Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

Google To Display More Product Options With New Markup

Google expands structured data for product variants, enabling online merchants to showcase inventory variations in search results. Google now supports structured data for product variants like size, color, etc. Sites must use new structured data markup to show product variations. Valid implementation can lead to enhanced search listings. Source link

Crafting the Perfect Product Prototype Might Be Easier Than You Think

So, you’ve got the perfect product idea in your head. You’re confident that it will solve all of your target audience’s problems, and the profit margins are more than viable. You need investment to get your idea off the ground, but you are finding it difficult to articulate the function of your product and failing … Read more

How to Create Strong Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2024, According to LinkedIn's Global Product Marketing Leader

Welcome to HubSpot’s Expert Edge Series, where we interview top execs at major brands to explore their perspectives on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry. Puppies and the park. Beach days and ice cream. Some things just obviously go together — but what if I put sales and marketing together in that … Read more

How to conduct a competitive product analysis, and why you should

Think about the last purchase you made. What made you choose one product over another? Its look? Its ease of use? The price point? Consumers have to weigh many options any time they make a purchase. So it pays for your brand and products to stand out against the competition. But what does make your … Read more

How To Succeed At Launching A New E-Commerce Product Line

First impressions matter, especially in a niche where e-commerce websites are competing closely for the attention of online buyers. That’s something you’ll want to remember if you’re setting up the stage for the release of a new product line. Every new lineup that you launch presents you with an opportunity to reintroduce your customers to … Read more

Jessica Rolph Says Your Subscription Product Needs Purpose

Foundr Magazine publishes in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Our articles highlight key takeaways from each month’s issue. We talked with Jessica Rolph, founder of Lovevery and Happy Family, about building a subscription business from scratch. To read more, subscribe to the magazine. ————— Walk into any store that sells baby food and you’ll … Read more

Product Sourcing Blueprint: Get the Same Method This Expert Used for 2,500 Products

You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the vision. Now you just need the product. When you source a product from a supplier, whether it’s local or (more likely) overseas, there are reasons to worry. Pick an unprofessional supplier and you could waste hundreds of hours and have to restart. Or miss a mistake in your … Read more

AI Marketing Campaigns Only a Bot Could Launch & Which Tools Pitch the Best Ones [Product Test]

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve tried out a generative AI tool. You’ve played around with ChatGPT to generate headlines. Yet, these fragmented use cases don’t capture the full power of deploying AI strategically. In five years, many companies will be creating AI marketing campaigns. According to McKinsey & Co., 90% of commercial leaders believe … Read more

Product Launch Checklist: How to Launch a Product, According to HubSpot's Experts

Like a tree falling in the woods, if you plan a product launch without spreading the word — will anyone use it? Will anyone even want it? Probably not. Whether you‘re launching something huge, something small, or you’re updating a current offering, you’ll want to start your preparation well in advance of the launch date … Read more

From Concept to Confirmation: A Comprehensive Guide to Product Idea Validation

You’ve cracked it. You’ve found the perfect product, and you’re ready to take it to market. You set up a supplier, purchase your first batch, list your product, and wait for the sales to roll in. But instead of sales, you’re met with a mediocre response at best and 1,000 pet chicken harnesses packed into … Read more

Product Managers’ Toolbox: Top-Rated Product Roadmap Management Software

Product managers have their work cut out for them. Successful shepherding a product from its initial conception, through multiple stages of iteration and development, and finally to a successful marketplace launch requires a high level of coordination and efficiency. Product managers often have to oversee multiple processes and several multidisciplinary teams, ranging from engineers to … Read more

Google Updates Product Ratings Policies On Automated AI Content

Google has updated its Product Ratings policies, effective August 28, 2023, on artificial intelligence (AI) and automated content. Kudos to Duane Forrester, who spotted and shared the policy update on Twitter. Automated And AI-Generated Reviews The addition clarifies that reviews generated by an automated program or AI application are not allowed and should be flagged … Read more

How to Create a Product Launch Email [Outlines + Templates]

There are few times more exciting in a company than a product launch. Anticipation brews among the team and a sense of optimism emerges around the prospect of a growth in market share. Still, this question always arises when a new product launches: Will this campaign be successful? There are multiple avenues through which to … Read more

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