6 Common Hreflang Tag Mistakes Sabotaging Your International SEO

6 Common Hreflang Tag Mistakes Sabotaging Your International SEO

Correct hreflang tags are critical to international SEO success if you run your business across multiple domains targeting different languages or regions. When hreflang tags are missing, or incorrectly used, you hurt your SEO. I first experienced this frustration many years ago when managing the SEO of a client’s eight Shopify stores. Without the correct … Read more

How Public Web Data Helps Small Business SEO Strategies

This post was sponsored by Bright Data. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. SEO is a never-ending battle that has everyone vying for the top spot, both literally and figuratively. The competition between marketing teams across the world has changed the way consumers seek out and buy products and services. SEO … Read more

SEO & Local Market Orientation For International Expansions

In my last column, I addressed the business benefits of an International SEO Strategy, and the first benefit was to complement your broader global strategic plan. This is a critical alignment especially when it comes to how you plan to deploy websites to target these markets. Managing multiple global websites not only requires resources to … Read more

How To Calculate Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) For SEO

When launching a new product/company or pitching for additional funding, forecasting against your TAM (total addressable market) is a key component. The TAM is a key part of a user acquisition strategy and your SEO campaign alike. It can help you prioritize optimization activities and forecast traffic potential based on your pre-determined keyword sets. Your … Read more

7 Methods To Research & Analyze Your Audience For SEO

When I describe SEO, I explain that it is a mix of marketing, technical know-how, and psychology. From a marketing perspective, you must have an overall understanding of your product, the problems it solves, and how to best communicate to your audience. From a technical perspective, you must be able to create a foundation for … Read more

Has Google’s SEO Office Hours Lost Its Spark?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about what strategy to use to make specific pages show as sitelinks in Google’s search results. Mueller provided an answer that noticeably matched what’s in the official Google Search Central documentation for sitelinks, although he added a little more nuance than what’s in the official documentation. Nevertheless, Google’s new … Read more

10 Local SEO Strategies For Doctors And Dentists

Google contributes a large percentage of traffic to many healthcare websites. For doctor appointment bookings, 57% of patients start by using online search. And when patients are searching for a healthcare facility on Google, they genuinely mean business. SimilarWeb finds that 85% of the traffic to ClevelandClinic.org, 83% of the traffic to HopkinsMedicine.org, and 87% … Read more

A Complete Google Search Console Guide For SEO Pros

Google search console provides data necessary to monitor website performance in search and improve search rankings, information that is exclusively available through Search Console. This makes it indispensable for online business and publishers that are keen to maximize success. Taking control of your search presence is easier to do when using the free tools and … Read more

Growth Marketing vs SEO – Is There A Difference? [Podcast]

SEO has become a major part of marketing strategies in the past decade. As Google’s ranking algorithms continue to improve and change over time, businesses across all industries must now put more resources into other growth tactics that will keep them going. In this episode, Mark Spera joined me to talk about Merchant Center, Growth … Read more

6 Best Enterprise Tools & Platforms For Technical SEO

Having a strong technical infrastructure helps search engines crawl and index your content. By improving the technical aspects of a website – such as site structure, file compression, and load time – technical SEO can help boost your website’s visibility and organic traffic. While it’s possible to perform many technical SEO tasks manually, several tools … Read more

Top 17 Enterprise SEO Metrics To Inform Your Reporting

Measuring SEO metrics is essential for proving the value of your efforts and optimizations. It’s the key to getting budget from existing clients and executives, landing new ones, making the business case to justify SEO spend, and keeping your current clients happy. With a plethora of SEO platforms and point solutions on the market, here … Read more

Training & Professional Development Tips For Remote-First SEO Teams

People management is critical to the success of your remote-first SEO team. You may never meet in person, and many of the verbal and visual cues inherent to working in the same physical space are gone. This is the final part of a three-part series on building your remote SEO team, whether in-house or at … Read more

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