Google Updates Product Structured Data Guidance

Google Updates Product Structured Data Guidance

Google Search Central updated its Products Structured Data documentation to clarify the product-related pages that qualify for structured data. Product Structured Data Structured data is a way to communicate information about a web page to search engines. It is not meant to be seen by users visiting a web page. Search engines use structured data … Read more

Ecommerce Collection Pages: The Intersection of Content and Product with Lauren Petrullo [VIDEO]

Check out our brand new eCommerce Marketing Mastery Certification: STOP NEGLECTING YOUR COLLECTION PAGES! We have seen the impact of optimizing and maximizing your collection pages, and Lauren swears by this method! Lauren Petrullo is the CEO and Founder of Award Winning Marketing Agency, Mongoose Media LLC based in Orlando, Florida. She is also … Read more

Hidden Secret For Product Photography with Lauren Petrullo [VIDEO]

Check out our brand new eCommerce Marketing Mastery Certification: It’s IMPERATIVE that you have great photos, because great photos sell your product and start conversations with your customers! Not only are they important for your website, they can be repurposed for your email campaigns, social media, and more! Lauren Petrullo is the CEO and … Read more

How to Find a Manufacturer to Bring Your Product Vision to Life

There are few things in entrepreneurship more exciting than seeing your ideas come to life in a tangible form. You’ve spent countless late nights polishing and revising your designs,  and now it’s time to build your product flawlessly. But do you know how to find a manufacturer? This step is also often the most nerve-wracking, … Read more

Product Market Fit with Scott Cunningham [VIDEO]

Scott Cunningham, CEO of Social Lite and Co-Founder of Merchant Mastery, has worked with thousands of ecommerce stores. The one thing he hears ALL. The. Time?  “Facebook doesn’t work for my business.” If you’ve said that about your ecommerce store, listen in as Scott shares what’s missing and how you can overcome that hurdle and … Read more

What We’ve Learned Launching a New Product as an 11-Year-Old Company

At Buffer, we spend a lot of time thinking about growth. Small business growth to be precise. We love reading stories about a start-up candle company growing revenue by 5x on social, and a brand that gained 400,000 followers in its first four years. Amongst many of these stories, we’ve seen one consistent theme. To … Read more

How Product Information Management (PIM) Helps

Growing regional/national to major international brands have a lot of questions about product description page (PDP) optimization. How much can be automated? Does it matter if some of them have duplication? What do we do with variable products that exist on a single URL? Can I use manufacturer-provided product descriptions? The problems with product descriptions … Read more

Entrepreneurs Swear by This Product Launch Formula. Here’s How It Works

PLF, or Product Launch Formula, is the brainchild of multimillionaire Jeff Walker. His approach hinges on sending high-value videos to your audience in the lead up to the actual launch, and it’s spread like wildfire. PLF consists of four phases: Pre-Pre Launch, Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch. Pre-Pre Launch is for building the email list using … Read more

My Experience From Three Years of Product Development

People always tell you that building a business isn’t a quick and easy journey and that the “overnight success” stories you see tend to downplay the years of work that go into creating that success. So, when I started my innovative undergarments company, Perkies, I expected it to be about the journey, not the destination. … Read more

New Google Algorithm Update Aimed At Product Reviews

Google launches a third product review algorithm update in search results, which builds off of the product review updates introduced last year. The first product review algorithm update, which is designed to reward content with first-hand research, went live in April 2021. A second product review update followed in December. Today’s update continues Google’s efforts … Read more

How Can I Rank Informational & Product Pages On The Same Keyword?

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Nafsika from Hamburg, Germany, who asks: “I have two pages ranking for the same keyword: a product page and a glossary article. The glossary article ranks better, but the product page is more important (and therefore should rank higher). Is there a way to make the product page … Read more

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