieran and I believe this is the worst thing you can do to your marketing strategy, resulting in significant, long-term business consequences. Starbucks’ new CEO, Brady Brewer, recently announced a shift from a global marketing approach to a regional, decentralized model. As part of … Read more

OpenAI’s Rockset Acquisition And How It May Impact Digital Marketing

OpenAI acquired a technology from Rockset that will enable the creation of new products, real-time data analysis, and recommendation systems, possibly signaling a new phase for OpenAI that could change the face of search marketing in the near future. What Is Rockset And Why It’s Important Rockset describes its technology as a Hybrid Search, a … Read more

Marketing Pros on How to Create Engaging Webinars That Boost Your Brand Authority

In a sea of short-form content, webinars are a breath of fresh air to content marketers like me who want the opportunity to create stronger relationships with prospects and existing customers. In fact, learning how to create a webinar and take advantage of long-form and engaging content formats has become a crucial part of my marketing … Read more

Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound? 10 Examples & Top Differences

In April 2024, HubSpot asked 537 email marketers across industries in the U.S. if email marketing was inbound or outbound — 51% said it was inbound, while 49% believed it to be outbound. It’s fascinating to see how opinions differ on this topic, even among professionals. As an experienced marketing leader, I’ve always approached email … Read more

Reddit is My Surprising Secret to Marketing Success: Here’s How I’ve Used it to Grow My Business

Like many small businesses, I had essentially zero marketing budget when I started my PPC (pay per click) agency Getuplead. Even though my colleagues and I are experts in handling paid marketing for other brands, it wasn’t something we could initially afford to do ourselves. But with so many competitor agencies out there, it was … Read more

The 49 Best Google Tools For Productivity & Marketing

Google might be a dominant search engine worldwide, but over the years, it has also experimented with many products and Google tools that make our lives easier. The very first Google tool was Adwords, launched on October 23, 2000. At the time, we couldn’t anticipate how much it would change the direction of commerce and … Read more

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