7 Powerful Steps To A Website That Is Always Optimized For Page Speed

7 Powerful Steps To A Website That Is Always Optimized For Page Speed

This post was sponsored by DebugBear. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. We’ve all experienced websites that take forever to load. It’s not a great first impression! A fast website can help you get more traffic and encourage your visitors to explore more of what you offer. (Check how fast your … Read more

13 Landing Page Types to Test & Pick for a Campaign (+New Data)

Whether you’re a blogger, social media marketer, or paid marketer — you have a healthy relationship with the landing page. Sometimes, you might go through rough patches where you wonder why landing pages exist. But they’re always there for you, increasing conversions, netting new leads, and driving traffic to the offers you’ve worked so hard … Read more

20 Great Landing Page Examples You'll Want to Copy in 2023

While many landing pages look different and use a variety of exciting strategies to pull in audiences, they all serve one major purpose — to convert to the next stage in the buyer’s journey. Rather than serving as a basic advertisement that shows a customer a product, a landing page aims to engage and delight … Read more

Drive Product Page Rankings With A Funnel Of Content & Links

Looking to boost rankings of key product pages while also driving secondary KPIs? Hoping to get your products on the first page of Google? On June 7, I moderated a webinar with Cory Collins, Nick Katseanes, and Kimberly Brown of Page One Power who showed us a unique, full-funnel approach. In that webinar, they shared … Read more

Will Improving Page Speed Count For Helpful Content In Google?

This week’s Ask An SEO Question comes from Christopher, who asks: “Is page speed performance part of the “helpful content” update as well? Could it potentially affect performance if users don’t find it helpful?” Great question, Christopher – and one that is asked in many meetings. No, improving or reducing page speed will not help … Read more

Landing Page Design Examples to Inspire Your Own in 2023

How do you convince visitors your website is worth their time? There are so many elements that a top-notch landing page design needs, and making those elements the “best” they can be often depends on what your landing page goals are. If you’re looking to up your landing page game, it’s helpful to know what … Read more

How To Boost Key Product Page Rankings With Link Building & Content Marketing

When shaping your SEO strategy, your success metrics come down to bottom-line results – what’s going to move the needle for your company and make a real impact? Which SEO strategies can you employ to hit your KPIs? In order to succeed in competitive markets, you must go beyond on-page optimization and sound technical SEO … Read more

Conversion Optimization for PPC: Delivering On The Promise From Ad To Landing Page [Podcast]

Boost Your ROI with Actionable Insights on Streamlining the Click-to-Conversion Process Looking for some great PPC conversion rate optimization tips? Navah Hopkins, PPC expert and SEJ contributor, joins me on the SEJShow, where we explore the art and science of turning ad clicks into valuable conversions. She delves into the crucial journey from ad to … Read more

Google On Ideal Number Of Products On A Page In Context of Ranking

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about how many product listings on a page are recommended as optimal for ranking purposes. John Mueller suggested that the best answer could be found in considering the question from a different angle. The person asked the question on the Mastodon social website. He asked: “@johnmu do you prefer … Read more

27 Best About Us and About Me Page Examples [+Templates]

Your about page summarizes your history, values, and mission — all in one place. That’s a tall order for just a few paragraphs. If you’re feeling stuck, turn to these about-page examples for inspiration.  In this post, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating the perfect about page. That includes best practices for writing … Read more

New from Start Page: Schedule Posts to your Link In Bio for Free

When we launched Start Page 12 months ago we set out to build a beautiful, mobile-friendly, link in bio site that’s easy to set up and even easier to update. Over that time we’ve been adding heaps of small improvements and updates, but today is our biggest update to date… As of today, you can … Read more

How to Write a Sales Page

Need to write a sales page for an upcoming launch? Looking to improve the existing copy in your funnel or website? If so, I’m going to teach you the 10 things your sales page MUST include if you want to make sure your copy creates trust, builds authority and converts like craaaaaaazy. Hey Posse! What’s … Read more

Page not found – Litmus

January is always a time for reflection. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on years gone by—the good and the bad—before looking to the future. This past year was one of both struggle and growth as a company and, as such, has gotten us all especially nostalgic. That’s why, … Read more

How To Build A Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report In Less Than 4 Minutes

In Universal Analytics (UA), we used to open Behavior reports > Site Content > Landing Pages. The UA landing pages report showed us acquisition, behavior, and conversion metrics organized by the landing page visitors used to enter the site. You could get more granular by adding segments, secondary dimensions, and advanced filters. This data is … Read more

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