Google’s Search Relations Team Explores Web3’s SEO Impact

Google's Search Relations Team Explores Web3's SEO Impact

In the latest episode of the “Search Off the Record” podcast, the Google Search Relations team, comprised of John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Martin Splitt, delved into a thought-provoking conversation around the impact of Web3 on SEO. The team provides insights and addresses the ramifications of this technology on SEO practices while acknowledging that Web3 … Read more

Google Search Console: New Report Details Content Growth

Google has rolled out an upgrade to Search Console, offering enhanced content performance insights for properties not linked to a Google Analytics account. This new feature includes a “growing content” report, which displays impression and clicks growth changes for top-performing content over a specific date range. This report showcases the ‘growth’ of content, as determined … Read more

Local Landing Pages: A Strategy For Ranking Local Search Terms

Location landing pages don’t get enough respect. You set them up with your name, address, phone number & hours. Maybe you embed a Google Map for driving directions. Perhaps you write some copy that no one will read, and if you have multiple locations, you repeat the same copy on each page and just change … Read more

Google Search Generative Experience: A Look At SGE With 12 AI Overviews

Google began rolling out the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) to people on the Search Labs waitlist. SGE adds generative AI capabilities to Google Search results. Here’s a look inside the SGE on desktop and mobile and how SGE results compare to typical Google SERP features. How To Get Access To Google SGE Via … Read more

3 Steps To Building A Winning Holistic Search Strategy

A multi-channel, holistic approach to search marketing is a must in today’s digital marketing space. You can maximize digital shelf space by removing silos between teams and finding synergies on how paid and organic search can work together. On May 10, I moderated a webinar with Wayne Cichanski, Vice President of Search and Site Experience … Read more

Optimizing News Sites Using Google Search Console Reports

In a new video tutorial, Google Search Advocates Daniel Waisberg and Cherry Prommawin explain how to leverage Google Search Console’s reports for managing and optimizing news websites. The video provides comprehensive information about using Search Console data to achieve greater success on Google’s platforms. Performance Report: The Key To Analyzing Search Presence Waisberg begins by … Read more

Google Explains: How To Use Search Console Bulk Data Export

Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg recently presented an in-depth video on bulk data exports, a feature that allows you to export, store, and analyze Search Console data. This novel solution surpasses capabilities and makes managing enormous data volumes a breeze. Here’s how. An Overview of Current Data-Exporting Solutions Before introducing the bulk data export feature, … Read more

AI Search Engine Neeva Acquired By Snowflake

Former search engine Neeva was acquired by data cloud platform company Snowflake, hinting at future integration of the Neeva AI search technology into their products. Neeva Neeva was founded by two former Google executives with a vision to create a search engine that didn’t show ads or sell user data. Their path to monetization was … Read more

How To Succeed In Search, Reputation & Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt that local marketing is becoming increasingly more competitive. To outpace competitors and engage with local customers, especially when you’re a national brand, it helps to incorporate a more well-rounded approach to marketing across search, social, and reputation management. Today, even brands that operate locally are expected to provide local information on SERPs … Read more

Neeva, The Ad-Free Search Engine, Announces Closure

In an unexpected turn of events, Neeva, the ad-free and privacy-focused search engine, has announced plans to shutter its consumer search operations. The company, co-founded by former Google executives Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, announced on its website today. Neeva’s Journey Launched in 2019, Neeva aimed to disrupt the search engine market by offering an … Read more

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search

How does YouTube SEO work? What are the steps to optimize your YouTube videos for search? The answers to these questions are simpler than you might think. While it might seem difficult to get any exposure on YouTube, you can implement certain strategies to ensure that the YouTube algorithm favors you in the search results. … Read more

Google Unveils Search Upgrades At I/O: Generative AI & ‘Perspectives’

Today at Google I/O, several advancements to Search were unveiled for the first time. Two of the most significant updates to Search include integrating a “Perspectives” feature and applying generative AI to enhance search results. These enhancements aim to reshape how users discover information and deepen their understanding of topics. Transformative Generative AI Screenshot from: … Read more

2023’s Top 7 Local Search Ranking Factors, Illustrated and Explained

Learning to be the best in town at the top seven elements experts feel impact your rankings in Google’s local packs is a smart strategic foundation. Thanks to Darren Shaw who has been running the Local Search Ranking Factors survey since 2017, we all benefit from this respected annual report in which local SEO professionals … Read more

Microsoft Unveils Next-Gen Bing & Edge: The Future of Search

Microsoft is launching the next generation of AI-powered Bing and Edge to transform the search software category. Key characteristics of the next generation include: Transitioning from a Limited Preview to an Open Preview of Bing, thereby eliminating the trial waitlist. Enhancing the search experience from text-only to a more visual one with rich image/video answers … Read more

Brave Search Cuts Ties With Bing & Goes Independent

Brave Search, the offspring of the privacy-focused browser Brave, has announced a significant leap forward in its evolution. It now boasts complete independence from other search engines, a remarkable achievement in the world of search. Brave Search: A Brief History The journey towards independence for Brave Search began in 2021 following the acquisition of Tailcat’s … Read more

Making A Difference One Search At A Time

With growing environmental and social issues, people are looking for ways to help create a greener future. A straightforward approach to contribute is by using environmentally-conscious search engines that aid different ecological and societal initiatives. This article examines a selection of leading eco-friendly search engines and the projects they support. Ecosia: The Green Search Engine … Read more

Google Updates Helpful Content Guidance, Streamlines Search Console Reports

Google is updating its guidance on creating helpful content by adding a section dedicated to page experience. The update aims to help site owners consider page experience more holistically during the content creation process. What’s New? Google’s help page on creating helpful content has been revamped with a new section on providing an excellent page … Read more

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