How These LGBTQ+ owned Businesses Did Pride on Social Media

How 6 LGBTQ+-Owned Businesses Celebrated Pride Month on Social Media

💡 This piece was a collaborative effort between me and Tamilore. The first-ever Pride parade – also known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day March – occurred in New York in June 1970 during the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It was a way for the community to reflect and honor the bravery of … Read more

Tips For Marketing Your Gym On Social Media Effectively

Social media remains one of the most effective methods of marketing a gym. It can help to improve brand recognition and awareness, increase your conversion rate and attract new members. Furthermore, social media marketing can also help to drive traffic to your gym website, thus helping you to generate more leads and customers.  And unlike … Read more

How Social Media Can Affect Your Spending and What You Can Do About It

In the last decade, social media has changed how we interact with businesses. While we might still visit physical stores to purchase goods, the average person can spend several hours each week browsing company offerings on social media and being influenced by celebrities and people they admire or envy. You may not realize that social … Read more

How Creators Monetize Social Media With Affiliate Marketing

Gen Zers use many social networks to create connections, play games, consume and share content and earn from it. One increasing trend is that this generation isn’t just looking to engage with content, but they also want to create it and make money on it. According to various polls, Gen Zers are the most actively … Read more

Planning Social Media Campaigns For Every Holiday: A Case Study with Letterbox Gifts

One of the most tried-and-true social media strategies is to build a content calendar around celebrations, events, and holidays. This is especially the case for UK-based gifting company Letterbox Gifts. They’re a women-led business that aims to make sending gifts to friends & family easy and enjoyable, offering a range of curated and hand-wrapped gifts … Read more

Social Media And Mental Disorders: How Are They Related?

Three billion people worldwide, or about 40% of the population, use social networks on the Internet. We spend an average of two hours a day on them: posting posts, sharing photos, and responding to friends’ posts. Every minute, social media users send almost half a million tweets and photos to Snapchat. If social media plays … Read more

Reasons To Utilize A Social Media Management Company

Although social media presence is inevitable for your business, venturing into it can leave you feeling more overwhelmed than satisfied. You may be battling endless questions and find it challenging to keep up with the evolving social media trends and still oversee other critical aspects of your business. So, what do you do in such … Read more

5 Important Lighting Tools and Equipment for Perfect Social Media Videos

To produce and publish quality social media videos, you need to learn how to make the best use of the available lighting. That might seem like an easy enough concept. Still, it’s much more complicated than you might expect, especially if you’re doing something like a product review video or unboxing video. The focus is … Read more

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses (Strategies + Examples)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever daydreamed about deleting Instagram from your phone and quitting social media forever. To be honest, as a business owner, I’ve deactivated and reactivated my business accounts more times than I can count. Proving that posting a selfie to Instagram has any real ROI for your business can be frustrating, … Read more

How To Leverage Social Media And Boost Your Rental Business

As the world continues to go digital, social media is more relevant than ever in our lives. However, some investors are yet to understand the impact a tweet or an Instagram post can have on their business. Today, we’ll cover how to leverage social media and boost your rental business. By the end of this … Read more

Top 15 Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers

Initially, digital marketers faced problems with reporting and tracking social media analysis. Nowadays, you can use the right analytics tool for reporting. And that makes your work fast and easy. But which Social Media Analytics Tools should you select? For Social media advertisements, you will get so many choices of platforms that have a difference … Read more

How to get free leads and sales with social [VIDEO]

Kris Krohn Kris Krohn is a business coach, best-selling author, world-class speaker, and life-changing breakthrough mentor. For over a decade now, Kris has empowered people to grow their wealth, health, and personal power. From his innovative approaches to real estate investing to his powerful Limitless Belief Breakthrough, Kris helps people bridge the gap between where … Read more

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