27 Best About Us and About Me Page Examples [+Templates]

Your about page summarizes your history, values, and mission — all in one place. That’s a tall order for just a few paragraphs. If you’re feeling stuck, turn to these about-page examples for inspiration.  In this post, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating the perfect about page. That includes best practices for writing … Read more

New from Start Page: Schedule Posts to your Link In Bio for Free

When we launched Start Page 12 months ago we set out to build a beautiful, mobile-friendly, link in bio site that’s easy to set up and even easier to update. Over that time we’ve been adding heaps of small improvements and updates, but today is our biggest update to date… As of today, you can … Read more

How to Write a Sales Page

Need to write a sales page for an upcoming launch? Looking to improve the existing copy in your funnel or website? If so, I’m going to teach you the 10 things your sales page MUST include if you want to make sure your copy creates trust, builds authority and converts like craaaaaaazy. Hey Posse! What’s … Read more

Page not found – Litmus

January is always a time for reflection. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on years gone by—the good and the bad—before looking to the future. This past year was one of both struggle and growth as a company and, as such, has gotten us all especially nostalgic. That’s why, … Read more

How To Build A Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report In Less Than 4 Minutes

In Universal Analytics (UA), we used to open Behavior reports > Site Content > Landing Pages. The UA landing pages report showed us acquisition, behavior, and conversion metrics organized by the landing page visitors used to enter the site. You could get more granular by adding segments, secondary dimensions, and advanced filters. This data is … Read more

New Updates To Google Page Experience Scoring Revealed At SEODay

In an online session at SEODay 2022, Google Search Advocate John Mueller spoke about the impact of page experience on search engine rankings and changes to how the search engine scores sites. One of the changes revealed was that Google now bases desktop search results on a site’s desktop experience – and mobile search results … Read more

How is Start Page performing? A look at our launch metrics

In early 2021, we started talking about building a new tool at Buffer. We wanted to build a new feature to allow our customers to create beautiful micro sites easily. We wanted to create a simple, intuitive, and delightful experience. This new feature would be the first time we’d venture beyond focusing on purely social … Read more

The 7 Best Landing Page Builders For 2022

Creating measurable leads is essential for driving sales. But you cannot drive sales if your landing pages don’t convert. Landing pages play a crucial role in segmenting, iterating, and ultimately optimizing the user experience to improve campaign performance. Here are seven of the best landing page builders out there, and why each one is worth … Read more

How Does Google Handle Page Titles In Multiple Languages?

Writing page titles in multiple languages is generally not recommended. However, Google now has a way to handle them when they’re encountered. An algorithm update is rolling out that specifically targets multilingual page titles. Here’s what’s changing and how it will impact search results. Google Multilingual Title Algorithm Update Google’s algorithm update is designed to … Read more

How To Automate Ecommerce Category Page Creation With Python

Clustering product inventory and automatically aligning SKUs to search demand is a great way to find opportunities to create new ecommerce categories. Niche category pages are a proven way for ecommerce sites to align with organic search demand while simultaneously assisting users in purchasing. If a site stocks a range of products and there is … Read more

How Page Experience Ranking Factors Actually Work

Google’s John Mueller discussed various scenarios of how the page experience ranking factors did and did not influence rankings. He didn’t downplay Core Web Vitals (CWV) as a ranking factor but rather he added context for the kinds of situations where the Page Experience ranking factor makes a difference and examples of why it would … Read more

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