How To Think About SEO, Content & PR Measurement (Indicated In The Google Leak)

How To Think About SEO, Content & PR Measurement (Indicated In The Google Leak)

Google’s recent leak highlighted engagement as part of the ranking system, alluding to the importance of influencing audience behavior to drive SEO-specific metrics, like ranking or organic visibility. That said, I’ve been using simple variations of these measures for a while to evaluate the impact of integrated PR and SEO campaigns. I don’t think the … Read more

What Is Schema Markup & Why Is It Important For SEO? is a collection of vocabulary (or schemas) used to apply structured data markup to web pages and content. Correctly applying schema can improve SEO outcomes through rich snippets. Structured data markup is translated by platforms such as Google and Microsoft to provide enhanced rich results (or rich snippets) in search engine results pages or … Read more

When Is Duplicate Content Acceptable For Local SEO? Google Explains

Google’s John Mueller clarified that localized duplicate content across regional websites is acceptable. Unique content is still recommended for specific page types. Google doesn’t penalize duplicate content on localized websites. Translating or customizing core content for local markets is acceptable. However, unique content is still needed for certain pages. Source link

A 9-Step Guide to Writing an SEO Proposal [Free Template]

Imagine you have hundreds of files in a folder labeled “Important Files.” Some of the files are named by date, some by subject, and some by author. You have to sift through all of them to find a review of the new neighborhood pizza place. Without a consistent filename or organizational structure, you’re not going … Read more

David Vs. Goliath [Part 2]: Algorithm Updates Have Become The Biggest Risk In SEO

Boost your skills with Growth Memo’s weekly expert insights. Subscribe for free! Taking a break from analyzing leaked Google ranking factors and AI Overviews, let’s come back to the question, “Do big sites get an unfair advantage in Google Search?” In part 1 of David vs. Goliath, I found that bigger sites indeed grow faster than smaller … Read more

6 Local SEO Full-Guides That Help You Rank For Your Business Type

The elusive five-star review used to be something you could only flaunt in a rotating reviews section on your website. But today, Google has pulled these stars out of the shadows and features them front and center across branded SERPs and beyond. Star ratings can help businesses earn trust from potential customers, improve local search … Read more

How To Adapt Your SEO Strategy In 2024 & Beyond

Have you noticed a dip in your search rankings lately? Are you feeling frustrated and anxious about your website’s performance? Given the state of SEO this past year, we’d be surprised if you didn’t. As the search landscape continues to evolve, we’re seeing a surge in volatility, with high-quality content often outranked by spam pages. … Read more

Google Responds: Is Desktop SEO Still Necessary?

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question about whether it’s okay to stop optimizing a desktop version of a website now that Google is switching over to exclusively indexing mobile versions of websites. The question asked is related to an announcement they made a week ago: “…the small set of sites we’ve still been crawling … Read more

Mastering Content Mapping: A Strategic Approach To Boost SEO

Successful SEO content should act as a guide – not just around your website, but for users on their specific journey to answers and solutions. Visitors to your website arrive with different intentions and levels of awareness. Some may be casually browsing your site for the first time, others might be actively researching your products … Read more

SEO In Crisis? Moz Search Scientist Warns Of Challenges Ahead

Are the days of organic SEO numbered? That’s the idea raised by a search scientist’s assessment of Google’s AI-powered disruptions. At MozCon’s 20th annual conference, Tom Capper, Moz’s Senior Search Scientist, provided a data-driven reality check. Capper warned attendees “At the end of this talk, I’m going to tell you that full-funnel organic marketing is … Read more

Google AI Overview and Impact on SEO, Marketing, Advertising

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! Marketing and advertising are experiencing an unprecedented era of transformation. Multiple market factors are at play: the potential deprecation of third-party cookies, the emergence of new alternative identifiers, Google’s privacy sandbox promises, and significant changes … Read more

Top SEO & Content Marketing Trends To Future-Proof Your Strategy

What are the key SEO and content marketing trends you should prioritize in 2024 and beyond? Join us and find out!  With search taking on a more human-first and user-centric approach, powered by AI intelligence and collaboration, now’s the time to adapt your strategy.   That’s why on June 18, we’re hosting a live webinar with … Read more

MozCon 2024 Announcements: AI SEO Tools & Affordable API Plans

Today, at its MozCon 2024 conference, Moz announced a range of new AI-driven features and product updates. The announcements focused on modernizing tools to address the changing needs of SEO professionals. Ethan Hays, Moz’s General Manager, acknowledges that “the search landscape has seen more turbulence this last year than at almost any point in Moz’s … Read more

How SEO Experts Can Utilize ChatGPT For BigQuery With Examples

AI is shaping every field by making skills (such as coding or data visualization) accessible to everyone, which weren’t available in the past. An AI operator who can run the right prompts can perform low- and medium-level difficulty tasks, allowing more focus on strategic decision-making. In this guide, we will walk you through step by … Read more

Google Search Console Complete Guide For SEO

Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for SEO as it provides data about the organic performance of a website or page. Understanding how users search for products and services, measuring your site performance in the search engines, and getting recommendations for improvements are vital to SEO. Originally known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search … Read more

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