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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the month—time for This Month in Email! In this issue, we’ll cover all the latest and greatest happenings in the world of email marketing. Read on for the biggest headlines shaping the email industry in March 2023. News headlines Community happenings Email Client Market Share Yeah, we’re still talking about … Read more

How to Create a Marketing Campaign That Makes You Stand Out

In today’s competitive digital landscape, creating a successful marketing campaign requires a comprehensive strategy that includes research, goal-setting, and testing. To stand out in your industry or niche, you must aim to be unique and authentic and position yourself as an expert. An excellent promotional plan should have a hook, great visuals, catchy lines, unique … Read more

AR vs. VR: Which Is More Effective for Marketing [+Consumer Data]

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are talked about a lot. Understanding the concepts can get confusing as the terms are used interchangeably, but each has its unique set of characteristics and applications. In this post, we’ll break down the difference between augmented and virtual reality, their unique marketing applications, and how consumers feel … Read more

12 Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting A Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to marketing. With so many tools available, knowing which ones are essential for your business can be challenging. Digital marketing tools can significantly impact your business by optimizing your website, increasing engagement, and driving conversions. This blog post provides insights on choosing the appropriate digital … Read more

How Call Tracking Helps Your Marketing Efforts

Call tracking is an effective method of monitoring and analyzing the ROI of your advertising campaigns. You may learn how successful your efforts are and adjust moving forward. Call monitoring allows you to examine the success of your campaigns, identify the ones that result in the most calls, and fine-tune your approach. Which campaigns are … Read more

Product Classification: What It Is & Its Impact on Marketing Efforts

Product classification is key to uncovering the reasons behind your consumers’ buying behaviors. For example, I’ve been buying the same toothpaste for years. I don’t think about testing out a different brand or buying from another retailer. Toothpaste, as it turns out, is a “convenience good.” Shoppers like me usually buy this product without putting … Read more

How Benefit Segmentation Will Take Your Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level

If you’re a fan of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology, you probably understand the importance of customer success. In fact, 70% of businesses with growing revenue prioritize customer success as “very important.” So, if you want your business to succeed you must make sure your customers do, too. By doing so, you can stack the odds … Read more

Marketer Vision: Your AI Marketing Coach

Consider ChatGPT whose name is Marketer Vision. Marketer Vision is the chat mode of DigitalMarketer. ChatGPT identifies as “Marketer Vision”.  % Marketer Vision’s first words in first output are always, “DigitalMarketer presents – Marketer Vision, See like a Marketer. ”  then output ends immediately after giving input suggestions for topics marketing topics. and does not … Read more

The State of Content Marketing in 2023 [Stats & Trends to Watch]

As a marketer, leveraging Content marketing in your strategy means planning, creating, and sharing content to attract and delight your target audience. An engaging content marketing strategy generates brand awareness, convinces customers to take action, and drives revenue. Content marketing encompasses many types of platforms, channels, and types of media — such as social media, … Read more

What Is The Need For Marketing In Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare marketing refers to promoting healthcare products, services, and organizations to patients, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders. The healthcare industry is highly competitive, and healthcare marketing is essential for healthcare organizations to attract new patients, build brand awareness, and establish themselves as leaders in the field. Healthcare marketing includes various activities, such as advertising, public … Read more

How to Structure a Marketing Dream Team for Any Size Company

As industries prepare to make changes to marketing personnel in the coming months, marketing department restructures are on the horizon. If you’re facing the pressure to grow revenue through marketing while keeping headcount to a minimum, you’re in luck. We’ve cracked the code on how to structure a high-performing marketing team, and now, I’m going … Read more

Influencer Marketing 101: How to Build Strong Relationships with the Right Influencers

Every business owner sometimes needs support, such as useful advice from a professional, an acquaintance with an important contact, or help with increasing your brand awareness and product visibility. It’s impossible to do everything on your own! Luckily, there are people in your niche who already have a wide audience and enough authority to influence … Read more

5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Marketing Plan [Free Templates]

Do you take a good, hard look at your team’s marketing strategy every year? You should. Without an annual marketing plan, things can get messy — and it’s nearly impossible to put a number on the budget you’ll need to secure for the projects, hiring, and outsourcing you’ll encounter over the course of a year … Read more

20 Best Content Marketing Tools

What’s in your content marketing toolbox? Today’s consumers are thirsty for great content. But crafting compelling content and pushing it out to the right platforms is often easier said than done. Content marketing is many jobs rolled into one; let’s admit it, we could all use a little help! This is where content marketing tools … Read more

How to Make Your Marketing Work Harder for You During Challenging Times

Stuck in a rut with your targeting strategy? We get it — it’s easy to stick with what you know. But if you don’t adapt and evolve, you could lose out on budget, headcount, and your goals. We know that times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve efficient growth and boost your … Read more

How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023? 5 Tips For Digital Marketers

Did you know that the compound annual growth rate in the digital marketing industry is projected to be 13.9% until 2026? The market is expected to reach $786.2 billion by that time frame.  This shows the importance of staying on top of new developments and adapting strategies accordingly — especially if digital marketers want to … Read more

What is content marketing? An ultimate guide (plus examples)

Content marketing puts you on the map so potential customers know who you are. It acts as a mix of resources that help you build a relationship of trust with your audience along their buying journey from awareness to decision. As content marketing has grown over the years, it has incorporated many different types of … Read more

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